Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


6. One Less Lonely Girl

I intently watched Justin perform One Less Lone Girl when suddenly Alison comes up to me Hey Sky  come with me she says why i say looking at her because she says and drags me away i see some of the dancers standing there and i knew what this meant no no no i yelled backing away yes yes yes she says pushing me forward Alison no i don't want to i say Justin wants you to she says pushing me towards the dancers i listened as One Less Lonely Girl came to his middle they walked on stage with me  Justin looked at me and gave me a smile the dancer pushed me towars him and he grabbed my hand 

oh no don't need these other pretty faces
coz when your mine i this world
there's gonna be one less lonely girl
im gonna put ya first
i'll show you what your worth
if you let me inside your world
there's gonna be one less lonely girl
i can fix up your broken heart
i can give you a brand new start
i can make you believe
i just wanna set one girl free to fall
she's free to fall
with me my hearts locked
and nowhere that i got the key i'll take her
and leave the world with one less lonely...
yeah there's gonna be one less lonely girl
one less lonely girl
there's gonna be one less lonely girl
there's gonna be one less lonely girl....

and everyone started cheering and clapping i love you he whispered brushing his thumb on my cheek i love you too i said KISS KISS KISS KISS everyone cheered and Justin smirked i laughed shaking my head and i turned around just to be pulled back by Justin before i could even do a thing he placed his lips on mine we pulled away and it made the crowd yell louder i smiled kissing his cheek you're such a cutie i say caressing his cheek i'm a what he says in the mic your a cutie i say in the mic and chuckles i know that he says cockily of course you do i say walking away and he winks at me i hate you i mouthed and he laughed and yelled i love you too in his mic 

I sat in Justin's dressing room on my phone waiting for him to come in so we can go home since i'm so tired i layed down on the mini couch and closed my eyes but i didn't sleep and suddenly the door opens but i still don't open my eyes and i feel someone laying on me and i groan Justin get off i yell and he laugh your so sweaty i say opening my eyes and i see that he's shirtless put on a shirt Jay i said oh you know you love it he said yeah sure mwah i love you i said your so cute he said you too i said Aargh can i sleep on you he whines i laughed sure i know what your thinking he's so heavy but i don't care he snuggled his head in my neck which i found so cute i could tell he was tired i love you so much i whispered and he just shifted in his sleep a bit and that's when i knew he was asleep  i made my way of off the couch and he shifted again i grabbed a cover sheet and covered him i kissed his cheek and walked away 

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