Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


3. The Accident

''Before anyone could say anything else i ran past them towards the street i felt my tears falling falling and falling i wasn't looking my mom is my weakest point what she said just stabbed me so hard i heard someone scream my name ''Sky !?!'' and before i knew it i was pushed against the floor making me fall to the floor i heard a loud scream everything was turning and twisting i slightly opened my eyes and i see a couple of strangers looking at me she's alive someone said i sat up looking around and that's when my eyes locked his Justin his lifeless body was laying on the floor covered with blood  he was looking at me with those many people surrounding him he pushed me if he didn't push me i would be the one laying there not being able to move  i tried standing up but everyone held me back my eyes didn't move away from his he mouthed something Smile Baby i could tell he was weak and then his eyes closed i pushed all of the people away with all the power i had even if i was in so much pain why did i care so much  he's a player a dork a cute dork i ran over to him but they we're just taking him away i started pulling his arms screaming at him to open his eyes do you wanna see him again someone asked me and i nodded then let us take care of him he said and they drove away and before i knew it i send everyone away not caring in how much pain i was the street was empty i sat just where Justin was laying i looked at his blood i sat there just thinking then i thought why am i not in the hospital i stood up grabbing my keys and phone i text ed everyone that knew Justin ''
my mom
Ryan Good
''Selena (His bigger sister just act i changed it in the first chapter)
i all text ed them saying that Justin's in the hospital i got in the car and took a deep breath ''He's dead'' a voice in my mind said ''no he's alive'' another voice said  i sighed wiping away my tears but they kept on coming it was useless to wipe them away i just started driving to the hospital i parked the car and got out of the car i ran in yelling his name to the lady


she looked scared f*ck you women she pointed to a room at the end of the hall while running i saw a bunch of people girls or should i say beliebers screaming and crying outside being held up by the guards i opened the door and i saw 1 doctor exterminating Justin's face i cleared my troath and the doctor looked at me ah you must be his girlfriend he said


n-- actually um his fiance i said and he nodded so we don't actually know what happened to him the truck hit him and something went wrong but we don't know why all we know is that he's in a coma but we don't know what's gonna happen if he wakes up he may have amnesia and forget everything or lose ability to move something or not to move at all or maybe nothing he said


when will he wake up well normally he has to wake up in a couple of ... he looked at some paper minutes he added i nodded it was nice meeting you he said walking out i walked to Justin sitting on the plastic chair next to him  he had a couple of cords attached to him one on his chest one on his hand and on his arm he looked pale almost blue i looked at his heart machine


 his heart was beating perfectly fine i placed my hand on his hand and his heart started racing i smiled kissing his lips i stood up walking over to the window i sighed feeling alone the window was huge the whole length of the wall i started thinking how i could fall for someone so fast today was just Ah i was in love with him from the start


when we're 5 i loved him when we we're 12 i loved him when we're 15 i loved him and i still do and even if it doesn't work out i will always love him and i know that ''Sky'' i heard someone say i turned around and i saw him with his eyes open looking at me i practically jumped on him and he groaned why Sky !! he kind of yelled but not that loud


your awake i said i'm completely aware of that have you been crying he asked i thought you would never wake up i said what happened he asked do you remember anything i asked sitting up so if each one of my feet we're on his each side of his body i remember pushing you that's all i don't know why you ran on the streets i don't remember anything else he said


wait if you say i don't remember anything else you mean you don't remember anything from that day right i asked no i mean i don't remember ''anything'' else he said who's your mom i asked i don't know he replied No Justin you have to remember there gonna come in here and you don't remember them !?!?!? i yelled your so hot when your mad he said


trying to kiss me Justin stop i gotta get the doctor but he just grabbed me by neck and brought my lips really close to his i just got hypnotized by his mesmerizing eyes and it didn't even take him 30 seconds before placing his lips on mine i pulled away i hate you i said and he laughed Ah his laugh his smile i just can't i giggled as he gave me an Eskimo kiss


and  then someone cleared their troath and we both looked the side of the door and there stood a girl with a light brown hair kind of like Justin's but lighter she had green eyes and very light make up on you could tell she was just beautiful i was ugly compared to her 'Sarah' Justin said as if danger was coming i could hear fear in his voice


are you gonna tell her she said tell me what i asked scared to even hear it nothing Justin quickly said tell me i said standing up he grabbed my hand but i just pulled it away Oh Justin your awake i heard someone say it was Pattie and she hugged him and then everyone else started coming in i looked around everyone i text ed i grabbed my phone and walked out


i sat in the waiting room just waiting and waiting after a while Selena came to me and said Justin wants to talk to you i sighed standing up uh wait she said i turned around yes i said does he remember us she asked i'm not sure you should ask the doctor i said and turned around while i walked the rest started walking out once i was in they we're all out

i don't even know where that Sarah chick is his back was turned towards me and he wasn't wearing a shirt just pants i coughed just when he put his shirt on he turned around Sky... he started tell me what i cut him of he sighed don't hate me i wanted to tell you but i just forgot he said and... i said Uh Sarah is my uh she's my girlfriend and that when my heart dropped''

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