The Carrier

When Sachi wakes up, she is in an empty room. The walls are white, but there’s nothing else. She doesn't know how she got there, where she has to go or what she’s meant to do. Outside the room is a city, and although dangerous, Sachi is fitting in well. But when she falls in love with a figure who claims to be from her past, the life she’s been able to build up is threatened to be destroyed.

(Also, I know the cover isn't very good! I'll make a better one asap!)


3. Spinning

There was nothing.

I saw nothing.

White, like the clouds,

like a thick mist covering my surroundings.

The corners of the room


the room itself

even less so.


Head spinning,

all I can see is nothing.

World spinning, 

sea-foam white penetrating my mind

like waves


swishing until the storm is over.

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