The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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10. Chapter X

Chapter Ten

Obito and I were tackled to the ground from behind with a woman’s rich voice screaming, “KAWAIII! Obito-san, look at us! We were just so cute!!” The voice yelled as she hugged us into her breasts. Making Obito and I sweat drop.

An adult male voice that could only be Obito’s older voice replied, “Let them go or else you'll get blood all over Madara’s things and your clothes.”

“Yeah, yeah, like it’s such a big deal.”

“I'm serious, it was my first bloody nose.” Obito replied with humor in his voice. “I bled a lot, almost as bad as you on your period.” I heard a shoe hit a wall.

“Dammit, I missed.” I heard my older self curse, letting us go. I got up and looked at Obito who was glaring at an older Obito, his hand over his bleeding nose. I giggled and punched his arm.

“Heh, first time being boob shot?” I asked with humor dancing in my eyes.

He glared at me and said dryly, “Shut up, cesspit hair.” He wiped the blood off on his shirt, blushing like mad. 

I scowled and pouted, “Not you, too...”

Older Me stood up, walking over to me and patted my back, “They all do, they just can't get over the fact that they have fagfucky hair, not near as silky and soft as ours. By the way, I know names might get weird so I came up with names for myself and Obito.” She paused and smirked, as mischievous look in her eyes as she pointed at older Obito. “Call my sexy warlord, Tobi, and call me,” She pointed to herself while Obito and I shared looks. “The one and only, Kami.”

I fell to the ground, as did Obito. “What did Pein do to you?” I asked her while Tobi and older me laughed. Obito just twitched on the ground.

“I am kidding, call me Devie, short for She-Devil. A name Die-Dare-Yeah personally gave me.” I saw Tobi’s eyes narrow.

He stepped up and covered Devie’s mouth who was just about to say something, “Yes, you were cute when you were littler and I blush a lot, yes, yes, I know.” He said in a monotone. His comment made me blush and him chuckle, “Aww, you're even attracted to me when you're littler. How adorable.”

Devie kicked him in the balls, making his hand move, “Don't embarrass me, Madara will end you.”

“Tsk, he’s my bitch now.”

Devie sighed, “I know, which is why he will end up ending you if it’s not the blond boy from the corner.”

I fell to the ground laughing, “Y-you still re-remember that fan-fanfiction?!” I asked through my hysterical laughter.

“You read that already?!” Devie asked, her hand came up to her head and she gave Tobi a look. “Tobi, did you know how perverted I was when I was younger?”

“No,” He said sarcastically.

Obito was acting too silent so I looked at him, he was staring at me but when he saw me looking he looked away. Something seemed to be troubling him. I scooted over to him, “What’s wrong?”

“N-nothing. It’s just... Devie called Tobi sexy... and that makes me...” He looked away, his eyes closed, eyebrows drawn down, and arms crossed. He was pouting.

I giggled and threw an arm over his shoulder, pulling him close, “Aw, don't worry, she just said that to make you all flustered. Besides, you are sexy when you’re his age.” I winked at him as Obito blushed three shades darker.

"Shut up..." Obito muttered, making my grin widen.

I heard Tobi mutter, “And here it comes...”

Then, “Ahh! A confession of love! Wait- have you always been wearing Madara’s shirt. Holly shit! HE RAPED YOU!” I sweat dropped as I looked over at Devie as she was covered in a dark aura and stomped out of the room. “I'll be right back.”

Tobi rolled his eyes and grabbed the top of her pants and pulled her back into the room and close to him. “If he would have raped you, you would already know about it.” He told her and she chuckled, scratching behind her neck.

“I was just kidding.” She said awkwardly.

“I don’t understand...” Obito whispered into my ear.

I looked at him. “Understand what?”

“How we turn out to be... you know... that...” He whispered to me, shifting awkwardly. 

I blushed a little and before I could reply, Devie did my creeping up and whispered loudly in his ear, “Don't worry, I make the first move. You're too afraid of my dad to do so, but then again you get really cute when flustered. Here, watch.” She smiled devilishly at Obito and I. Obito and I shared a look, we knew that look couldn't mean something good.

We watched as Devie calmly strutted over to Tobi and wrapped her arms around him. “Tobi...” She purred, bringing his now blushing face closer to hers, and going on her tiptoes to deeply kiss him. She pulled back and giggled at his red face. “So cute,” She squealed, rubbing her nose to his, turning him redder.

“De-Devie! There are kids here!” He stuttered, gulping, and glancing at us nervously as Devie pulled him down for another kiss.

“Meh, they'll do this too when they get older, I'm just showing them how.” Kiss. “Besides, I barely ever get to kiss you anymore.” Kiss. Tobi seemed to get over himself and kissed Devie back, his arms circling around her waist and pulling her very, very close. They forgot all about us as their kiss became more passionate.

Obito and I looked at each other, not able to look each other in the eyes, and both of us blushing furiously. We closed our eyes and I covered our ears. This was awkward, but not as awkward or annoying as Devie and Tobi sneaking up on us and pushing Obito and I together into a kiss.

Our eyes snapped open to stare at each other. Tobi and Devie jumped back, laughing/chuckling at how dark our blushes were. Angry, Obito and I shared a look, then nodded. We both jumped for our older selves. I saw Obito take Tobi to the ground while I flew into a wall. Damn, I’m fast.

“Haha! Tobi you suck! You didn't even move!”

“Too busy staring at the cat fight.” He said winking at Deavie. She snorted and then tackled Obito and Tobi.

“You're both too stupid!” she yelled happily.

“You're all idiots,” a voice said from the door. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing to look at him. I snickered and pointed at Devie.

“She did it!” I accused. “And that idiot did it too!” This time I pointed at Tobi.

Madara rolled his eyes and stepped to the side, “Get out of my room.”

Devie and I looked at each other, “Nah.” We both said, jumping on his bed. He glared at us and we stuck our tongues out.

Man, it sure was fun to be with future me. “This is your punishment for calling my hair cess-like, you dickless bastard.” Devie hissed at him.

Obito shook his head and shared a look with Tobi. “Is she always like that?”

“Yup.” Tobi responded, helping Obito off the ground and pushing him out of the door. “We should leave before we are dragged into this.” Tobi sent us a smirk and a wave over his shoulder as he left and Madara walked in, closing the door behind him.

Devie and I both stopped jumping on his bed to give him a look. I grabbed my older me and threw her in front of me.

“Hey!” she screamed. I growled and pulled on her hair, knowing our weak spot. “Ouch!”

“Listen,” I whispered. “if he kills us, it’s safe to know that you die first. Because if he kills me, he kills both of us. I really hope I'm not really this dumb when I get older.”

“No, but we both should know that he won't kill us. He loves us. Remember the little reason we made up that he doesn’t kill us? It’s because it’s sooooo true.”

“You mean the reason he dies a virgin?” I asked, curiously.

Devie nodded.

“Ahh, wait. He DIED A-” Madara’s hand covered my mouth.

“Why must you always yell that part?” He asked, giving Devie a look.

She scowled, “Don't look at me, I didn't say it, Max did.”

“Devie, you are Max.”

“No, I'm the older, sexier, no offence, Devie Uchiha. The last remaining female Uchiha to roam this world.” Devie said, patting my head.

“Not offended, because I turn into you.” I told her, she gave me a heart stopping smile of pride, as if I was her daughter.

She pulled me in for a hug, “Jashin-Pein-Kami-God, I love this younger me. She is just so ADORABLE!” Then an idea seemed to pop into her mind and she shoved me down on the bed so that she could jump Madara. “Go get me Obito, not Tobi, but Obito.”

“Get him yourself.”

She put her forehead to his, “If you don’t go I will kiss you.”

He shoved her off and she laughed and rolled to her feet while he stomped out of the room.

“So he is gay...” I said, my head tilting as I stared at the door.

“For Hashirama, you are correct. Though, I have seen him naked, total panty dropper.”

“Why have we seen him naked?”

“He’s gay, he doesn't care about what girls think of him and he’s an Uchiha male, they think they can just undress without a care in the freaking world.” Devie rolled her eyes. “It’s ridiculous.”

Biting my lip, I waved Devie over and she smirked, probably knowing what I was about to ask, “Is Obito...?”

“Hell. Yes.” Devie told me, sitting down next to me and rubbing her hands together. “I have a secret to tell you while that hair freak is gone. Obito is still very shy, so it’s up to you to make the moves. Don't get annoyed, its just his nature, plus it’s adorable when he gets all flustered.” Devie winked at me. I blushed and nodded.

“But aren't we cousins? Why would know...” I trailed off, hoping she would answer me.

She giggled, “Cousins or not, it’s common in the Uchiha to have incest.”

My blush darkened, “Oh, okay. So... what makes him blush more?” I laughed as Devie took her turn to turn bright red and she shoved me off the bed.

Madara then chose this time to come in with Obito while Devie ran up to him and pulled his face close to her’s making his eye twitch. “DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH OF A FUCKING PERVERT I AM?!”

He nodded calmly, as if not disturbed by the volume of her voice, though his eye twitched a little. “Yes I do...”

She slapped him and a tick mark appeared on his head as Devie pointed to me, “I mean at that age, you stupid geezer!” She huffed, walking back over to me.

“Yeah, I noticed that, seeing as she has already claimed that I have fallen madly-”

“In love with me because of my amazingly sexy body? Duh, who hasn’t?” I finished for him, rolling my eyes. I looked down and noticed his shirt, “See you already are letting me wear your clothes!”

“Uh, why are you still wearing Madara's shirt, Max?” Obito asked slowly. I looked down again and then shook my head.

Devie lightly tapped my arm with her elbow. “He will always ask stupid questions. It’s bloody annoying.”

“Ahh...” I said, nodding my head.

“Hey! It’s not annoying! There's no such thing as a stupid question!”

Devie pointed at him, “And he says that, too!”

Madara rolled his eyes and threw Devie over his shoulder, “I am going to put her back in the river! Be back soon!” Madara seemed to call to no one. Obito and I looked at each other and shrugged, maybe his old age got to him?

“PUT HER DOWN!” Was Tobi’s reply and the door slamming open. “Leeches are not the solving of our problems,” Tobi’s eyes were narrowed while Madara gave him a thin look, not at all fazed.

There was a silence and Madara still had a silent Devie over his shoulder. I decided I should break the silence, seeing as it was suffocating me. “Soo... When do we go home? I think my father might be worried...”

Devie piped up, “He is, right now he wants nothing more than to kill Madara for doing my bidding and taking smaller you. But~ he gets over it. So, meh. You will leave right after Madara puts me down, sadly, we don’t get to see you for very long.” Madara set her down and she ran over to Obito and crushed him in a hug that made Tobi wince. “YOU BE A GOOD BOY AND TAKE CARE OF ME!!”

I was too busy laughing at Obito's teary face to notice Tobi sneak up on me and put me in a crushing hug and then kill my ears as he squealed in his real Tobi voice, “Max-chan better be a good girl, because every good girl gets a good reward!” Then he giggled madly, keeping me in the death hold, while I fought to breath.

“Off!” I choked out and he chuckled while Devie wincend. He let go and patted my head then walked over to Devie and dragged her out of the room, seeing as she started screaming on how she wanted to hug me before we left. Tobi, however didn't let her go.

I saw Madara in the corner rubbing his temples, “Idiots, idiots, idiots...” He was muttering to himself. Then he shook his head and stared at us with his piercing eyes. “Don't turn out so annoying, if you don't promise me that I will kill you where you stand.”

“I promise nothing!” I pronounced, glaring at him. I like how I turned out in the future. I was sexy, tall, and had long hair. Plus I had a cool personality, no way I was promising not to grow up like that!

“Yeah! I promise nothing, I happen to like how I grow up!” Obito said, crossing his arms. Aww, how cute! It seemed like he got over the awkwardness of our relationship as our older selves.

Madara growled, “I hate kids,” and grabbed Obito and I by the back of our shirts and muttering something under his breath. Then... We were back to Earth, my home.

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