Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


13. Empty

Justin's pov
I sniffled a bit as i looked around our room she was still not back a month it's been a month since i came back to find a nowhere to be seen Sky iv'e tried so hard to find her but i just can't it's like she disapeard from earth i missed her allot i miss her face i miss her voice i just miss her i called her a billion times it's sick there' not a day that i don't cry i have to try one last time i grabbed my phone and dialed her number Hey you just came to Sky Blue's voicemail i love you and i will call you b---- before she could finish i threw my phone against the wall and let the tears fall Fuck i need you Sky i need you I FUCKING love you i whispered the last part 

Sky's pov
Hahhaha  Chris put me down i yell and he pouts his lip placing me on the ground from hs shoulder i laugh and go sit on my other brothers stumach since he was laying on his back watching tv Sky can you get my phone in my room he asks why i respond because your brother is lazy he says i sigh shaking my head and walk over to my other brother and lazily open my arms for him to carry me upstairs oh now you do want to he says with a chuckle yeah i say he coops me up and carries me upstairs bridal style i step in Cam's room and grab his phone as i go down stairs i hear voices

I see a bunch of people about 10 i frown and walk downstairs i tap Cam's shoulder and he turns around what's going on and here's your phone i say oh nothing that's just the gang we have a meeting in my office and thanks your a cutie he says kissing my cheek and then he walked away i just shrugged and went to sit down on the couch and just started playing Flappy Bird my high score is 163 haha let me explain so before Flappy Bird became famous i already knew how to play it so when it became famou i was like oh i already know how to play this game and yeah 

After a while i got bored and started looking trough video and pictures when i came accros one video i grabbed my earphones and plugged them in 

Hey Guys it's Justin we're gonna go check on Sky because she has been in bed all day and i'm a bit worried he opened the door and sat on the bed Hey Sky he says Hey Jay i respond weakly You okay cutie he says caressing my cheek yeah i'm just a little *sneeze* sick i say he smiles a bit what can i do to help he asks nothing i say caressing his hand that was on my cheek  i love you i added he smiled maybe this will help he says softly placing his lips on mine but it didn't last long like 5 seconds yeah that helped a bit i say he chuckles throwing his head down before hugging me i love you he says i love you too

tears started falling down i felt someone touch my shoulder i jumped and saw Chris next to me come here he says opening his arms and i hug him tightly as he kisses my forehead you wanna go home i think i could go with you i would love to meet your boyfriend dad and sibling i would love to be a bigger part of your life he says seriouly you would leave this just for me i say your my little sister (by one minute exact) of course i would he says i smile at him i look up and see mom tanding by the staircase watching us with a smile on her face Chris looked up and he smiled and gave her a look that said ''can i'' she nodded and he smiled wider and stood up hugging her i stood up and entered the group hug i was happy i had my whole family in eye and i could go back to the rest of it i was gonna see Justin to everything will be perfect or so that was what i was thinking...

I woke up in a unfamilliar room it was painted gold with Burgandy desings on it i looked around and pushed the Burgandy sheets of off me i stood up and walked towards the door to my luck it was open i quietly listened to the voices coming from downstairs "what are we doing with her" "why is she here" "we're gonna exchange her for chris" "guys don't hurt her" "we have to or else she isn't gonna co operate with us" "he is right Dina" i quietly walked down the steps of the stair who are you people i say and their heads snap towards me Ah Mrs.Blue is finally awake  the blondie said i rolled my eyes who are you i asked we're The Omegas ginger haid said what do you want from me i asked Chris brunette said why am i here then i asked be--- someone interupted the brunette quit the question's already goldie locks someone said i  turned around and saw a guy in the corner leaning against the wall no  i want answers i said he looked up and made a signal for the others to leave Ah feisty i see he says coming closer wow you found out about that you do have brains i say coming closer then i saw something he looked like Justin so much that it was creepy before i knew it he was inching my face i like you he said i don't like you i say he smirks Jason Mcann he says sticking his hand out Sky Blue i say shaking his hand i turned around uh where are you going he says i'm not staying here i say oh aren't you and in a swift move he was infront of me no i'm not i say walking past him but he grabs my wrist i look at him before yanking it away and running up the stairs i hear him run after me i quickly enter the bathroom and lock it after about a minute he started kicked and pounding on the door OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR SKYLAR he yelled using my full name that no one really used except my mom after a while he opened the door and started clinging with the key infront of his face he grabbed my wrist pulling me out of the room  he sat me down on the bed took a chair and sat infront of me why don't you listen to me he says because i don't have to i spat yes you do he says YOUR NOT THE FUCKING BOSS OF ME i yelled immediatly regreting it because just after that i felt something sting on my cheek he had slapped me so hard that i fell to the floor i had tears falling down already i think i was even bleeding he kicked me in the stumach and looked at me before leaving all i saw was a hint of guilt but it quickly vanished  i coughed out something i looked down at my shirt and the ground i had coughed out blood i wiped it away with my sleep and walked limped to the bathroom

Further In Time

Third person's pov
After that day nothing was the same Sky stayed there she was forced and there was only one reason to that Jason was falling for Sky he wa in love with the girl him and his twisted mind loved the girl more then anything she was depressed nothing was really going on no missions no work no nothing everyone was just bad it took Sky 5 months to realize she wasn't going back any time soon she wanted everything back her friends the love of her life her family she was losing it she had a Pink Perfect life that was destroyed she was falling to pieces she was in so much pain depression as for Jason never has he felt this way for a girl he was legit head over heels for her he wasn't confused or anything he loved her more then anyone could well that's what he thought he didn't work anymore always just thinking about why she doesn't love him thinking about her she doesn't come out anymore she's always in her room he caught her watching the wall once or twice talking to herself as for the Blue's in Beverly Hills Chris isn't the same anymore same as Sky he's always in his room crying or just thinking it's his fault his older brother Cameron was angry his brother wa falling indepression and his sister is missing he couldn't help tha's why he was angry as for Paul (her dad) he couldn't take seeing his kids so gloomy always asking why their sister doesn't visit anymore he couldn't take it so he let them stay with their grammy for a while as he looked for Sky Justin was jut lot everynight he slept alone never will he cheat on Sky even if she dies even she cheat on him never in his life will he cheat on her while she's gone he looks for her every where but everyday he loses a bit of hope in finding her and one day that jar of hope will be empty he couldn't take the pain he wanted to hold her to kiss her tell her the cutest most corny stuff to make her blush he was longing for her smile he didn't eat he didn't drink he didn't do anything he stopped his carreer for a while then he tried going back to music but he couldn't by the first song which was Nothing Like Us he broke down and his mom had to come comfort him on stage he hasn't been comunicating with his fans he hasn't been on any social media in months all he uses his phone is to hear Sky's voice when he goes to voicemail he would already be dying if he didn't hear her voice she was his sunshine HE loved her more then anything in the world everyone is just in bad place these couple of months no one was sad or mad they we're just all empty empty inside.

Woooh emotianal chapter crushed it right hope you liked it bye bye

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