Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


4. Break Up Make Up

1 week later

it's been a week a rough week an extremely long week by now Justin remembers everything well we've not really been talking just acting as if we're alright we had to lie and tell everyone we're a couple that's engaged the couple that everyone talks about it's like ''morning'' ''night'' ''bye'' ''i'm going to class'' that's practically everything we say to each other to be honest i miss him allot what he's my baby and i miss him should i just forgive everyone makes mistakes i don't know still he hurt me but my hate for him is smaller then my love for him i sighed when i heard the bell time to go home with Justin i stood up rushing out of the door on the way to the door i had a couple of stops by people asking me something i finally got out and saw Justin leaning against his car one hand in his pocket and with the other hand scrolling down on his phone i walked up to him and cleared my troath and he looked and quietly said hey he turned around and opened the car door he was about to step inside when i pulled his hand Justin i just wanna say sorry iv'e been so stupid even tho you kinda of cheated i treated you bad and i'm sorry i said don't say sorry don't say sorry for someone as idiotic as me i'm an idiot for hurting you like that and still your saying sorry do you forgive me even if i don't deserve it he said i forgive you i said and we just akwardly stood there this is stupid he said pulling me closer by my waist i missed you he said kissing my lips i missed you more i murmered on his lips i brought my arms to his neck he bit my lip and tried so hard not to moan i know you want to he said and i slapped his arm and then it went back to kissing like normal people when someone coughed we pulled away and looked to the side and i saw Chaz Ryan and Melanie Melanie is Ryan's little sister and they looked at us raising their eyebrows and i hid my face in Justin's chest while laughing they just shook their head walking away he just stared at me what i said did you know your beautiful he said well i'm nothing compared to Sarah i said your Miss universe compared to Sarah stop thinking about Sarah know it's you and me only us he said placing his lips on mine giving me a soft kiss he pulled away looking around what i asked i feel.... watched he said let's just go i said pecking his cheek he smiled at me getting in the car i ran to the other side opening the door and getting in i smiled at him as he drove away he grabbed my hand kissing it i giggled as i grabbed my phone out of my pocket and decided to go trough twitter i haven't been there for a while i love my Bluenayzers their awesome my eyes popped out of my head when i saw how much hate i got i didn't realize i'm dating every girls dream boyfriend 
Ugly Rat
Fat Bitch
Disgusting Women
A Reck
A Mess
that's what people call me how could they do this i saw photoshopped pictures of myself looking horrible and bruised or me cheating on Justin some of my fans we're saying that i could be with someone better then him i'm not that bad i'm not mental how can you say i'm mess what kind of mess a disgusting women seriously i didn't know i was crying untill Justin started shaking me Sky why are you crying i put a finger on my cheek and they we're wet uhm nothing i said looking around seeing that we we're parked in front of his house then why are you crying cupcake i sighed handing him my phone he scanned it and scrolled down a bit then he gave it back to me i didn't know he said it's okay i'm not gonna let them get to me i said and a smiled creeped on his face that's my girl he said i smiled kissing his cheek you missed he whispered close to my ear you think i said yeah i do he said kissing my lips i opened my eyes and saw a yellow car i slapped his arm and yelled Yellow Car getting out of the car i quickly knocked on the door but i was to late because i felt someone pinning me around by my waist how dare you he whispered in my ear Justin stop !! i yelled as he was biting my ear and that's when Pattie opened and she smiled when she saw us i kicked his leg and he groaned putting me down hi Pattie i said smiling at her Hey mom Justin said pulling me closer by my waist Hello kids she said smiling 

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