Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


12. Meet Mommy

i was walking down the strees it was cold and dark i just came from a party that i didn't want to attend to i was wearing six inch heels and atight dress that was to tight i felt watched but i just shrugged it of i just kept on walking after a while i sped up my walking and kept my head up but suddenly i felt someone grab me i tarted panicking kicking and hitting i felt somethig infront of my mouth and then i just blocked way and everything went blank

i rubbed my temple and i sat up i looked around not knowing where i was finally your awake someone said my head snapped to the side and i saw 2 boys sitting on the bed indian style i jumped and stuttered saying w-who are you i said i'm Cameron he said he had spiked up hair just like Justin oh how i missed him Chris i had noticed the 2 boys we're twins Blue they said in sync i furrowed my eyebrows we're Cameron and Chris Blue Cameron said sup lil sis Chris said and my  eyes widend what how when where no no no no i exclaimed calm down we're ready to answer your questions Chris said

 Cameron nodded okay i looked down at my clothes i was still in my dress do you have something more comfy i ask yeah sure Chris said he turned around and handed me sweatpants and a loose shirt i looked around and saw a bathroom i rushed over to it and slipped of the dress and put on the sweat pants i grabbed my dress bag and shoes and headed back to the room i sat down and spoke up why am i here i asked confused wel mom wanted to tell you the truth Cameron said mom??? i say  yeah your mother you know Chris says mom's dead i say no he's not he's downstairs she watched you sleeping for about an hour

my eyes widend your lying i whispered no we're no Cameron says so i was saying she wanted to tell you the truth he said your old enough Cameron said where am i i asked Beverly Hills Chris said WHAT i yelled Beverly Hills he repeated i think i'm down with the quetions's i said and they chuckled and uh do we have other sibling Cameron said in a shy voice i smiled at the tought of them yeah you do Cady and Ciara wait i have a picture of them i say turning around to grab my bag i opened it and grabbed the picture and gave it to them that's Cady and that's Ciara i say pointing to them who's the man

Chris asks that's your dad i respond and i could see the spark in their eyes how are they Cameron asks annoying but their laugh and happiness is so contagious you can't even be mad at those cuties i say and they smile their cute Cameron said and their twins to Chris said i nod and they look like you two i say Chris looks up and grabs my bag to put the picture back when he grab something else another picture ooooh lil sis got herself a boyfriend he says showing me and Cameron the picture oh it's that dude uh Bieber something Cameron said i felt tears brimming in my eyes just by seeing him

Justin was spinning me around and i was laughing and he was laughing to i missed him so much what's wrong Chris asked he has been on tour for 4 months now i say sniffling a bit i felt an arm around me i looked up and saw Cameron he had his arm around me and Chris was sitting infront of me we're sorry Chris said it's not your fault i say wiping away my tears you wanna see mom Cameron said and i nodded excited they stood up and grabbed my hand pulling me out of the room there i see a woman doing stuff in the kitchen we walk downstairs and Cameron and Chris stopped walking but i didn't

i saw her back he was wearing a baby blue top with blue skinny jeans she only had socks on she had long curly hair that came untill her back but it was darker them mine i had dad's hair and he looks mom i whispered he stopped doing what she was doing and turned around and i saw her face and i lit up i ran over to her and hugged her tightly she pulled away Sky my baby she said i felt tears falling from my eyes as she wiped them away she looked just like the twins both of them she looked over my shoulder and said come her boys and they walked over to her i was the smallest mom was longer then me but smaller then the boys and they had tears in their eyes i hugged them thank you so much i whispered in their ears

i looked around in the room i was gonna stay in for a couple of weeks mom said she wanted to pick up the many year she wasnt their and she convinced me to stay with her for 2 months but the thing is that's the day Justin is coming back i sighed i felt arms wrap around me you okay lil sis Chris said yeah i'm fine i just have to get used to this i say turning around he hugged me we're not forcing you you know he whispered i nodded i think i'm gonna have a strong bond with Chris but at that moment i didn't know their life was so dangerous

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