Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


10. Face Time

I sighed looking at a picture of me and Justin  i smiled at our funny faces i couldn't bear to sleep in that house since that day that's why since then i sleep with my dad in his house i haven't seen my dad in a while and since that emotianal break down that was filmed and shown in public btw it's everywhere Hollywood news,Holly Buzz,Holly Wire,Clever News name it it's everywhere i miss Justin so freaking much i can't even breath without him

but still i'm doing it i still miss him i decided to call him after thinking it trough i grabbed my phone going trought contacts i got to Baby J. i clicked on call waiting for him to answer hello his voice shuffled a bit hey i said softly Sky is that you he said yeah it is i said wait a second he said and sudenly all the background noise left and i just herd him breathing how have you been he finally spoke up i've been good that time flew by so fast i said

why was everything so awkard yeah excatly 3 weeks ago he said sniffling a bit i missed your voice i say i miss you we said sync can we just stop being awkard i fucking love you this makes no sense i just want to see how your doing i would've called but Scooter took my phone for 2 weeks saying that i didn't concentreat and i haven't got any time to call this week he explained i just wish we could be togheter i said wait can you wire your phone to the tv he said

yeah i can i said great wire them togheter he says okay i say and did as i was told and wired them togheter okay know call me on face time he says i went to face time and called Justin he answered and his face popped on my phone screen turn the tv on he says i turned the tv and his face came on the big screen of my tv oh my god can you see me i say he laughs and nods i placed my phone on the small table where are you he asks at my dad's i respond

Bieber your on stage in 10 (seconds) i gotta go babe but you wanna watch my show he says how are you gonna do that i ask watch me he says walking on stage okay before i start i just need you to say hello to my girlfriend Sky she's on face time with me right now and they all screamed and i laughed okay o he walked closer to the edge and went really close to a fan you have to film this for me so Sky can watch the show he says to the girl and i wave at her okay Justin he says a if he' just a human like the others i like this girl allot Hi Sky i love you so much and i love you with Justin she says turning the camera and her friends but their face in hello and i love you to and thank you i say he smiles turning the camera towards the stage as Justin starts singing As Long As You Love Me the girl waved her other hand in he sky and held the phone high in the air and i sing along to all the songs i love him so much i can't believe i'm lying to him....

i wrote 3 chapters for you guys so your welcome 

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