"No Michael get away from me!"
"I can't stand the pain anymore! Just... Just stay away. Never talk to me again!"

Those were my last words to Michael Gordon Clifford A.K.A. My life


1. about me

I'm Bianca Kelly I'm 18, I'm a dance wear model and a dancer. I have blue eyes and straight blonde hair down to my waist and I'd love to dye it but I'm not allowed to have an 'unnatural' hair colour at my dance academy.

I'm not really allowed to eat many unhealthy foods but on special occasions I'm allowed Oreos which are my favourite thing ever!

I own a kitten called Simba and a pug called Cookie because her markings make her look like a chocolate chip cookie.

My mom is a dancer still even though she's 45 and she works at the dance academy I go to.

I have an older sister who is 25 and is now on tour with Justin Bieber as a backup dancer.

I also have a 3 year old brother named Zach. He loves football and candy.

Then they're is my dad who is 52 and a lawyer.

Hi thank you for reading the start of my book I hope you enjoyed it and if you want another chapter please comment and like to let me know I don't expect lots of likes but even one would be amazing, anyway bye cupcakes xoxo

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