Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


9. Don't Go Please

 What i yelled turning frustrated Justin had just told me he was going on a world tour in 2 days and he has't told me baby look.. he said wait since when do you know i said he gulped looking nervous Justin when did Scooter tell you i said he mumbled something but i did't hear what i say about 2 months ago he mumbled louder what i whispered my vision turning blurry from the tears that we're brimming to come out and WHEN WE'RE YOU GOING TO TELL ME i yelled the day you we're gonna fucking leave if i didn't see the text when would you tell me i yelled i'm sorry he said i don't need your sorry ass i exclaimed turning around but he grabbed my arm pressing his lip to mine i tried pushing him away but he held me tight close i pushed him away with all of my force he just grabbed my hand let go i yelled babe you have to under--- oh i have to understand something ha ha no Justin you have to understand that i have feelings to i'm not a freaking robot think before you say or do something i fucking hate you i say running upstairs and slamming the door locking it FUCK i heard him yell and something break i heard him running upstairs 

no ones pov
Justin threw the closest thing to him which was a vase after yelling FUCK he ran upstairs he sighed knowing her good enough to know she won't  open the door he slid against the door in the same time a Sky they were both sitting longing for eachother not knowing what was waiting for them...
end of this pov

got ya tisues ice cream and pillows ready great let's get started

Justin's pov 
''flight 378 for LA'' the intercom said i was already at the airport with Scooter and the crew we we're leaving for the tour today since our fight we haven't talked and it's killing me yesterday she left to her dad she left a note and it said ''off to dad .Sky '' ouch cold she never came back she knew i was leaving today and she didn't even come and say goodbye i'm not gonna fucking see her for 6 months i can't go without a goodbye

we gotta go Biebz Scooter said i can't Scoot i can't go knowing the last thing she said to me was i fucking hate you i need her right now i say ''last call for flight 378 LA'' we're gonna be late Justin he said Scooter-- he just cut me of Kenny Oliver come get him he said walking away they walked over to me pulling me towards the gates no no i said protesting on going no stop Kenny please stop this i said sorry buddy i was about to enter the gates 


i heard someone yell my name ''Justin'' i quickly turned around seeing Sky my face lit up like a Christmas tree i looked at Kenny and Oliver and they smiled releasing their grip on me i ran over to her grabbing her wrapping my arms around her body i thought you wouldn't come i whisper i'm so sorry i didn't see how hard this was for you to let go i thought i was the only one pain she explained i pulled away don't worry about it i say wiping away her tears

we're gonna be alright i said no we're not i'm scared Justin she said i can't tell you in how much pain i was in this moment she started crying again no no don't cry baby just go home close your eyes and just imagine us together it's not even gonna be a minute and i'll be with you i say Bieber someone yells i look over and see Alfredo i sigh she looked over oh n-no she cried choking on her own words please don't, leave please... Justin she cried tears running down her face

suddenly i felt tears on my cheeks i wrap my arms around her hugging her tight i pulled away quickly pressing my lip on hers don't do this to me she said please she added whispering i have to i say i look over her shoulder and see Jasmine and Caitlin i hugged her again and i pointed to Sky and they nodded i love you i say kissing her lips softly as i walked away but she grabbed me again and yelled no Jasmine and Caitlin ran over pulling her away from i sigh

she was trying to reach me but she couldn't i'm sorry my love i yelled walking away as they still held her back and she fell to her knees as i walked trough the gates making the tears cascade down my face like a waterfall and Alfredo patted my back i'm so sorry Sky i looked behind to see her still on the floor and Jasmine and Caitlin trying to comfort her i sucked in my breath stepping in the plane i sat down next to the window looking outside as more tears fell 

i tried reaching him but i couldn't they we're holding me back i finally just fell to my knees and cried not caring who was around or looking at me i jut cried and cried and cried more.

i cried writing this chapter it was so emotional
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