Arranged Marriage

This is Arranged not real i say backing away from him does it even feel arranged to you he says coming closer i looked down not knowing what to say that's what i was thinking he said before placing his lips on mine


1. I Was Born Ready

♥ I Was Born Ready ''I stepped out of the big doors of my high school and felt the warm summer breeze hit my face i sighed as i saw the last car parked right in front of me with Justin leaning against it get in he said i rolled my eyes and got in his car just a reminder i fucking hate you i said Awh i love you to baby

i rolled my eyes as he started the car and drove to his house he turned the radio on and Empire State Of Mind started playing i started humming along untill my phone buzzed i looked at the text i just got from Megan where are you i have detention for that food fight xxx Megs. i sighed and decided not to reply for now

we arrived at the Bieber's mansion of a house and i got out of the carand Justin locked it and went to open the door of his house we both entered the house and i saw my dad,Jeremy Jazzy Jaxon and Patie what's going on i asked yeah what's going on mom and dad i flinched when he said mom

c'mon sit down kids Jeremy said i looked at them confused following them anyways i sat down next to my dad i glared at him he glared back Paul immature Pattie said and i laughed okay what's going on i asked well it was always your mother's wish to have my first boy and her first boy married she never got to do it so now we're gonna do it for her you and Justin getting an Arranged Marriage Pattie said

NO i yelled as loud as i could my dad's eyes widend SKY he yelled probably because i yelled as loud as i could Dad no i'm not doing it i said my voice still quiet high i'm not doing it either Justin yelled shut your mouth Justin Jeremy said i grinned Sky my dad said standing up he walked away motioning me to follow him

i'm not doing it i said yes you are it was your mother's wish please do it for her i sighed you don't have to do it for me just for your mom he said fine i hate you i said thanks Sky and don't say that he said but dad i just don't want to waist my life with him i said well you have to he said i rolled my eyes don't roll your eyes at me he said i just walked back inside and saw Justin yelling at his parents i sat on the couch sighing after a while he agreed against his will

The Next Morning
Sky get down here i heard my dad yell i was waken up by him about an hour ago and was told to get dressed for house hunting yes can you believe that i have to live in a house with him i rushed downstairs and saw Justin and my dad talking about whatever can we go

he looked at me and his mouth slightly dropped i don't blame him i just walked towards the door and opened it i leaned against his car and waited about 30 seconds later he came out and there we're already paparazi taking pictures i got in the car and Justin got in too Sky we have to act like a couple he said

why i asked your dad told me i don't know why he said i sighed before i could say anything else he placed his lips on mine i could practically feel the flashes burning trough my  eyes Paparazi he leaned in closer to me i finally realized what i was doing and i softly pushed him away but i didn't yell at him this time i just sat back on my seat Sk--- just drive i interupted him looking anywhere but his face we drove and drove we searched for houses and we finally found one it wasn't to big not to small just perfect we just stood in front of it and Justin wrapped his arm around my shoulder''

  ready cause this is gonna be a roller coaster
he said
i was born ready
i responded  

''It's Arranged''
''But I Love Her''
''It's Arranged''
''But I Love Him''
It's Called Having
Another Sort Of Lust For Each Other



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