The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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6. Chapter VI

Chapter Six

It was now 11:28 and I had nothing to do, so I watched her work on her homework. I asked her to show me it and when I had seen the numbers and markings my head started to hurt. I never want to learn what ‘Geometry’ is. Looks complicated.

She groaned and pointed to the triangle again. “How many vertex are in this figure?”

I looked at the paper and then at her. “One...?”

She face palmed and pointed to each corner. “No. Look, one, two, and three! Three!”

“This is hard why do you have to do this?!”

She growled and spat at me, “This shit it easy! What exactly do you learn when you go to school?!”

“How to protect yourself!”

“That’s lame!”

“So are you!”

“Nice come back, dork!”

“Same to you, nerd!”

“At least I'm smart enough to name a shape!”

“I've never learned this!”

“Then pay attention!”

“I don't want to know this stuff!”

She growled and scribbled the last couple of answers on the paper before throwing it in her binder and ripping out a book. “Can you at least read?”

I scowled at her and nodded. “Of course I can! Give my that!” I snatched the book out of her hands and then frowned deeply. “What is this?”

“English,” she deadpanned. She sighed and leaned back. “Screw it. You're gonna have to be a lot of work. It’s late. I’m going to sleep...”

I nodded and then looked around. “I'll sleep on the floor, Max-chan.”

She shook her head, and stood, stretching. “My dad was just trying to pull your leg. He can't do anything, but don’t take that too lightly. He can if he wants to. So just don't do anything. And remember, we have never kissed and you didn’t make me fall on you.”

I nodded, and blushed, a sheepish hand scratching the back of my head. “Sorry.”

“Sorry about what?” she asked innocently, glaring at me.

My mouth dropped to an ‘o’ shape and I waved my hands in front of myself as she crawled into bed, getting situated as far away are possible from me. “N-nothing!”

She smiled, and patted me on the head. “You're a good boy, Obito.”

I smiled a little at the complement. “Thanks.”

With a  sighed, she turned off the light, and fell back on the bed. “Anytime. Now, sleep well. I don’t want you to be tired tomorrow. I’m going to try to get you more used to your limbs. I have yet to figure out how, but it can’t be too hard, can it?”

“Well...” I started, shifting slightly with a grunt of annoyance. “We'll just have to see how it goes.”

She nodded, and closed her eyes. Soon after than we both drifted to sleep.

Max's POV

WIth a soft moan I shifted closer to the snuggle object next to me. I rubbed my face up against it and sighed, so comfy...

Bu-bum Bu-bum Bu-bum...

'What is that stupid noise?' I thought, snuggling deeper into the comfy and warm object, only for a soft mumble and shift to come from the object.

Then my eyes snapped open to stare at the thing I was snuggling into. I blushed when I noticed it was Obito. He was still sleeping and had an arm firmly wrapped around me. I thought I was going to die because my heart was beating so fast. We were so close together...

My alarm clock was blaring and it seemed to be also waking him up as well. When his eyes opened he stopped mid-breath. We stared in an awkward silence. Both of us not really sure what to do.

In a second we had let go of each other, both of us blushing, and I rolled out of bed, dropping to the floor on my back and lying there while he stayed in the bed and didn't move. When my heated face had calmed down enough I stood up. “Put a pillow over your face. If you don't, I'll do it myself, and you don't want that.” I said sharply through an acid tongue, annoyed with how we kept getting in such awkward situations.

He nodded like a good boy and put a pillow over his face. I hurried to get dressed in a red, sleeveless, button up top and then tight black stretchy pants with a black frilly skirt over it. Then I put on my trademark jacket that I always wore no matter what. Rushing to put my hair in a decent form, I put it into a sloppy bun that I took out and made into a neat one, sliding in a headband to keep my wild hair tamed. Done.

“Kay, you can look now,” I said lightly as I packed my backpack up with what I needed. Obito raised an eyebrow and tilted his head cutely, gazing at me with a curious look.

“Why do you wear a jacket every day?” He asked.

“Because it’s winter.” I shrugged, not in the mood to answer everyone's favorite question. I swear I get asked that question so much it is as if no one believes me when I say, 'because I can' or 'because I want too.'

“But you had it on in the school, it was warm in there.” Obito reasoned trying to pry an answer out of me.

“So? What if I said I'm easily cold?” I snapped, making him close his mouth and look away to the window where he then scowled, I looked outside and saw darkness, ah, so comforting. 'I can't wait to go outside! It looks beautiful, I think it was supposed to snow last night, I hope it did...'

“You have to leave and the SUN ISN'T EVEN UP!?” He bellowed, echoing in my small room, at least the room was sound proof, thanks to my dad, because of the stupid TV being next to my room.

“SHHH! Keep your voice down, people are trying to sleep. I will bring you food and I know you are capable of feeding yourself, so do so. I have a bathroom that you are free to use,” I pointed to the door next to my closet. “Also, if someone comes in here, I need you to hide in my closet, and lock it when you do. No one goes in there, but I’d make me feel better if you did that just in case.”

He just nodded, probably embarrassed about yelling.

Sighing, I walked out of my room and closed the door behind me. Wishing that I had more time to explain things to him. But I didn't and school couldn’t wait, like he could. Now to just do my chores before school.

Letting out yet another sigh, I pushed off the door and did my morning routine. Glancing at the clock I quickly threw on my shoes and ran out of the house, making sure to have my phone, my keys, my lunch, and my backpack. I locked the door behind me and shot off to the forest, noting the small flurry of snow that was falling.

“So pretty...” I muttered, lost in thought. When crossing the creek, my thoughts drifted to if we got a heavy snow, or rain during school. 'Man, that creek is going to become cold. It’s a good thing winter break starts after today. Then two weeks of nonstop Obito.' I giggled at the thought as I continued on my walk  through the forest to school.


'Lunch again...' I  thought boredly, slamming my upper locker closed. Today was just test day and seeing as my teachers are huge procrastinators, we usually end up doing tests before we go on break. Trust me, November was a horrid month. I shuddered at the thought, even though it was over, whenever I thought about how much my hand hurt after that day still gives me shudders. 

“Look at me when I talk to you, runt.” I heard someone yell and then a slap as well as some giggles. It came from the girls restroom. I recognised the hurt whimper that came from the one being slapped and my eyes widened with horror. They had gone to far, to FAR!

“Where’s your little girlfriend, wanna call out her name? Gonna get a prize for being a good girl? Hm? What’s it like to be a dirty little whore with a girl?” Slap! “Answer!”

Hate. I hate her. I felt my mind go numb, my eyes burn. I was going to kill them. They will DIE! Not because of the comments, no, that we could deal with. The touching. I hated them, they were leaving marks on the person I considered to be my sister, my daughter, my closest friend. I am going to kill them. My eyes felt like they were on fire... but my mind was too hazy to care.

I dropped my lunch and charged into the girls bathroom to see the group of petty preps surrounding Ally. They were touching my little angel and they would pay for hitting her. Silently stalking behind the group, my hatred fueled by the tears in my best friends eyes I grabbed the girl closest to me and, gripping her ‘perfect’ hair, I slammed her idiotic and repulsive blond head into the wall. It was a dull thud that followed when I released her and she fell to the ground in a heap, knocked out, not dead, but probably close to it.

My eyes were burning, but I kept on going and knocked out three others, making the group dwindle into four people. The leader of the pack of soon to be prostitutes gulped before going into a snotty pose and asking haughtily, “Wh-what’s a good girl like you doing such bad things? Come in here to save your girlfriend?”

I growled and then appeared right in front of her, “You hurt her,” my anger raged on and I glared at her. I don't know why but I felt that my eyes 

Her snotty face turned horrified and she screamed, “AHHH! DEMON!! LOOK AT HER EYES! THE DEVIL!” She shoved my shocked person away from her and hustled her scrawny ass out of the bathroom, her scared followers running after her. I glared after them, wanting to bash their heads in like I had with the other girls unconscious on the ground.

With the other girl's gone and only the knocked out ones left on the floor, this left Ally and I in the bathroom. I stood up and instantly felt a wave of dizziness and I used the wall to keep me upright.

I looked at her, my vision going hazy, “Ally, are you okay?” I took a step toward her but she cowered back into the corner, curling into a ball. “A-Ally...” I said, hurt.

“Go away!” She sounded... scared.

My vision blurred and my legs went weak. “Why...” Darkness shot my eyes and forced my body to try to shut down, I stumbled and reached out of Ally. My body hit the ground and my body didn't move. I could hear, smell, and feel. But I couldn't move or see.

I heard shuffling, and then a hand brushed my forehead. “Max... what happened?” I felt a tear land on my cheek, but it wasn't mine, and then hands gripped my hands and more tears fell. “P-please be okay. Please... I-I’m sorry I was scared, you were so fast and... and,” I felt her head press onto my hands. "Just be okay."

Then there were louder footsteps thundering down the hallway, drawing closer and voices boomed, the voices spat lies of what had just happened. Lies that would send me to a medical ward to get poked and prodded and a test subject. I was now classified as a freak, great.

“Her eyes glowed red, she was so fast! And then she just went on a rampage! She must be possessed! She killed my-my friends!” It was their leader, the bitch that started it. I heard Ally growl slightly as I heard a huge mass of people entered the girl’s bathroom.

“Don't touch her! Don't listen to her! She was abusing me and Max saved me!” Ally defended, her grip on my hands tightening, she pulled my head on her lap and I could almost feel her upper body lean over mine to 

I heard a loud poof sound come from in front of me and felt the wind meaning something just happened as all went silent. Something else happened and an impressive amount of horrified gasps broke the fragile silence. "The same eyes," I knew this voice, the damnable leader of whores.

"N-no way!" I was yanked away from Ally who gasped. “NO!”

"Baka, you overused your chakra, be happy you're alive. This is what he meant when he said you were crazy." 

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