The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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11. Chapter XI

Chapter Eleven

I caught Max’s shoulder as she stumbled slightly, partly from the force at which she left Madara’s hands and from the uneven dirt ground we were on. “Grr, that jerk, he threw me!” Max exclaimed, catching her footing and glaring behind her, as if she would still see the elder Uchiha.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh hush it, I'm sure he could have done worse.” Even though that sounded a little mean, I couldn't help it. I would have thought Madara would send me back to my time, but he sent me back here. Weird.

Max pouted, her bottom lips jutting out and she turned away from me in a huff, arms crossed over her chest. She was grumbling things under her breath, looking adorable as she did. She noticed me looking and 'tsk'ed.

I looked around, we were in the forest and I could faintly see her towering house to the left of us through the trees. “Your house is right there.” The air was cold and the forest dead, the ground covered in slight snow.

I felt freezing, but Max looked fine, bundled in her jacket with Madara’s shirt underneath. She had her regular clothes draped on her arm. She seemed to think it was comfortable, but it slightly ticked me off. I don't know why; it just did. Like when Rin was giving flirty eyes at Kakashi while stitching him up after being stupid and showing off.

Max stopped her childishly cute grumbling and looked at me over her shoulder, knocking me out of my thoughts. “Huh?” she asked stupidly. I pointed to her house and started to walk in that direction. “Oh,” she jogged to catch up to me and walk beside me. As we near the house, I felt a nervous sensation run down my spine.

“How mad do you think your dad will be?” I gulped, knowing he might take his anger out on me for not getting Max home, like I should have, and instead somehow going back to my world and meeting my older self as well as other people.

“Very, but don't worry. I'll say it’s my fault, and that I somehow summoned him, you know, Devie was saying that she told Madara to do it so....” Max shrugged. “I wonder why our future selves made Madara come get us,” Max said tilting her head to the side a little bit.

“What? He came to get us,” I argued lamely.

Max shook her head, and looked me in the eyes. “Not true. Not possible. We weren't even there for that long for him to put use to us. So, that must mean he didn't want us, but more of maybe the future us wanted to prevent us from seeing something, or something like that. I’m smart, I’d do something like that.” Max smirked and clutched me in a brief hug. “WE GET TO GROW UP TOGETHER!” She squealed, changing the subject. Maybe not that much, but still changing it.

I chuckled nervously, the thought of her father seeing us as we walked closer to the house making me worried. “Yeah, I guess we do.” I answered awkwardly, not really paying attention to her, but more of scouting around for her father.

Damn, that man scared the living shit out of me.

“Obito?” Max asked, knocking me from my thoughts.

“Yeah?” I asked lamely, looking at her with one eye, I still hadn't opened that eye yet.

“Are you okay?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah why-” I ran into a tree. "Ow..." I rubbed my head a little.

“Because you just ran into a tree, I thought ninjas had skill, that looked like a plain fail to me.” Max teased, crossing her arms over her chest. Okay, so, I probably should have known she would catch my slight paranoia of dying at her father’s hands.

Instead of answering her I just gave her a crooked smile and rubbed the back of my neck, not sure what to say. “Uh... I was just wondering... uh, those were a lot of leeches, you okay?”

Max snorted and rolled her eyes, “fine, hide it, I'll figure it out later.” She dismissed the subject. She seemed so confident in finding it out that I had no doubt she wouldn't, and I was trying to hide it! But at least I'm not over confident in the fact I knew she could probably squeeze the problem out of me.

I sighed and Max grabbed my hand when I about tripped over a root and made sure I didn't fall, “yeah, you're definitely okay.” Max said as we stepped up to the front of her house and onto her small porch, her voice drowned in sarcasm. She was giving a weird look at the three new cars in her driveway before she told me to put on a henge to look 'regular' and turned her attention back to the house.

I blushed a little bit and looked away, huffing. I don't like it when people used sarcasm, it annoyed me to think about how I was sometimes too dense to realise the difference. Not only that but I didn't like being bossed around either. “I am okay.” I answered her lamely, having nothing to really say, but wanting to defend myself. I put on the henge though, seeing as I didn't want people to freak about my missing eye.

She just rolled her eyes, but didn't say anything. She actually looked a bit tense as she opened the door a crack, waited, then opened it fully and peeked her head in. “Dad?” She called softly. “Hello?”

I heard a feminine voice say something and she froze, I tried to peek my head in, too, to see what was going on, but she planted her foot on my chest to hold me back. I didn't try very hard, seeing as her balance isn't the greatest and I didn't want her to fall on her face. “What is it?” I whispered.

She ignored me and nodded to the voice inside. The she stepped inside, a hand up, silently telling me to wait. I was getting impatient. I bit my inner cheek in annoyance.

After a short while, she grabbed my arm and dragged me into the house. “No, today was a half day.” She said to the woman in a fluffy robe and blue stuff on her face while her golden hair was up in a bun. Her blue eyes showing slight surprise at seeing me.

“Fine, who’s the boy?” The woman with golden hair’s voice was like silk; smooth and soothing.

“He is a friend, Ally is grounded so I said he could come over.” Max shrugged, looking ready to bolt to her room.

“Looks emo...” She mumbled, looking me up and down. She looked back at Max. “She staying for dinner?”

Max laughed as my face turned an angry red and I blurted out, “I'm a boy!”

“Really? Couldn't tell with such long hair, maybe you need to get it cut.” Now I see why Max had a grudge against blonds, if most were like this woman, I wouldn't blame her. This woman, after just meeting her, made me want to punch her blue painted face into the ground. Was this really the shrill voice I heard when Max’s step-mom came home?

“A-Aunt Sarah,” Max got out between chuckles. She gave me a sparing glance of twinkling eyes that made my glare melt into a pout. “Be nice. He’s going to stay here with us until we have to go back to school, just like you and my other family members are until Christmas.”

With that, Max slide her hand from my arm into my hand and squeezed making me blush as she turned from her aunt and pulled me up the evil stairs. It annoyed me how stairs were such an obstacle.

I heard Max’s Aunt snort and call out, “so your dad lets you bring your boyfriend to your room?” She chided. I hung my head as a dark blush coated my cheeks, I was glad for my long hair; it covered my face.

Max glanced over her shoulder, “I don't know what you are talking about,” she smirked, ”my friend is a girl.” And with that, the rest of our journey was peaceful until we were raided by twins with dirty blond hair and glowing green eyes, halfway up the steps forcing us to stop halfway up.

The twins seemed to know just how to aggravate Max because every word coming from their mouths made Max’s hand tighten on mine and eyes grow narrower. She sometimes let out a retort when both were not blabbing, I, on the other hand, decided it would be best if I was quiet. I had no idea what they were talking about anyway, so why sound stupid?

They were talking about something named that Akatsuki and bad mouthing it. They called it a group of wannabe failures and then called the whole thing lame and the real creator of the group an ugly retard with an obsession.

'Wow, they really have a grudge on that guy.' I thought with wide eyes as they cursed him out with more curses that I could think of. My blush was more than gone by now and I watched the twins with a mild expression.

Then they compared somebody named Tobi with this other kid named... Rustin Bieber? Or was his name Justin? I couldn't tell due to the fact I was now focusing on Max. She kept glancing at me and I wondered if it was meant for me to do something about the twins in front of us. But then again, her glances held worry, not a silent plea of help.

I could tell that she was officially looking murderous by that point and was just about to snap back with more than just a retort, so I made my appearance to talk. I didn't want to interrupt them due to not knowing if it was normal and something I had no means to stop, but with the snotty looks from the kids and the twitch in Max’s hand, I decided it would be best to take her away. So I dragged her up the stairs and into the landing that led to her room.

I released my henge that I have had on, it was hard to keep up when I kept forgetting about it, but I did it. “Sorry for not speaking up.” I muttered as I watched her jump on her bed and beat the fluff out of her pillow.

She shot me an acidic look when she threw the pillow at the wall after beating it some more. The pillow seemed to tone down her anger because as it slid to the floor, her angry look turned sad and she turned away from me. “Why did you wear a henge? You know, I’m jealous of how you easily use jutsu, it isn't fair.” She sniffed, crossing her arms and huffing. She was turned away from me.

I let out a sigh to see she was over what the twins had said. I chuckled slightly, a slight blush coming onto my now regular cheeks. “Really? That’s flattering.”

She laughed, falling back on her bed, her head back. “Yeah, sure. Thats like Itachi telling you he wishes he could use fire jutsus! It won't last long, dude,” she gave me a smirk that made my blush deepen, yet I noticed a small blush on her face, too. At least we were even. “The flattery won't last long when I start my training.” She bragged, than she rolled off her bed and put her hands on her hips. “Trust me.”

I glared at her, mocking her by going in the same position. “Back off, you don't pass the master until-”

She glared back, Madara’s shirt hanging off of her. “Until what?” When did she take off her jacket? All my thought left me as I stared at his shirt, I was ticked off again.

The look she gave me made me stick one hand up while my other one scratched behind my neck, I turned nervous. “Hahaha, uh, until.. soon?”

Max rolled her eyes and stared at the black shirt, she lifted it and sniffed it. “Hm, he doesn’t smell half bad.” She muttered, making my draw drop. She looked at me, “what?”

I crossed my arms and snorted, all nervousness and anger gone. “Yeah, sniffing someone’s shirt, that’s not weird.” I said sarcastically.

She growled, eyebrow twitching. “Obito! Did you just call me weird, twoface?!”

I pretended to get all self conscious, “y-you think I am a two faced person?” I looked away. “How rude.”

“You, my dear sir, are a horrible actor, I would never pay to see you preform. Ever.” Max told me, walking over to pat my head in a sympathetic way. “Well, now that you're here on friend business, you wanna go to the basement and play a game or watch a movie?”

I shrugged, “sure, what else have I got to do?”

“Well you could cook, but then again, if your cooking skills is anything like your acting, than you better stay away from my stove.”

I rolled my eyes, “I don't cook, Max, I’m a boy.” I smirked at her and she smirked back.

She patted my head again, “you're a good boy, now, put a henge on before my family flips a shit about you having such scars, I know you don't like it, but I'd rather you not be bombarded with questions on it. Okay?”

I nodded, understanding the reasoning. I henged into what I guess my face would look like if it wasn't scarred. “Sure, so... what are we going to watch? I remember going this one movie with my team. Kakashi was being...” As I continued with my story, Max opened her door and lead me down the stairs (I still hate stairs, I about fell on my face!) and to the basement, I saw that not only were we there, but other kids were as well.

“Obito,” Max stated as I died off in my storytelling, shocked by how many kids/teens were here. Max made an extravagant wave of her hand around the room, “this is my family.” She gave me a smile as everyone stopped to stare at Max and I.

“Woah...” Was all I could say. Who knew she would have such a big family?

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