''Ballad for Joe''

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2014
  • Updated: 26 Dec 2014
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The loss of Joe Cocker urged me to write this poem. I love his music. He will be forever missed.


1. ok

The Moon is a harsh mistress, you know

who needs this kind of trouble
 Unchain my heart and let me walk alone.

 It was Summer in the city and I can't find my way home.
  But there's still hope when the love is alive!

  Yeah, you can leave your hat on-
  You Are So Beautiful that way.
   Have a Little Faith in Me-
   These are the simple things I long to see.

   No drama, just dance your cares away.
    Music only  matters.
  You bequeathed much to us!
  and kept your promise!


                                                          dedic ated to Joe Cocker!


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