I Don't Know

My selection of poems about everything about everything- just a load of rubbish if I'm honest.
A poetry book. Updating regularly. Comments appreciated.

Cover by @MahoganyPumpkin


3. I See White- 27/12/14

I wander through the starry night,
With towering trees dotted against the sleeping horizon,
And sequin stars glued against the midnight sky,
Everything is still… even silent;
Not like whats screaming to be free in my mind. 

Looking up above my trembling head,
There is something else awake,
I see beady eyes not daring to return its gaze,
A hunched back fit with scrunched up wings,
A lonely heart shaped face.

I close my eyes for a moment to imagine its life
I see my family nested inside the burrows of a oak tree,
I feel the wind pushing against my feathery cheeks,
But then I hear a set of ear deafening bangs,
I see white… 

Quickly I open my eyes and look again,
I want to scream to it that I’m going through the same,
That the white can hurt,
That it can make you shout 
And make you angry,
And make you want to die to be with those you love again.

As if hearing what I wanted to say,
It spreads its wings about to take off,
I start again not wandering,
Rather now I have a destination to reach,
For both of us have returned ready for the paths to life. 

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