The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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13. Chapter XIII

Chapter Thirteen

Watching the credits on the screen roll by and the screen flicker for the hundredth time I shook my head. "That was cool, but confusing."

Max laughed merrily, somehow watching Star Wars made her giggle and cry and then giggle again. However, I didn't understand any of it. “Well, it should be, that was Star Wars Episode Six,” She laughed and then started to cry.

I sat there slightly uncomfortable with her crying. “That was just so beautiful,” Max whispered, leaning against me and letting out a long breath. Familiar with the gesture because of Itachi, I rested my head on hers and scooted closer.

Yet, she didn't allow me to wrap my arms around her in a hug, instead broke away from me, giggling. I stared at her in confusion, wondering why she was so... Mood swingy.

“What is wrong with you?” I bluntly asked.

In return she stopped laughing and gave me a blank look. “Nothing, it’s just... Anakin...” the tears formed in her eyes again, “He saved Luke!”

She started crying again, sobbing, actually and I sighed and patted her head. “Yeah, that was really heroic.”

“‘No.’ That’s what he said and then he died!!” She squealed into her hands and shook her head. “I need to stop crying, you look stiffer than all the dead clones!” She giggled and then she cried more. “God damn this movie. I hope Rex is okay... And Cody, too.”

Growing sick of watching her throw this fit, I rolled my eyes and placed my hands on Max’s shoulders. “Max, will you explain any of this to me?”

Max looked at me with glossy eyes and finally stopped crying to give me a beautiful watery smile. “Oh, hell yeah. I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and pretty much everything Sci-fi. What do you want to know.” She wiped the tears off of her face and used both hands to fan her face.

I smiled at seeing her start to return to her normal slightly egotistic self. Before I could answer I saw her glance at my lips and then look away quickly. Both of our faces got red. “Uh, well, can you explain the movie to me?”

Max looked at me again and nodded furiously. “Yeah! Of course I can, okay so, Episode Six is...” And Max went on and on talking about Star Wars. About all six episodes and then about the Clone Wars TV show. I listened to every detail, amazed by how much she knew about the movie and by how passionate she seemed about it.

We talked for what felt like an hour, only to finish talking about Star Wars and realise just how tired we were. “Wow, that is...” I started, not sure how to respond. The way Max explained it made me want to watch the TV show and the movies. “Amazing.”

Max gave a heart stopping smile, not looking at me. She traced the cover of the Star Wars movie adoringly, “Yeah...” Then suddenly her face fell as she looked at me. “Have I told you about Savage?”

I shook my head, “No.”

To my surprise Max fell back on her bed, chuckling darkly. “The things I would let that sexy man do to me.” She shook her head, biting her lip while my face got beet red.

“Max!” I cried. “My ears, I wasn't ready for that!”

She gave a merry laugh and lightly punched my arm, “Dude, if you saw Savage you would go gay, so were gonna make sure you never see him. However, he comes from the same planet as Maul.” Max sighed, “Wonder what happened to Maul, though, he isn't very... hunky...”

I shifted, slightly uncomfortable. I wasn't hunky and Max was obviously into hunky...

She sighed and rolled on her side, facing me. She rested her head on her arms and blew a raspberry. “What’s got your panties in a bunch? Too much girl talk hurting you?” I couldn't help but chuckle at that, making her smile, too.

“No, it’s not that.” It’s you talking about liking other people that’s making me uncomfortable... I thought, but I bit it down. Blushing, I chuckled and Max rose an eyebrow, obvious to my lie. She opened her mouth to comment, but a knock on the door saved me from confrontation.

“Well, talk about that little lie there after dinner,” Max started, making my spirits drop. She slid off her bed as the knock turned into a full out pound. Max gave a little growl and yelled, “What?! WHAT?! I’m coming! Jesus fuck-” She opened the door and stopped when she saw the old lady standing there, frowning.

“You gonna curse at me, little girl?” The lady fumed, her frown deepening. She stuck out a hand and angrily pinched Max’s cheek, “Making me wait, what were you doing? Talking to Satan?” The old lady released Max’s cheek and Max rubbed it, rolling her eyes at the Grandma.

Max seemed to be peeved and muttered, “What do you want?”

The old lady sniffed, “Just coming to check on you,” then the old lady tried to say under her breath, but failed miserably, “not like anyone else would.”

“I don't know what you came to check up on, but as you can see, all is good here.” Max said and tried to close the door, but the lady kept it open and Max didn't fight her to close it. Instead she sighed and threw the door open, walking backwards to the bed and plopping down next to me with another large sigh.

I looked at her in confusion as crossed her legs and looked like she was getting ready for the lecture of her life. And then the lady gave a lecture of a lifetime. My face was red the whole time, while Max’s only dusted on some color. The lecture was about sex, which made me uncomfortable because this lady had no filter and had explain in full detail how “the penis must go in the vagina”.

It took ten minutes for the embarrassment to end and I felt like my face would melt off. But it hadn’t and instead the lady wobbled off telling us that dinner was ready.

Max just rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at the back of her grandma. She seemed annoyed and looked at me with eyes that screamed she was done with life. “That was my mother’s grandma, she doesn't understand much and she can't see out of her right eye, but she has morals.” Max gestured to the spot her grandma had been. “That was her sharing what she believes is right,” suddenly Max got a wicked grin on her face.

It scared me so I let out and “eep!” and leaned back.

She lightly punched my shoulder and said, “I should tell her I'm pregnant!” Max laughed like the idea was golden, but I just sighed and gave her look.

“Max!” I scolded, thinking about saying something smart, but instead decided to take a page out of her book. “That’s ridiculous, no one would have sex with you!”

Max gasped and sat up in shock and I could see some hurt, before she laughed and gave me a proud look. “Look at you!” She lightly punched my arm again, then grabbed my knee and shook it. “You're learning.”

I laughed with her, nodding slightly.

Our laughter died down and we sat silently for a moment. I watched her stare off into space before her eyes met mine and she smiled. I looked away and she chuckled. “So shy.” She shook her head. “Anyway, lets go eat. I'm starved.”

The dinner was relatively fine. After we trekked back down the damn stairs, we got plates and made a line, putting things on our plates that we thought would be appetizing. Or, in my case, Max telling me what to eat and what not to eat. Everyone was so busy eating and talking, most of them drunk, that they didn't even notice Max or I getting food and then going back up those fucking stairs. I think I hate stairs.

And the rest of the night went smoothly, I talked with Max in her room while she put on another movie, this time I let her play a princess movie and she played Beauty and the Beast. I didn't understand the singing, but it wasn't all that bad. Especially since Max and I sat shoulder to shoulder.

Like the last movie, Max had cried, but then again I also got teary eyed, too. Not that I had let Max see. It was a good movie. There were times, specifically when Beast died, that I laughed because it was ridiculous, and Max gave me a very hard hit, glaring at me through her tears.

We both didn't stay awake to see the end, instead we fell asleep leaning on her bed, sitting on the floor with a blanket covering us both.

It was a dreamless sleep that was rudely awakened by me waking up to cold cave air.

Sitting up and rubbing the sleep from my eyes I frowned with distaste and slight anger. I was back in my home world and all I could whisper was, “No.”

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