Private school can really change you. Will Liam fall for the little rich princess?


2. Trigon

(Liam's POV)


"I got this one." I whispered, as I took out my knife.

"Liam now!"

I ran after the wild boar then stabbed it until his life was gone.

"Dinner." I proudly held it up by the feet.

"Ben help me carry it back."

"Nice one little brother." He said, petting my head.

We carried the wild animal back to our little home.

"Mom! We have food for the next week!" I yelled as we set it down in the kitchen.

"Wonderful, now sit down I have some news for you Liam." My mother sat at the dinner table, I followed.

"How would you like to go to private school?" She asked.

"But I'm doing fine at public school. Besides, we can't afford private school."

"Junior year at Clarity. It's a great opportunity, you study hard the last two years of high school and president Blake himself will pay your post secondary education. How does that sound?" Mother smiled.

"That sounds amazing.. But why me?"

"I guess the president sees something in you. Make us proud Liam."

Every year, 5 students from Trigon were chosen to go study at a private school in Octivon. The better your grades are, the more you will help your family financially. My older brother never went to school, he was dedicated to help mom around the house.

"That's amazing little brother." Matt and mother hugged me proudly.

"Violet! I need to tell Violet! I'll start packing when I come back, I won't be long." I rushed out of our house in search of my girl. I jumped on my bike and made my way to her house.

"Mrs. Joans? May I speak to Violet please?" I asked her mother.

"Of course, she's in the garden." She smiled.

I had known Violet my whole life. We were born in the same hospital, we grew up together, we shared everything. We were meant for each other.

"There she is!" I said happily. She was planting tomatoes in the yard.

"Liam, hey." She stood up and hugged me.

"I came to say goodbye."

"Goodbye?" She frowned.

"Only for a bit. I'll be back for winter break. I was invited to Octavon to study at Clarity. Clarity Violet! I'll be able to help my family out, I'll be able to get a good job."

"Wow, Clarity... That's amazing, I'm happy for you!" She smiled.

"I'll miss you so much. I'll miss your pretty brown eyes and your smile and your kisses..."

She giggled before giving me a kiss.

"I'll see you in a few months." I said as we hugged tightly. She nodded.

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