'No one has ever seen them. No one knows if they are real. No one has ever survived one of their attacks. No one ever will.'

One of the things you learn in warrior training is don't look back, cause if you lose site of them your dead. They are reincarnations of murderers, psychopaths. You only see them for a second then you're dead, that's why we don't have a description for them, they are unknown to the human eye.

But I see them every night, drawing; painting; printing down every single detail I see. Making the invisible, visible. I'm the human race's only chance to win this impossible war, but the human race wont let me fight, and they're losing to shadows.

(c) Copyright - Mountain Ash 2014


3. 29 May 2017

"They're here," My voice was a quiet whisper, my eyes never moving from the white orbs looking deeply into me. I knew not to blink, not to move away from the eyes of it. If I did move, blink, breath the community would die. Motion happened behind me as Vince and Donovan started evacuating the citizens in the cafe to wards the escape. Community's had been completely wiped out because one of them had managed to get in. Even thought the walls of the public square was made from rock salt which was the only barricade for these demonic others.

Screams echoed around me but I stayed fixed in position holding the stare of the Hunter and waiting for everyone to get out. But some how the Hunter managed to move away from my site, killing people in masses and coming closer to me. I caught it's eyes everyone freezing it for a few seconds only for it to continue killing its way to me. The cafe was closed and I was the only one in the room, scanning the square for any signs of it. 

I blinked. Two white orbs stared right at me tipping to one side making me shake. I knew I would be killed, this was the end. My legacy. I realised how quite it was, dead bodies lined the square but there was a howl of wind blowing through the community emptied ether by the Hunter or by the evacuation passages. 

The thing put it's hand on my jaw turning my head breaking my stare. I was dead, or was going to be my heart rising to incredible speeds and my mind picturing violent ways the thing did it. My head turned back to the Hunter and my eyes came to the picture of a man bright red eyes burning into mine and a manic smile washed across his face. His hair was black and fell across his face in tangled clumps. 

​"Well aren't you lucky," his voice was as mad as his smile, sending shivers down my torso and goosebumps to rise making the shiver hover over me. 

"Wha..what do you m..mean?" I asked my jaw moving in the mans hand. 

A laugh, shrill and out of control fell out of the mans mouth making me flinch with fear. An insane man had managed to kill my whole community and he was going to kill me. 

"You're my resurrector," his voice was mixed with a sincere seriousness and manic laughter. But it haunted, shaking me, scaring me. His realice on my jaw dropped as well as my body and I fell hitting my head and pushing me into an unwanted loud darkness that echoed with the man's laughter and words.


My eyes slowly opened and my vision was dry and blurry. In front of me was the face of the man painted onto the wall his eyes shining with the glimmer of death. It made me jump, retreating back and making me hit the side of my desk. It was a dream? I knew that my nightmares where vivid but that dream felt real, almost like it had happened, like it was a memory. I sat down on my bed and put my head in my hands and let out a breath. 

It was just a dream.


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