Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


5. Just A Filler

I sighed listening to my dad blabbering on and on with Justin about stuff idk what they we're talking about and i don't give a damn either Patte went out and Jeremy was with Jaz and Jaxon and i'm bored i sighed once i saw that they weren't paying any attention to me i slipped away and jogged over to his car but i realized i didn't have his key so i just started walking and walking until i came to place that i feared for so many years My Mom's Grave 

i started breathing heavingly i felt like someone was stabbing me as i got closer to her grave for moment i taught i saw her looking at me with a apologetic look on her face tears we're brimming by now i sat down and just looked at her grave but i didn't really want that i wanted to talk to her so that's what i did Hey mom how is everything going you could've told i was marring Justin but that's okay i miss you sorry i haven't visited you in a while i chuckled a while it's been the first time since the funeral i wish i could replace your old flowers by new ones but i didn't't really think of that

tears we're streaming down my face while my voice cracked every time i said something i caressed her name that was graved on her grave Nicky Mary Johnson before getting  up i turned around and saw a black range rover and a familiar guy leaning against it watching me Justin he's excatly what i needed right now Justin's touch i ran over to him and hugged him tightly i sniffled a bit as he hugged back tears started falling like a freaking waterfall and i sobbed and cried louder lay ed down in the backseat of his car

you okay babe he asked i kinda smiled when he called me babe  i'm  fine i said snuggling my head more in his neck  you know that i have to drive he said i groaned Justin please can we just lay here for 10 more minutes i asked and he nodded kissing my head sorry am i annoying he asked no your not don't say that i said Sky he questioned after a long break of silence about 10 mnutes Mmm i responded look at me he said and i looked up and he crashed his lips on mine it took me excatly 1 and half second to kiss back i pulled away god your lips are delicous he said did i just say that he asked more to himself then to me i love you i said inoring his stupid comment  he smiled at me i love you too he said peckin my lips quickly and i truly did love him and he loved me to nothing could go wrong well that's what i tought...

okay so i just wanna apoligize ecause it took me a week to write this short chapter but that's just because Movellas kept deleting it and after a while you just don't even want to do it anymore so forgive and follow me heart and comment love yall


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