Private school can really change you. Will Liam fall for the little rich princess?


4. Welcome Back

(Bellemy's POV)


"Sel! Selena! Wake up!" Jenna yelled at Selena in attempt to wake her up.

"This is useless. We're going to be late on our first day back." She said angrily.

"I got this." I said, standing up from my makeup table.

"Pass me that glass of water J."

I rolled up my pyjama sleeves then dumped the cold water on Selena's face before quickly running back to my bed.

"Hey!" She instantly sat up, wiping her face.

"Come on you have 15 minutes to get ready!" Jenna rushed her up the stairs to the washroom.

"Pink or blue eye shadow?!" I yelled for them to hear me.


I finished my hair and makeup then got my uniform on. A jean skirt and white button up shirt with a bright red tie.

"I think I went up like 5 sizes, this uniform barely fits me." Selena complained as she tried to button her shirt but it was useless. Size XL was now too small for her.

"I'd blame the chocolate bars." I said.

"Can I borrow your red lip gloss?" Jen asked as she came downstairs.

"Of course." I smiled.

We had been sharing this same dorm since grade 8. Just the three of us. Selena and I had been friends our whole lives. Jenna came along in grade 8 from Trigon, she was one of the elected. Usually Octivons and Trigons don't get along because of social differences. Jenna became just like us really quickly so we were instantly BFF's.

"Let's go!" Jenna rushed us out the door, she hated being late to basically anything.

We walked to class together. There were several new faces. Probably more elected Trigons.

"Guys I'll catch up with you, I have to go talk to Dana before class." Selena excused herself.

"Why does the secretary even need her so much?" I asked.

"Who cares.. That guy over there is totally checking you out!" Jenna pointed to a guy standing outside of the classroom with a group of guys.

"Oh shoot." I whispered as he walked towards us.

"Bellemy, can I sit beside you?" He said, lowering his voice to sound manlier.

"Uh I.." I hesitated and glanced at Jenna.

"She actually already promised she'd sit with me, sorry." Jenna interrupted.

"Yea sorry." I apologized.

"That's alright princess." He winked before he walked back to his friends.

We hurried to class, trying our hardest not to laugh.

"Princess? As if!" We laughed as we sat down at our table.

Jenna's eyes focused on the classroom door. I followed her gaze. My heart dropped when I saw Selena walking in with the new guy. He carried her books to her table then sat beside her.

"Aw yay, we have Mr Wells this year!" Jenna said sarcastically as the grumpy old English teacher walked in.

I lay my chin on my hand, glancing at Selena.

"You know... You saw him first. Technically he's all yours." Jenna said.

"Yea but look how happy she is. I can't ruin that for her." I sighed.

Minutes later the bell rang and everyone was in their seats. I couldn't keep my eyes off Selena and this boy. Just seeing how perfect he was made me imagine how happy I'd be with him.

"Welcome back students. Miss Archibald, help me with the attendance, I need to go to the office quick." I heard Mr Wells speaking in the distance but paid no attention to him.

"Bellemy!" Jenna nudged me.

"Huh?" I asked, snapping back to reality.

"Help him with attendance."

I stood up. Everyone watched as I walked up to the front. I grabbed the attendance list from his hand and began to read the names out loud. Old Mr Wells walked out of the classroom.

"Nate Abrams?"

"Here and at your service babe." A guy in the back of the class said, smirking. The class began to woo and ooh as I stood there, embarrassed.

"Zeke Billings?" I continued reading.

"Here for whenever you're ready." He sat beside Nate, who high fived him. The class laughed. I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

"That's enough!" The new boy said, standing up.

"Hey look, new boy wants to start a fight!" Nate chuckled, also standing up. He walked over to the new boy and pushed him. New boy pushed back.

"Stop it!" I ran and stood in between them.

"Alright, princess." Nate said, backing up. I turned around to go back to the front when I felt a hand grab my butt. It was Nate.

"Bastard!" I turned around and punched him in the face, causing him to fall back onto the floor.

"What is going on here?!" Wells rushed into the classroom. "Archibald! Abrams! Nelson! To the office."

The three of us exited the classroom quietly.

"Any girl would feel lucky to be touched by a guy like me." Nate whispered in the hallway.

"I'm not any girl." I pulled my skirt down uncomfortably.

Nate and the new boy walked behind me, neither of them said anything. We walked down the long hallway to the office. I felt angry and uncomfortable, no boy had ever disrespected me like that and it was not acceptable.











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