Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


8. That Night

someone knocked on the door i quickly hopped of off my bed as i ran down the stairs and opened the door and i see Chaz and Ryan let's go they say dragging me ot ofmy own house let's go where i ask you'll see they say after about 5 minutes Ryan stopped driving and got out of the car i got out and all i saw was the road why are we here i asked turn around they say i roll my eyes turning around i see a stage and a huge crowd surrounding the stage i looked up and saw Justin's dancers we're on stage one of them named Brianna walked over to me and pulled me over to the stage what's going on i asked and they just grinned walking away i pouted as i was left alone on the stage and suddenly the music started playing the familliar beat Fall was playing and suddenly Justin came out and started singing to me my hand flew to my mouth there he stood with his guiter singing Fall he only sang werse 1 and the chorus I will catch you if you fall i will catch you if you fall don't you worry cuz i will catch you if you fall he sang and placed his guitar and the ground and i ran over to him hugging him tightly i almost forgot about the crowd because they started making some noise but i just ignored them and focused on Justin i missed you so fucking much he whispered i missed you more i whispred back he pulled away softly kissing me on the lips i love you so fucking much he whispered i love you more i said.

1 week later
 As Justin and I walked trough the street paparaza weren't giving us any space we could barely walk trough i tried to hold on to Justin while he said Guys give us some space we can barely walk trough he said and my hand slowly drifted from his the second they saw i lost Justin they atacked me with question camera's bumbing in my head i groaned each sddenly i felt someone grab my ass bt i mean like he's hand in my pants i gaped trning around and i saw some dude grinning i wanted to yell at him but there was camera that bumbed in my head made fall back against another man and fall on the ground i groaned because my head started to hurt i brought my hand to my head and looked at it i was bleeding someone grabbed my hand pulling me out of the crowd of papz and quickly pulled me in a car you okay oh god your bleeding he says pulling me closer it hurts Jay i said ouh i'm sorry we're going home now okay please drive Kenny he says home or a quick hospital stop he asked and Justin looked at me home i whispered looking out the window

 i felt so disgsted by that man i wanted to tell Justin but i was scared of his reaction baby what's wrong Justin said closing the window that separates the driver and us so that Kenny couldn't hear us nothing i mumbled he sighed please tell me he pleaded i still didn't look at him i sighed as a couple of tears started trickling down it's nothing i whispered Sk--- he started it's nothing not a thing can you just stop now gosh i yelled turning to him he had pain in his eyes and i immediatly regretted it he nodded scooting over to the other side Justin I--- he held his hand in the air cutting me off as he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and just started doing stuff on it i sighed i wasn't letting him of the hook so i scooted closer to him he looked at me and rolled his eyes i'm sorry i whispered laying my head on his shoulder but he just pushed it away rejection ouch hurt i really didn't me to yell at you i'm just scared i truthfully said of what you know you can tell me anything Justin finallyy spoke up

when we we're their and the paparazi we're surrounding us and then me alone well then someone grabbed my as and with that i mean his hand in my pants and pinched it i said what!!! Justin yelled Babe please calm down i said he pinched your ass and no i won't calm down your mine no one can touch you like that no one can touch a woman like that i'm g--- before he could say anything else i kissed his lips and he instantly relaxed and started kissing back will you please calm down your scaring me i said leaning my forehead on his i'm sorry i just i'm sorry he said and the car stopped and we got out getting in the house and i quickly ran upstairs grabbing my pc (if you don't know what that is your stupid) i ran downstairs placing it on the table i sat down and opened Sony vegas and started updating a video i slipped of my jacket and relaxed in my seat
(sorry for what is about to come if your not ready you can just click on next

i heard quiet footsteps coming closer i frowned and felt lips attach to my neck i sighed knowing who it was Justin can't you wait untill i'm done working on this i said holding in a moan no he simply stated pulling me up with him Justin started caressing my cheek while coming really close until finally i lunged forward and captured his lips in a firm kiss Justin answered the kiss with more force we went to our bedroom and continued he undid the buttons of my blazer and pushed it aside holding my waist tightly to hi hard body he tilted his head and i let  his soft scour my mouth before grinding it slowly with mine .

He pushed the blazer down my shoulders and it pooled on the floor nothing but a hopeless memory now i reaced up and blindly started unbuttoning the rest of the white buttons on his plaid shirt and nearly ripped it fromhis body he chckled and reached behind me dragging the zipper of my blouse down slowly  i know baby you want me he whispered before slowly pulling the zipper of my blouse down my body he leaned down kissing a straight line down my neck letting out a hifh pitched moan i tangled my fingers in his lucious locks  holding him there he reached back quickly and undid my lace bra Fuck Babe he whispered almost inaudibly i reached for his hands and roughly pressed them to my breasts he groaned and continued kissing down my chest he wrapped his lips around my nipple i tugged at his shir dragging itupward soon he stood p as well and with amazing fluidity his white tank top came off touch me he pleaded  grabbing my hips and pulling me close i happily deliverd and ran my hands across his shoulders down his hard peck and strong stumach i felt hi shiver as i pulled on the button on his blue jeans and unzipped them deciding to be daring i left his pants undone and shimmled out of my black pants leaving mein only lace panties i turned my back to Justin and pressed myself against him moving my hips against his straining cock oh shit he gaped and instantly clamped his hand down on my breast and his other led down me stumach his fingertips just scraping the edge of my panties my breath became gaps as i started moving my hips faster agaisnt him Justin didn't waste any time and befor i knew it his hand was down my underwear delving between my lower lips and stroking the soft fleh there i whimpered and felt my knees give out ightly a he stroked my clit with one finger he kept me steady by holding me with one arm accros my chest Jutin i need you so much i panted as he started circling my core with his finger he ignored me and simply pulled his hand out of  my panties dragging them down me legs he moved to his knee and smoothed his hands over my thighs kising the skin on my hips and along pantlyline until he reached down and sucked each of my lower lips into his mouth so soft he marveled before rising to his feet again i gripped the gold chain around his neck and pulled him down to me roughly kissing his lips once again along with his boxer i felt his cock brush against my thighs and stomach and my heart beat increased almost immediately Justin held me to his body once again and breathed heavily against me he bent his knees and held me under my thighs and hoisted me up pressing me against the wal with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist he reached between us and positioned himself at my more than welcoming opening and sunk deep inside i gasped and clutched to his back as his breath hitched i was expecting him to go full throttle and plow me into the wall but he didn't he moved his hips slowly barely even lifting his hipsnhe took my hands in one hand holding my wrists above my head his other arm wrapped around my waist holding me to him a he flexed his hips against mine once i became accustomed to having something inside again i whimpered and bucking my hips faster i demanded Justin shook his head and kissed my jaw before ressing his entire body against mine pinning my hips against the wall so i couldn't move he continued his slow motion  reaching down to stroke my clit with his thumb i gasped and strained my hands against his strong ones trapped and completely at his whim he pounded into me twice before returning to his slow speed i moaned at the movement change and acrhcing my back wanting more my orgam wa building slowly steadily awaiting Justin's approval he pounded into me three more times before turning to his slow pace again  i felt like crying because he was teasing me he et go of me hands and i quickly dug them into his soft skin stop teaing me i gasped as he pounded into me for a second once again he chucled and kissed my lips softly i'm not teasing i'm taking my time he tated  i shivered and he pressed his arms against the wall beside my head as the other held my body  to him so our chest were pressed togheter a light sheen of sweat began growing on both of us Justin brought his hand down my clit with his thumb as his thrusts continued at it' monotone  pace he sped up slightly the rubbing but he was still going slower than i need him to i felt slowly i felt my clit begin to throb and every touch every thrust every rub seemed to heighten with a weak moan i bit down on Justin's shoulder and felt my walls constrict around him coaxing him to join me in the ecstacy he shook his head and i just knew he was holding back from fucking like an animal he rolled his hips  against me in more pronounced manner careful to keep orgasm growing slow so that i could delve in the feeling longer oh god i gsped as i felt my entire core twitch i squeezed Justin's cock with all my mightand soon i was screaming his name i leaned my elbows as he continued to lick my still swolled throbbing clit unfazzed by my jagged moves as i came i reached down my hand and caressed his cheekbone with a few loud wet kisses to my clit Justin kissed a straight line up my sweat body between my breast and up my neck he nipped at my chin before taking my lips in full on slopy kisses leaving me breathles god your so sexy he whispred i placed a soft kiss on his lips befor falling next to him on our bed he pulled the covers and covered us with it his hand wrapped around my waist and my head fell on his chest night babe he whiwpered goodnight 

Hello my fellow Movellars uhm this chapter was really hard to make since i never ever ever ever made a sex scene i hope this was good if it wasn't then please tell me follow heart comment bye loves.


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