'No one has ever seen them. No one knows if they are real. No one has ever survived one of their attacks. No one ever will.'

One of the things you learn in warrior training is don't look back, cause if you lose site of them your dead. They are reincarnations of murderers, psychopaths. You only see them for a second then you're dead, that's why we don't have a description for them, they are unknown to the human eye.

But I see them every night, drawing; painting; printing down every single detail I see. Making the invisible, visible. I'm the human race's only chance to win this impossible war, but the human race wont let me fight, and they're losing to shadows.

(c) Copyright - Mountain Ash 2014


2. 29 May 2017


From what I could see from my little brothers training, he needed help. His mentor was seriously beating him up and at 9 year's Kyle should be able to at least throw back some punches and hit. But my brother wasn't even putting up a fight, he was letting his mentor punch him making his blond, beautiful face get torn into a broken bloody mess. I wanted to stop it, but as a woman I wasn't aloud to step inside the fighting chambers when there was a lesson going on. So I had to stay put fighting against the urge to beat up the mentor. The violent lesson came to a halt, and my brother gracefully walked out of the training rooms, with a bloody smile. 

"Why are you smiling?" I asked bluntly leading him back to our family Tent. 

"Because if I had more time, I would have worn him out and then attacked," My brother looked at me, his smile widening showing bloody teeth under his burst lip. 

"No if you had more time you would have been knocked out," my was blunt, but I knew it hurt my brother more than the many blows to the face he had taken. 

I looked down at him, his eyes were glassy and his lip was wobbling and not from the fact that his lower lip was swelling. Sighing I looked at him and muttered: "Let's get you patched up then I'll read you that book you're alway's going on about." 

Kyle beamed at me, cracking his lip more: "Don't smile," I paused to look at him, the corners of his mouth shaking as he tried not to smile. I rolled my eyes and opened the Tent door and sat him down in the bathroom. 

Even though I hated the classes, I still learned how to treat wounds and injury's. My mother always had several first aid kids in the bathroom cupboards for reason's like this and from the state of Kyle's face, it looked like he needed stitches. Taking out the thin black thread and thin needle I threaded it with ease and away from Kyle's site. Usually this was the part that Kyle hated. He'd had to have stitches before and the needle scared him. 

"Right Kyle, this isn't going to hurt," I said hiding the needle behind my back. There was a massive gash above his eye brow that needed stitching up and if he closed his eyes and talked to me then it might get him distracted.

"I need you to close your eyes now Kyle," My voice was smooth and calming as my brother's eyelids dropped and his breathing speed up. 

"So, what's your story about?" I asked removing the needle from behind my back and placing a calm gentle hand just above the cut.

Kyle started talking about the story him and my mother were reading. My mum read it to him every night before he went to bed and after a few minuets in I started to work at the gash, Kyle did feel it and winced bitting back a scream. I kept on encouraging him to continue and a few seconds later he did going into elaborate details of the story and his opinion about it. Soon the gash was sealed with tight neat stitches and Kyle could open his eyes.




Walking out into the public square, I scanned the row's of face's to try and find Vince's. He had gotten out of hospital today and because of Kyle needing medical attention I couldn't see him walk for the first time since the ambush. The public square was an open place high walls surrounding it and the shops in it put there was no ceiling like the rest of the community. For May it was surprisingly hot and people were walking around in skirts and shorts like August was already here.

Most of the people in the community looked the same: pale or dark skin, black or brown hair and brown eyes. Vince had dark skin, his hair was shaved and his eyes were brown. He was tall about 6'0 and should be walking with crutches. But when I saw him he was perfectly balanced on two feet, his posture immaculate and his shoulders broad, he looked like plane old Vince, not the Vince that had been ambushed by Jasper's idiots. He seemed to be looking for something and when his eyes landed on me a broad smile washed across his face. I smiled in return glad to seem him healthy again and curious how fast he recovered. 

When I reached him, I saw the crutches resting against the bench behind him. 

"Hey," he beamed pulling me into a hug. 

"Look at you," I gazed at him a smile tugging at my lips.

Vince smile widened and he gave a huff of a laugh: "Yeah," 

I felt like his smile was contagious, every time he smiled I smiled, and it made me feel grateful that he had survived the attack and surgery. 

"You ready?" he asked looking down at me and pushing back a stay blonde strand.

​I nodded and Vince slowly limped to get his crutches. 

We were going to meet Donovan at the cafe by the tattoo parlour, there we'd just talk, fight and laugh about things until training was back on. We did this most of the time when we had brakes from classes, it was our way of relaxing instead of stressing over things that none of us cared about. Donovan was always the one to leave first, as he was training to be a General and always needed to get there early or his father would kill him. Me and Vince always walked back to the training rooms: the Learning building was opposite the Training Rooms and we would always separate there. 

Pushing the door open, I saw Don sitting next to a brunette girl and talking in serious tones about something I probably didn't care about. Vince and I walked up to the table and sat, snapping Don's attention away from the girl and to Vince, who was trying to keep his crutches up. 

​"What are you stressing about?" I asked ignoring the harsh glares the girl gave me. 

Donovan ignored me: "Lillian these are my friends, Vince and Vea," 

The girl, Lillian gave a flash smile then went back to looking pissed. Jesus, what's her problem? I thought my eyes falling to my hands. 

"And to answer your question, Vea," Donavan looked at me, "we were talking about who's more important: The Hunters or Jasper," 

"The Hunters win no question asked," I stated, Lillian's eyes went wide and she exclaimed: "Thank you!" in a soft high voice. 

"Why do you say that?" Donovan looked at both me and Lillian, "I have never known a squad in this community to get attacked by these shadows, all of the time it was Jasper's community," 

"When I got attacked then men surrounding me were killed by the Hunters," Vince finally spoke coming back with a tray of milkshakes. 

I grabbed mine and looked at Donovan, then realised that Vince had go to get the drinks with an disability to move. 

"Why did you get the drinks?" I asked, standing up and taking the tray from him.

​"I was thirsty and I know your orders," Vince smiled, sitting down. 

"Did you forget the fact that there is a massive gash at your side?" I snapped, pushing the table down and sitting with it. 


Sighing I took a sip of my milkshake, then looked back to Donovan.

"Jasper has managed to kill more men that the Hunters," he started pushing his straw in and out of his glass, "in fact, most men are more scared to be attacked by Jasper than the Hunters," 

I opened my mouth to snap something back, but a scream from below me cut me off. The cafe was on the second level of the square and you could look down and see people walking. In the centre, people were screaming at the top of their lungs and running. There was nothing chasing them, but the confused look of the majority of the people. Then there was a lint, a dark shadowed glitch that only lated a second before I knew what was going on. This couldn't be happening, why was this happening, how did they even get in here with out me knowing? Until that glitch materialised into a shadow, the head was turned and bright white eyes burned into mine.

"They're here."


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