The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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8. Chapter VIII

Chapter Eight

Everyone stared at each other, wide eyed, then looked at Obito and I as Madara seemed to disappear again. “Max, what was that?” Mrs. Labheart asked me, okay so it was more of a demand.

I chuckled nervously, “A very angry old man in search of his great great nephew?” I glanced at Obito who looked back at me. Noting his facial expression I was either right or right. Gee, wonder how hard I hit that mark.

“Max!” Mrs. Jholer looked very, very angry. “What did you bring into this school?!” I let out an internal sigh, of course they wouldn't think of the person as a human, human's didn't give off suffocating aura's or just materialize out of nowhere or just de-materialize. But skilled and highly dangerous ninja's do.

“I tried to leave!” I retorted, not noticing the cloaked figure behind me. Obito noticed it first and tried to warn me.

“Max,” Obito hissed, and I then noticed how everyone but me was looking at something behind me. I looked at Obito, he mouthed, “Who is that?” I glanced at Ally and my sweatdropped, she was blushing as she hid behind Mrs. Johler. Oh, great, so this wasn't my father.

I looked behind me and my eyes widened as I stared at the young face of Madara Uchiha clocked in all black, face slightly shadowed. He was under Kabuto's jutsu, I could tell because of his young face and slightly cracked nose and cheek. “Hi... Madara-sama.” I said nervously as he looked at me with his sharingan eyes. I took a step away from my great-great-second-uncle and in front of my teachers + Ally.

Madara’s eyes traveled from me to Obito then back to me and he smirked, making me grit my teeth. I heard Obito growl, making Madara’s eyes snap back to him. "What do you want, old man?"

My teachers tensed, even their unchakraed bodies could probably feel the power that radiated from him. Madara answered, "I'm not here on my own accord, as you had said yourself, this is a jutsu, I'm just doing what I'm told." I felt my eye twitch, I hadn't said anything out loud... or maybe I had...

There was an eerie silence that no one decided to break, why does lunch have to suck so bad? It always happens at lunch... Stupid lunch, I don't even like food, anyways!

 “Follow me,” Madara grabbed Ally and held a kunai to her throat. “Or I will kill her.” Ally started to cry and he gave her a slightly annoyed look. "Ugh, this is too cliche, stupid fucking jutsu..." Madara grumbled, looking at Obito and I accusingly, as if it was our fault.

HOW would this be OUR fault?!

“Let her go before I hit you where no man should ever be hit.” I growled, glaring at him. He glared back and I clenched my fists, ready to kick him in the balls as hard as I could.

“It seems Dekiru didn't teach you manners, not that-” He stopped and gave a low growl as Ally chomped down on his arm. "-this world seems to have any." 

"Don't mock her, you stupid corpse, Max has better manners than you do, I don't wanna hear it!" Obito cried back, a tick mark on his head, white circle eyes, and hands on his hips with a set frown on his face.

Madara glared at Obito and roughly grabbed my wrist, still having Ally pinned by the kunai at her throat. "This obnoxious and headache worth child has manners? Don't lie, Obito, you are a bad liar." He decided to just drop Ally by kneeing her away and grabbed Obito by his arm, yanking him to his feet as Ally stumbled and fell on her face in front of the teachers. Obito stumbled but caught his balance, giving an annoyed look to Madara who rolled his eyes. “You two are ridiculously troublesome, even more so as kids.” He muttered angrily, activating his Eternal Mangekyo in stead of his regular Sharingan. I tried to pull away, but that did nothing.

Damn his stupid ninja strength!

My teachers seemed to regain their voices while Mama Jay comforted Ally and I gave her a sorrowful look. Mama Labheart spoke up, knocking Madara out of his thought to turn his glare to her, “Where are you taking Max?” Mama Labheart took two steps closer, she would be able to grab my other hand, but she didn't, making me frown.

He yanked me closer to him and I scowled. Obito’s glare turned amused and he pointed out, “Dude, Madara-sama’s hugging you!” Obito laughed a little bit.

I made to retort but then I let out a laugh at just how ridiculous that sounded. “Alright, now that’s funny.” I said, breaking the tense and serious atmosphere that had fallen over us. Then I realised just how creepy that sounded and stopped laughing to give a scared face to Obito. “Okay, nevermind, nevermind! That is in no way funny, this isn't Madara!”

I heard Madara sigh and mutter something about stupid kids and fucked up jutsus before he threw me over his shoulder, Obito following suit. “Disrespectful runts,” He muttered, making me want to knee him in the chest, but knowing that if I did I would be killed or worse, Mangekyo-ed. The thought made me shudder.

“Pl-please don't take her!” Ally yelled, jumping up and grabbing Madara’s cloak and my hand. The teacher’s reached for her but she dodged them. Madara gave her a repulsed look.

“Get off, ” he hissed in disgust, pushing her away like she was trash. I snapped. You may hurt me, but you may not hurt Ally. No one will hurt Ally and get away with it.

I growled and grabbed his hair, yanking on it very hard and pulling out a few strands. “You bastard!” My teacher’s mouth’s dropped at my language. “I’m going to fucking end you!” They gasped.

A dark aura filled the room and he let out a low growl, his head snapping to look at me, “We will settle this later.” His glare made me shiver and my glare on his waver, but I hardened it again.

I glanced at Obito who mouthed, “It’s the hair. My father said all of them were compulsive about it.”

My eye twitched, “Madara, you are truly-”

“Finish that sentence and I will kill everyone in this place.” Madara growled as he made a jutsu and  my teacher's plus Ally fell to the ground, knocked out. As a matter of fact, from the thudding of bodies, it sounded like everyone was knocked out.

"What..." I trailed off, not really wanting to know what Madara had done. Obito looked around with a frown, probably wondering what jutsu it was that did that, so he could learn, but then again, he didn't know those people like I did and to just see them drop. I shook my head to keep the bad thoughts out of my head. There was no need to think like that.

"They're just knocked out, they will wake up in an hour or so, don't worry." Madara's tone now sounded... softer? Than it had before. Which made me give him a quizzical look. "Don't think our dispute is postponed, little girl." His growl made Obito and I tense

I looked at my teachers for the last time and they had looks restful peace as Obito and I disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Well, if there was a good thing, I started Winter Break early.


Madara dropped me on the grass while he calmly set Obito down, probably thinking he was still injured. I rubbed my butt, not liking the harsh treatment, but glad that he didn't do that to Obito cause the ground, though had grass, was hard as hell!

Madara glared at me and stomped over, kneeling down he grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled my face close to his, “Disrespecting elder’s is something you will need to learn to not do, Max.” I felt a chill run down my spine as he said my name. I had a right to be scared, but I'm not one who let's things like hurting my friends go very easily, especially when I don't get many friends to start with.

“Whatever, hair crazed old pervert, stealing children, what level of sex offending is that?!” I retorted, mentally noting the tick mark appearing on his head and the diamonds of mischief appearing in his eyes.

“I dare you to say it again, cesspit head.” He growled back.

I gasped and looked at him with an evil look. “You did not just go there! I am a woman! You do not comment on a woman’s hair!”

“You do not comment on a man’s hair!”

“Are you some sort of fag?!”

“Do you know who you are talking to, idiot?”

“Yes, I do, fagfuck.”

He growled, his eye twitching, “Obviously not, you’re testing my patience like a dumbass.”

“Tsk, I have a higher IQ that you do, fagfuck.”

“Such a childish name.”

“Only cause you can't handle a serious one, fagfuck.”

We left sparks flying as our glares met and we were lost in our own world. While the world around us consisted of a dark forest near a river that led into the modern timed Konoha and a laughing, 13 year-old, Obito.

I smirked and bluntly stated, “Only a pedophile would get this close to me and then pull me closer, fagfuck.”

“You little brat! I will have you know-”

“You won your pedo medal when you were my age? I didn't want to know that.”

“Ugh, your stupidity-”

“Has let you befuddled by my idiotic brilliance?”

Obito piped up, “Aw, you guys are finishing each others sentences. That's so cute!” I couldn't help but blush and I smiled softly, looking at Obito. He’s such a cute guy when he said stupid shit like that. 

“I find puppies cute,” I commented and then I glanced at Madara, and scowled. “And they never finish my sentences. Wait. Shit, that didn't help our case. Quick think of something stupid.”


“Ah- wait you smartass fagfuck, say that to my face!”

“I did, shit head.”

“Whatever, get back to where you belong.”


“Do you mean? Let me explain. Your the fagfuck which makes you, the uke. SO GET THE FUCK OFF ME!”

He just hovered more over me, “I’ll have you know, cesspit, I'm the seme-”

“When you fuck Hashirama’s wife!”

His head snapped back and that’s when I felt it was necessary to beg for my life. But I’m Max. I don't beg for such things, because then I just end up dying because I fail in the art of 'beg.'

His grip on my shirt tightened and his gaze turned into stone.

“Whoa, did I just kill your pride with the truth?”

He let out a low growl and his hands twitched, probably wanting to go around my neck instead of balled in my shirt. “I don't know why I haven't murdered you yet, you disrespectful child.”

“Because you are falling deeply in love with me and you can't help but notice how much of a pervert that makes you and it kills you inside because even you, Madara Uchiha, will never become a rapist.”

He sighed, “I don't even want to ask.”

“But in a way, you just did and that is my theory on how you haven't killed me yet and how you die a virgin.”

He gave me an annoyed look and stood up. “I guess this will suit as a good punishment, cesspit hair.” And then, by my hair, he threw me into the river...


Filled with leeches.

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