Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


7. I Miss You

Helloooooo i'm sad because Justin my Justin My Jay is always busy he's always doing interviews and photoshoots concerts but i saw one interview that kinda cheered me up he is in New York and it was so cute and nice kinda sad but cute watch this yes i'm gonna shut up now

So Justin  your here in New York and your girlfriend is in Canada how do you feel about that the interview asked well it's uhh its just not good i miss her so  much she's just my life and i love her he said do you want to go to the next question he asked as Justin teared up a bit uhm n-no i just he sighed i feel sad and gloomy being parted from her is like a million years without water i just feel suffocated he said wiping away his tears 

so that was so cute guys i miss him to the first time i saw that video i cried because i miss him allot and yes he is just amazing so i'm gonna go now because i think im gonna cry and i don't want to cry infront of you so bye i say turning my camera of i sighed laying down in my bed hugging my body as tears fell down i think i had red eyes and cheeks my eyes we're puffy i sniffled i'm friends with the monster the sun of my bed ge--- my music sound for face time i clicked on accept and Justin's face is what i saw
Hey what's wrong baby he said i miss you so much i said oh baby stop crying please i know this is hard it's hard for me to i know your in pain and i wish i could hug you right now but i can't i'll be back as soon as i can please just don't cry your making me cry to just smile please he said i sniffled and smiled sorry i'm making you upset i said no no it's okay i was already upset i miss you to but i'm gonna be with you in a couple of hours he said when i said curious tomorrow he said

really i say yup now wipe away those tears he said an i wiped them away i love you very much i hope you know that i said ugh i wish i could kiss you like right now he said i laughed JB we have to go someone yelled in the background i have to go he said okay bye no wait i yelled what he said please stay i pleaded you know i don't want to but i have to babez i sighed fine go i said thanks baby please hang up i don't want to hang up on you hang up now he said bye i said giving him a kissy face and i hang i tought why not go and see my new friends which are Justin's friends 

I entered Starbucks and i see my friends sitting there which are Ryan Chaz Alfredo Caitlin Jazmine and Madison Justin has a small  group of friends because he can't trust everyone easily Hey guys i say sitting in the small booth Hey i ordered you a whip cream frappucino Madison said thanks i say grabbing it from her hands we talked and ate and laughed allot and it brought my mind away from Justin for just a second bt then i just blocked away thinking about him   


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