The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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12. Chapter XII

Chapter Twelve

Looking over at Obito, I smirked at his shocked expression. My family, not my step family, but my mother’s, took the liberty of making themselves at home in our basement when we had these family meetings. It was always fun hanging out with my mother’s family while my step family went and hung out with their blood kind.

Grabbing his arm, I pulled him to the couch to sit next to my cousins, only for my cousin, Lily, to start giggling. “Who’s the boy, Maxy-waxy?”

Feeling my eye twitch, I ignored the name and ignored the girl as she sluttily leaned on me, her face too close for comfort. Promptly shoving her off of my person, I looked at the eldest kid in the room, he being 17, and shouted at him, “Andrew, control your bitches, my friend needs to feel welcomed, not like he is in an underdeveloped whore house!” I joked with him, making him glare at me over his phone. He was probably texting his fake girlfriend.

“Last time I checked, bitch, they were your whores, you fag,” Andrew growled, shooting me dirty looks. I glanced at Obito and noticed his blood red face and the fact that Lily was in his face, asking him if he had kissed me yet.

“.. Depending on your red face, I think you have second based her, you naughty boy.”

“Lily! Get off of him, horny child,” I muttered the last part under my breath as I gave him an apologetic look. “How about we skip the socializing and just head up to my room?”

Obito nodded silently, looking slightly creeped out as he caught the eye of my other cousin, Colin looking at him as he played with his knife as my best-cousin-friend, Ash, talked to him about a book she had been reading recently.

Feeling slightly bad that my family had decided to act extra creepy because Obito was here (by this time we would be throwing food, drinks, glass, tables, etc at each other and laughing as they hit funny places, not being prissy and distant). Patting Obito’s shoulder I stood up and watched as Ash looked at Obito then at me and winked when she caught my eyes.

She also decided that making kissy faces while Obito’s back was turned as he followed me to the movies that we had on a shelf. Ash skipped over to me, dragging me away from Obito leaving Colin, who had followed, to deal with him as he slid next to Obito with the creepiest look to his eyes.

I sighed, “Does he really have to scare Obito? The first time he gets out of his parents house and Colin is the first one to interact with him.” I shook my head, ignoring the fact that Ash was giving me her look.

I knew that look, I didn't want that look, that look meant pure evil and I hated it. It was different from the ‘I’m going to shove pie in your face’ look, no, this was the ‘I know who you like~’ look. I seriously hated that look...

I groaned as I looked at Ash and she gave me a smile, “Now, what can Doc. Ash do for my little lovebird-”

“I'm older than you,” She ignored me.

“Let’s see... Hm...” She squinted her eyes and said, “I can't do anything, you look perfect, now go to your boyfriend-”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“And make out as you will,” She smiled and then danced around me, soaking in my glare with ease as she slid next to Colin who looked creepy as he stared down Obito with big eyes, whispering something I couldn't hear, but Obito obviously could.

Deciding to relieve Obito of my stupid family, I grabbed Obito’s arm and dragged him away. He quickly turned away and decided to drag me up the stairs. Wondering how he could do such a thing again when he was still recovering, I just decided that he was probably just too scared to care about the pain. I knew Colin could get creepy, he had held up his favorite knife to my neck in order to just get his glasses back.

But I really wanted to know what Colin had said, so when we got to the top of the staircase, I stopped letting him pull me and asked him what Colin had said. “He said... stuff...” His face turning a deep shade of red.

I held back a groan, Colin had been perverted! Seriously?! Could I not bring a friend over for Christmas without them being tortured by my family? I loved my family, but sometimes they just plain out sucked...

I was knocked out of my internal rant when my second Aunt spotted me from the doorway as Obito was pulling me up the last of the steps. She skipped over, the blue washed off of her face and put an arm around me, forcing Obito to stop, too.

“Running off with little Romeo, I see. Where is your dad? I have things to discuss with him...” Aunt Sarah took a sip of her wine and looked at me again after looking around for my dad.

I shrugged, “He is probably in his study, or still in bed, seeing as he is sick.” Feeling weird under her arm, I shrugged out of it and leaned up to kiss her cheek, “Merry Christmas. Come tell me when we are allowed to eat.”

“Okay, tell me if you see your father, and no sex. Your father would kill me.”

Blushing slightly, I chuckled, feeling relieved that Obito seemed to busy staring at all of my relatives that had come in the last ten minutes to have noticed Sarah’s comment.

I shook my head and tugged Obito’s arm. “Come on, I have some movies in my room, they aren't that good, but they are still movies.”

Obito nodded and we went back up the stairs, me taking on most of his weight as well as mine. He needed to rest more, and jumping from my window hadn’t been the best idea. It didn't take a genius to realize someone jumped from your window when there was an indent in the snow below my window and a footprint on my window’s ledge.

Locking the door behind us, as to not discourage the use of knocking, I released Obito and turned to go over to my desk. Opening the bottom drawer, I took out the selection of movies that I had.

Most were my old time favorite movies of kid shows that I watched, AKA Naruto, and some other movies that were in VHS, like the Lion King.

I giggled as I stared at Star Wars. Smiling, I stood up with them and plopped down on my bed next to Obito, happy that he seemed to actually be interested in Star Wars.

I smiled and nudged him, “Pick one, they are all good, trust me, these are my childhood favorites.”

He nodded, looking at them all, he said no to all of the princess ones, much to my disappointment. I was in the mood for Cinderella. Whatever.

Obito ended up choosing Star Wars, making me smile. We still had a TV that was fit for plugging in a VHS into it, and so I did.

After that I changed the settings so that the screen was blue, and then, after a moment, the image on the screen shifted to the previews.

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