Private school can really change you. Will Liam fall for the little rich princess?


3. The Boy

(Bellemy's POV)


"What dress will you be wearing B?" Jenna asked as she scanned through my closet.

"Ugh I haven't even picked it up yet" I sighed.

"Look at this hairdo!" I said excitedly.

"Looks... Expensive. I love it."

"Well it's junior prom I gotta go all out."

"I'm hungry, let's go to the caf. Pleeeease." She begged.

"What happened to our diet plans? Prom is only a month away, do you really want to gain weight for one of the most important nights of our lives?!"

"You're right.. I'm not even that hungry." She shrugged.

"Atta girl!" I clapped.

"Speaking of diets, where's Selena?"

"Probably in the caf..." We looked at each other wide eyed. "Let's go." We ran out of our dorm to find our over weight friend eating chocolates in the caf.

"Selena!" We yelled.

"Come on guys its only a few!" She frowned when we threw the remaining packages of chocolates in the trash.

"You were the one who told us you needed help losing weight, we're doing our part now it's time you do yours S."

"You're right, I'm sorry B... I'm sorry J." She apologized.

"Let's go to our dorm I need to pick a hairstyle since you already have yours." Jenna said.

"You guys head back, I have to call my daddy to see if he can pick up my dress before the weekend.

The girls nodded and headed back to the dorm.

"Daddy? Daddy I know you're busy but I need you to pick up my dress from Mada's today okay please don't forget."

"Alright I'll have Pete pick it up for you. Speak to you later."

"Wait daddy-" I was interrupted by beeping. He had hung up.

Daddy's a busy man, he owns one of the most important clothing industries here in Octivon so he doesn't have much time.

Walking back to my dorm, I saw someone I had never seen before. He carried a suitcase and several other bags. He wore a plaid shirt under a dark blue jacket and an old pair of jeans. His dark hair was cut nicely, he had hazel eyes, the most wonderful shade of hazel I had ever seen. As we walked past each other, our eyes met and it was like time had frozen. I stood still, then slowly turned around to see his eyes on mine once again. We held eye contact for a few seconds, then I was distracted by someone calling my name.

"Bellemy!" It was Jenna. I turned around and ran to my dorm, my heart beating as fast as an out of control train.

I ran into the room and quickly closed the door behind me.

"Did you get slapped in the face or are you... Blushing?!" Jenna examined my tomato red face.

"I-I no... I don't blush. I just ran too fast okay. Why were you calling me?" I asked, covering my face.

"I found the perfect hairdo. Eeek!" She squealed happily.

"Show me!" I said excitedly.

We sat on Jenna's bed as she went on and on about the hairdo she had found.

"Guys I'll be right back.. I promised Dana I'd help her with some things." Selena said, exiting the room.

"Don't take too long I gotta tell you guys something!" I yelled.

"What does the secretary need her for?" I wondered.

Jenna glanced at me, her big blue eyes wide open, waiting for me to tell her everything.

"What?!" I chuckled. "Okay okay I'll tell you."

"Oh my gosh there's a boy right?" Jenna asked, smiling from ear to ear.

"Well, okay there's a boy, I just saw him and I don't know his name or what grade he's in or anything, I just know he's got the most beautiful eyes and his hair and everything about him is just... Perfect."

"Let's go find him." Jenna grabbed my hand and we walked out to the hallway.

"Now, where did you see him?" Jenna asked.

"At the main entrance, he was carrying some bags and a suitcase."

"He must be new then." Jenna said as we walked around the school in search of this boy.

"J he's over there!" I said quietly.

The secretary was helping him find his dorm. I quickly took a picture of him with my phone.

"Let's go."

Jenna giggled as we ran back to our room.

"Ugh he's perfect." I sighed, falling onto my bed once again.

"Well you do have good taste." Jenna said proudly.

I printed out the picture from my phone and looked at it like it was the best gift I've ever received.

"I have to tell Sele-"

"Guys!" I was interrupted by a very happy Selena who had just walked into the room.

"I have to tell you something!" She said excitedly.

"Me too!" I smiled. "But you first S."

"I just found the guy of my dreams.. And he actually talked to me!" She squealed.

"No way! Me too! What's his name? What does he look like?!" I asked as I sat up on my bed.

"He told me his name's Liam, he's new, just got here today. He's got hazel eyes and dark hair and-"

There was a sudden silence in the room. The worst case scenario came to mind.

"What?" Selena stared at us.

"Is this him?" I asked, holding up the picture I had printed.

"Yea! Wait why do you have a picture of him?" She asked.

I glanced at Jenna, her eyes widened.

"W-Well uh..." Jenna stuttered.

"We saw him in the hallway earlier and thought you'd like him so we took a picture. For you." I handed her the picture.

"You guys are the best! This is like a dream come true, no guy ever pays attention to me. I'm so excited!" She said as she jumped up and down.

"It's late guys, we should go to sleep." I sighed.

"Yea first day of class tomorrow." Jenna agreed.

I felt like my heart had been broken into a million pieces. I couldn't tell Sel about my crush on this guy. She was so happy... Happier than I had ever seen her. I'd have to put her feelings before mine. That's what true friends do. I tucked myself into bed, tomorrow was a big day.




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