Private school can really change you. Will Liam fall for the little rich princess?


5. Contact

(Liam's POV)

"Mom, I was just standing up for her." I argued over the phone.

"Don't get close to anyone over there, you know how those people are."

"Alright it won't happen again." I hung up and handed the phone back to the secretary.

"Students go back to class, the principal will discuss your punishments with you at lunchtime." She said.

I glanced at Bellemy, her hand had turned red from how hard she had hit that guy.

"You're gonna pay." She snapped at Nate on the way back.

"What, are you gonna tell your daddy?"

She stayed silent.

"It's not like he's gonna listen to you." He laughed.

She stopped and stared at the floor for while, not saying a single word. Nate continued his walk back to class.

I looked at her, all her brown hair covered her face.

"Are you alright?" I asked nervously as I approached her.

She nodded, her blue eyes still on the floor. There was a long silence before she looked up at me, her glare making me nervous. We stared into each other's eyes once again before the bell rang.

"Thanks for standing up f-"

"Liam there you are!" We were interrupted by Selena, who ran over and hugged me tight. She looked at Bellemy and signaled her to leave.

I looked back at Bellemy, she quickly turned around and ran away. Again.

"I'll see you after lunch, the principal's waiting." I excused myself after our hug. Selena nodded.



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