The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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7. Chapter VII

Chapter Seven

I was doing nothing, like always. Well, until I had felt a flare of chakra in the direction of Max’s school. My eyes widened and I jumped when Max’s door burst open.

“Go get her, dammit, I knew I should have put the seal on before she went to school,” Dekiru growled, glaring at me, but not at at me.

Frightened by his glare I quickly scrambled out of her bed, then stopped before I jumped out of the window. I was still in boxers and t-shirt. “What do I wear?”

Dekiru rolled his eyes, shifting to the closet, and threw me clothes from Max’s closet. “These are my old clothes. I was sent here when I was 25. They might be a bit bigger, but they’ll fit you.” A bit bigger was an understatement. The shirt went down past my waist and I had to use a belt from Max to keep up the jeans from falling off. I guess I looked kinda punkish with the clothes, but I didn't really stop in a mirror to check.

There was still some small pain in my right side, but it was only an ache. My body healed fast and I was glad it did. I jumped from the window with grace, but made sure to not hurt my knees by landing on my feet, instead I decided to roll to take away the impact.

Making sure to roll when I hit the ground I laid there for a moment before I could see through the stars and then decided it would be easier to poof myself into her school. I looked around and then frowned as I noticed I was in the girl’s bathroom again. My frown deepened as I looked around and noticed how many people were here. I don’t trust them.

The girls on the other side of the bathroom said something, but my attention lay on the other two people behind me, Max and another girl who was crying and holding her for dear life, looking ready to scream as she stared back up at me. Max seemed to be unconscious, but her chakra levels told me differently.

"N-no way!" I glanced up at the girl, looking her in the eyes and startling her, for her sake, I had my bad eye closed. She leaned back, probably shocked that I was looking at her. I took the chance to  take Max away. “NO!” The girl's hand reached in my direction, but she didn't get up.

“Baka, you overused your chakra, be happy you're alive. This is what he meant when he said you were crazy.” I chuckled down at Max, amused the smartass did something so stupid. She was alive, but... I closed my eyes, a tad bit angry that we forgot about the seal. 

I looked at the crowd, there seemed to be two teachers, seeing as that’s what they called them here. One was thicker with short, dark, straight hair that suited her well and was chatting furiously with a smaller, thinner teacher that was also a girl with long dark hair. They were dressed professionally and had name tags around their necks. The kids around them had on fake faces made from mountains of makeup and slutty kinds of clothes that looked weird with their undeveloped figures.

Holding Max in a bridal style kind of pose I gave the girl pressed to the wall a curious look. “Who are you?” I kept my voice down to where I was sure only she could hear it. There was no need to rush, seeing as I was sure I was going to be hurt if came back with an unconscious Max. I was positive that would end up bad for me.

“A-Ally... I’m h-her best f-friend.” Ally stuttered, sniffing.

I nodded and the tilted my head towards the group blocking the exit, “Who are they?”

Ally’s voice filled with venom, “The girls dressed like whores are the girls who were hurting me when Max came in and stopped them. The older women are Mrs. Labheart and Mrs. Jay.”

“Can you clear a way?” I asked, noticing that the teachers were nodding, they had come to an agreement. I didn't trust poofing away with other people, mostly because it used more chakra then needed.

“Where are you taking her?” Ally’s voice was not in a whisper anymore, but a soft yell, catching the others attention. She seemed to notice this and put a hand over her mouth, giving me frightful eyes when I sent a small glare at her, annoyed. “Sorry.”

“Clear a way, or else the group will get hurt.” I continued, no need to be secretive anymore, they already knew we were conversing.

“You can hurt the evil preps all you want, they are useless people.” Ally’s blue eyes were dark as she gazed at the frightful group of underly dressed girls, most of which had their words caught in their mouths.

I internally growled, I didn’t want to hurt anybody... But if I had to, I would. 

The teachers stepped closer, “Put her down, or else I will have no other choice but to hurt you. Girls, go to class, we will handle this. Go!” I closed my eyes in annoyance, deactivating my Sharingan. I was losing energy, fast. “I am giving you 10 seconds!” It was the long haired teacher yelling this.

Max started to stir, her eyes pinching closed in pain and she grabbed my shirt and whimpered, turning to bury herself into my body. I glanced at Ally and she looked like she was internally battling of taking Max or not taking Max. I wanted to give Max to her, so I could try to talk the people out of doing something stupid, Max was a girl and they weren't supposed to get Sharingan, but, some did and they had to be taken care of, quickly.

“Shit, Dekiru is going to kill me.” I cursed, I handed the waking Max to Ally who cradled her and dragged her over to the teachers. Well that was stupid. "Look, I have to get Max to... a safe house to take care... of her... condition."

“Who is Deck-I-ru?” The teacher with short hair asked, giving me a look. I glared, they were not being cooperative! Max could get seriously hurt and go blind, if she didn't get her father to unlock certain chakra channels in the eyes.

Max’s eyes opened to their regular hazel and looked around, confused. Until her eyes saw me. “Obito?” she called. She looked up. “What’s going on? Mama Jay? Mama Labhart? What’s going on?” she questioned, sitting up. She winced. “Someone please tell Obito that I’m fine, and that he needs to get to bed before I drag him home and tie him down so he can’t get up,” she growled viciously, her words becoming more venomous as she went on. I stared at her, all this work for nothing? She wasn't blind, her hazel eyes were clear. I'm going to hurt her father.

Annoyed with a tick mark appearing. “I came here... to... seal you. You... awakened.”

Shock forced her eyes to widen and her hand to hover over her cheek. “Wha... No.”

“Max, what does he mean, ‘you awakened’?” Ally asked, her voice trembling, yet she didn't move away from Max.

“Nothing,” Max quickly snapped, standing abruptly. Though, her knees buckled and she fell to the ground with a strained grunt. “Shit,” she breathed.

“Max, what’s going on?” ‘Mama Jay’ hissed, running helping her to her knees. They forgot about me, maybe I should go... But, then again, we can't have people knowing.

“I can't tell you, but it has to do with my father being ill,” she admitted, leaning on the woman. “By the way, he’s my foreign cousin. Say 'Hi' Obito,” Max introduced, smiling softly at me. She seemed at peace next to this ‘Mama Jay’.

‘Mama Labheart's’ eyes went big, “We need to get her to a doctor. She never smiles, not to mention her father’s sickness is crucial, from what I have heard, she could have internal damage to the brain causing her eyes to look red, just like Obto."

My eye twitched, my good one anyway, I still kept my bad one closed. Obto, she didn't say, Obito, nononononono... Obto. I internally sighed and watched Max try to handle this with her talking skills.

Max glared at the woman. “There’s a first time for everything, Mama. And that old geezer is fine, apart from dying. Nothing all that bad, it's his choice anyway, but he will soon become better. I'm positive of that.” Max’s eyes traveled to me. “Besides, doctor’s don't know anything.”

Max made to get up, but 'Mama Jay's grip tightened, making my eyes narrow. What had happened to the peaceful atmosphere? “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I have to-” An explosion of Chakra made her freeze, her mouth tremble, and made my eyes widen in shock. I saw Max’s throat constrict as she took a gulp. “Oh my Jashin... Obito what's that?!” Max... whimpered. I guess she knew that it wasn't her father's.

“Why do you have to leave? Max school is the safest place you can be!” Ally protested, grabbing her hand. But Max shook her head and I calmed my breathing. Just one more jutsu, then we would be at the house, besides she was awake now and it might help that I wouldn't be the only one using chakra.

“Where to?” I asked, making a hand sign. I had enough in me to get her out of here...

“Obito, that’s not my dad’s. He is strong yes, but...” Max shook her head, her eyes wide with fear. “Is... Is that... Madara’s chakra?” She asked hesitantly, eyes narrowed in concentration.

My breath caught in my throat, what if it was? Did he come to take me back to my world? Was he angry? Would he kill me and Max? Would he kill the others as well? I focused on the chakra, it was close and coming in fast. Truth be told, I had never seen Madara in action, so I had no idea if he could muster going at such a high speed. His chakra had originated from near the house, so it was still a possibility it was just Dekiru. Kami please let it be Dekiru...

“What?!” The teachers shouted while Ally was deep in thought.

“Hey, Max, isn't chakra something like The Force in Star Wars?” Ally asked, trying hard to realise just how bad this was.

Max sighed and patted Ally’s head, calming down just a little, “Yes, good girl. You remembered. But I have to leave, I don’t want to get you hurt.” Max hugged Ally and Ally clutched Max.

“Don’t go!” Ally sobbed into Max’s shoulder.

“Max!” I called out as a warning, standing up. He was close, to close. We had to leave. Now. Whether it be Madara or Dekiru, they were people I barely knew, Max I could trust because she was a care-taker of sorts, but that didn't mean I trusted Dekiru or Madara.

‘Mama Jay’ put her hand on Max’s shoulder and gave me a steely look, “She is safe here, you will not take her anywhere. You have to be an adult to do so.”

“Mama, I-” Max started, but was interrupted. 

"She doesn't have a choice, nor do you, Obito." A deep, calming voice slid over the tense atmosphere as a man materialised next to a stunned Labheart. My breath hitched in my throat as I stared at the man in shock, Max's face, however, was put into a tight glare, as if the thought of being in the same room with the man was revolting and horrid.

"This day only get's worse." 

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