Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


2. Twit Cam

5 days later

''I moved in with Justin 3 days ago and all we do is fight fight and fight some more he's just an idiot and tomorrow we have to go to school but i don't know what we're gonna do keep it a secret explain it's arranged marriage or act like we love eachother at least Oli loves me Oli is my dog it took me hours of begging to get Justin to let me have him i think we just have to be friends or else this is not gonna work my life is a complete pile of mess right now but i took of my uncle Ed ''don't worry it's always gonna be okay in the end if it isn't then it isn't the end'' i sighed standing up walking up the stairs i entered the room and i see Justin talking to someone i think he was doing twitcam he didn't see me so i just stood there listening Hey guys i miss talking to you guys so i decided to do a twit cam as you can see i'm bored i'm gonna go get my girlfriend Sky what you have a girlfriend yes i do her name is Sky Blue and i like her allot and i hope you do to wait 5 seconds he said and i quickly ran downstairs and sat down on the couch Justin came downstairs Hey Sky he said yeah i said wanna do a twit cam he asked sure i said and followed him upstairs but he stopped me i'm doing a twit cam so act as if we're in love and blah blah blah he said and i nodded he opened the door and jumped on the bed i'm back he said and i brought he added and i jumped on the bed Hey guys i said isn't she just the cutest thing ever he said and i blushed  we will be answering question that you can ask and the first question is from 

@JB'sGirl: can you just kiss please

i laughed of course we can Justin said and he placed his warm lips on mine he pulled away and looked at me you ate my candy he said yes i did i said you know how much i love that candy he said how much i asked just as much as i love you he said are you saying you love me i asked yeah got a problem he said well in that case i said and kissed him next question i yelled

backup yo: how did you meet? PS. i love you Justin 

well we go to the same school and our parents know each other friends since birth i said for what 18 years now right he said yes we've known each other for 18 crazy fun years i said and PS i love you too he said 

@Miranda369: why do you love her ? why do you love him ?

well first of all look at her she's beautiful she loves me for me and not for my money she's sweet to my siblings my friends and family and look at her i mean ''look'' at her she's just so beautiful he said turning to me and she's just perfect for me he said coming closer most of my songs are about her without me even knowing she always has warm lips which is weird because she's always in Canada she makes me laugh and smile and she could be a Vs model if you ask me but still she isn't the perfect girlfriend  she will yell at me she will get jealous she's stubborn and gets mad easily she over thinks to much she gets insecure so fast her moods are like a roller coaster she will never listen to me but she gave me her heart i have to keep it and treat if right she is loyal to me she will be there when i need her she will love me trought the greatest extent she can she will treat me right and do anything for our relationship to work that's why i love her

he said kissing my lips we pulled away your so sweet i whispered he smiled at me your turn he said  well uhm there's a whole lot of reasons you can scream ''i love you'' down the halls of our school not having a care in the world for he hears you you would go on a walk with me when it's 60 degrees hot cocao in one hand and my hand in your other hand you would sing outloud to any song even i would call you a retard you would let me sing out loud and don't call me weird you'll sit outside on the front step of my house because there's nothing to do and wont say your bored once you would let me look like crap wearing a huge shirt a basket ball shorts and still say i'm beautiful you would write me a million notes a day when we're in school you would come to my house at 9 in the morning to wake me up in weekends and spend the day togheter you would take me to the park just to push me on the swings your not shy in front of my family you act like your a part of it you would argue with my friends that you love me more then they love me you keep every single promise you make you would run over to me and hug me whenever you see me your not scared to act retarded or dumb in front of me you would rent all the chick flicks you know and watch them with me when i'm sick your not scared of coming to me and bombard me with kisses you pick your friends over me you would call me at night just before i sleep just to be sure i'm the last voice he hears you would carry my books at school even if he has his own to carry you would wear my favorite shirt of his just to make my grumpy mood better on a monday you will never ask me what's wrong you just look at me and kiss my fore head when i'm sad you would never get jealous because you already know i love you more then anyone in the whole entire world and when you say forever you mean it no matter what that's why i love him
he looked at me with a smile plastered on his face uhm that's it for today bye guys he said not even looking at the camera he turned the webcam of put the computer on the ground and sat back on the bed that was i started but he cut me off by placing his lips on mine he pushed me back on the bed pulled of my black loose cardigan leaving me in a tank top you better stop kissing my mind was telling but my heart didn't want to listen and kept on controlling my lips before i knew it my mind was back in track and i pushed him away stop doing that he said trying to kiss me again do what i said you know what he responded Justin... i said maybe your just scared he said scared of what i said scared of falling in love with me he said why would i be scared of falling for you i said because you feel like you gotta hate me your heart and your mind don't get along iv'e had that feeling he said with who i asked curious with you he responded crashing his lips on mine in more of a force full way it was rough but then it started going slow he tugged on my shirt and i mentally slapped myself for letting him take it of Riiiiiiiiiiing !!!!! i heard the bell he pulled away and looked at me i know you liked that he said giving me my shirt i pulled it on in what world i responded standing up i ran downstairs and opened the door i see Megan Dinah and Camilla uh hey guys what are you doing here i asked before they could say something Justin walked over and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer and they looked at me as if they we're going to faint except Megan she looked like she was gonna kill me and then i remembered Megan had a crush on Justin since she was a  Junior in high school Megan it isn't what it looks li-- i hate you Sky Blue nowni know why your mom killed herself and that's when my heart broke in a bezillion pieces.''

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