The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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5. Chapter V

Chapter Five:

I blinked, Obito looked away, probably thinking I was angry over the fact my father left him in charge of me, but that wasn't it. I would love being in his care.I didn't really think too much about the fact I was using him as a pillow when I collapsed at his side. I didn't expect that when I opened my eyes to look at Obito again that he would have tears in his eyes and his face twisted as if he had eaten a lemon.

I shot my head up and blurted, “Ah, I'm sorry, I forgot about your body. Ah- please don't cry.”

He rubbed his eyes and murmured, “I-I’m not cr-crying, I ju-just have something in my e-eyes.”

The comment made me smirk while shaking my head, and I hugged him. He seemed shocked and while only a small blush littered my cheeks at my actions, he flushed a deep crimson. I may have appeared flirty on the outside, but my mind was mentally screaming at me to calm down. I couldn't help it. I really just wanted to hug him and his cuteness with that blush was at an overload!

He let out a startled, “M-Max!”

I giggled again and gave him an innocent look, “What?” Ha, as if being related would stop me from teasing him!

He looked away his whole face going red, “Y-you know what.” He muttered.

I moved my face closer to his, rubbing my cheek to his, I could feel the blistering heat radiate off of his cheeks. “Really? I’m not allowed to hug my adorable second-cousin?”

“No,” He snapped, then shuddered, “Ojisan would kill me if he knew you ever touched me.”

I rolled my eyes and stopped rubbing my cheek on his, instead just resting my head on his shoulder. “Those rules are stupid, besides, he never said anything about me giving you a hug. So, bleh!” I stuck out my tongue, not that he could see.

Obito just shook his head and finally returned the hug, making a smile play at my lips. “If I get myself killed, I’m coming back and taking you with me.” He joked.

I relaxed in his arms and felt myself yawn. “Maybe we should head up? It’s been a good hour or two, so that lazy shit might have gone to get her kids or is back to being asleep, depending on the time. Hehe. I wonder what my father is thinking.” Obito flinched by this intake of of information, retreating his hands.

Not wanting to make Obito too uncomfortable, I sat up and grabbed his fine looking hand. I dragged him off of the couch, and quickly swept under him before he could fall from lack of balance. I put a hand on his waist to stand him up right.

“Yo, for a ninja, you are terribly clumsy...” I commented with a grunt, shifting my feet so I didn't fall. “And heavy...”

Obito just mumbled colorful words under his breath. As if annoyed he asked, “aren't you the one who is freely helping me. I didn't ask for your help.” He sounded offended.

Eyes narrowing at the tone in his voice, I retorted, “shut up. Just because I’m a girl doesn't mean I'm weaker than you. It’s because you're a fucking trained ninja! So deal with it. AND even if you didn't ask for it, I’m helping anyway because you need it. Don't be so stupid.”

“Stupid? How do you expect to get up those stairs?” Obito pointed at the stairs, the evil, demonic, shitty, horrid stares. 

'Ugh! Just put me in gaol already!' I looked up and groaned. Stupid stairs. “Magic?” I asked sarcastically, not really expecting a response. Reading things like The Seven Realms Series and Harry Potter will make people get weird sarcastic remarks from me. Gaol being the Hell in The Seven Realms Series.

“Do you mean chakra?” I should have seen that coming, he knew nothing about such amazing books.

“I was being sarcastic, smartass,” I muttered, nudging him with my hip. I clutched his waist tighter when he squirmed, and then sighed.

A sudden creak from the floor above made me jump and I look up.

“Oh shit, I think someone’s coming down here! Hide!” I growled lowly. Obito was instantly on to me. Jerk.

“What? Where do I hide?” he whispered, shifting around in my grasp.

“Hey, stop moving! I’m gonna drop you!” I whispered, my grip on him loosening.

“Let me go! You said I need to hide!” he countered, his voice just as soft.

“No, let me help you.”

“I don't want your help.”

“You need it, so stop moving!”

“I do not! Don't baby me after you were just acting so immature!”

I got in his face, but was still whispering. “I was acting immature?!

His forehead pressed against mine, and he whispered back, “yes!”

I pushed my forehead into his, anger bubbling inside me. “No.”



I accidently stepped on his foot and he winced, making the force on his forehead slip and my lips crash into his. Time seemed to stop and we just stared at each other, eyes wide. We both didn't move and just looked at each other. I guess we both had on the same embarrassed and panicked facial expressions. Finally, coming to my senses, I jerked my head back and was sure my blush was just as dark as his.

Oh. My. Jashin. "I'm so sorry!" I whispered, a hand covering my mouth. 

"It-its not your fault. I'm the one..." He let himself trail off and looked away, eyebrows pointed down and his face a dark shade of red. I just nodded, yet my mind was exploding with question after question, trying to make sense of the accident. The creaky stairs left my mind completely as Obito and I went silent.

That didn't mean my mind wasn't rushing with questions. 'Did he even kiss back?! ...Does it matter? Was that incest even though we are second cousins? Is that taboo in the Uchiha like it is in the Hyuuga to marry a cousin? Ahh! Now I sounded even more perverted than I was to begin with.' I stopped as I realized that the walking had meant that Jill, my step mother, had gone to collect her kids from school.

“You can't just stay down here... I’m sorry...” I muttered.

He glanced at me, then looked away, and only nodded. “I’m sorry as well. I didn't mean to...”

“It doesn't matter. Let’s forget about it...” I suggested, he nodded in agreement and let me help him up the stairs and back to my room. As soon as I closed my door and turned the lock, I faintly heard the front door open and my step-mother yell.

“Derik! Max! I’m home!” She yelled it as if we were supposed to appear, smiling and laughing as if we were a big happy family. The evil bitch.

I heard cries of children and tromping of stairs, the hellions were back. It's not that they were bad or anything, but just the way they carried themselves and how the talked peeved me. Running to my room, looking for things and then running to their mothers room when I can't give it to them while they make up stories, gets me in trouble, and I hate it. It is rude and unfair to lie.

I dragged Obito to my bed and noticed a pair of clothes and a note on top of my sheets. I groaned suspiciously. I picked up Obito and let him sit down next to the stack and read the note.

Max + Obito,
Max, this is a new pair of clothes for him, make sure he gets the message that if I ever, and I mean ever, see him in your clothes again. I will hurt him. Very badly. Be glad I’m letting him stay in your room. I know you have heard what I said and I’m sorry I kept it from you, but you now know, so no hard feelings, okay? I will transfer the seal whenever I can.
-Love, D.U.

I smirked and showed Obito the note, he stared in horror at my shirt on him as if it meant his death wish. He quickly took it off, making me blush and walk to the closet so he could get dressed. I grabbed my PJs and changed into them in the closet. I was in a navy blue sports bra, black tank top, and comfy PJ pants that were in a purple cheetah design.

Damn, this was such an interesting day. I can't wait to fall asleep. When Obito had dressed again he was in a pair of clean boxers, and a t-shirt. Woah, now how was I going to do my homework?! Gyah, why do I always have the bad things, like distractions, happen to me?

My face burned and I choked out what I wanted to say. “Th-that’s your bedtime clothes?” I asked, gawking at him.

He nodded and looked away. “St-stop staring...” He muttered, sounding embarrassed. 

I gasped and looked away. I sheepishly said, “Ah, gomenasai!”

He hummed curiously. “Huh? You know Japanese?”

I dismissively waved that off. “Only a little bit.”

He hummed again and whispered, “Arigato.”

“Anytime, Obito-kun,” I mewed. “And now, I'm going to go get dinner. I'll bring you back some. I have homework. Yay me.”

He nodded and crawled into my bed, flopping down and resting back down. The act made me momentarily forget that he was badly injured. “Wake me up when you come back.” He muttered tiredly, breaking my silent train of thought. I gave him a fond look and a nod before leaving my room. 

I stalked out of my room quietly, locking the door so my other family members couldn't enter, and stuffing the key in my bra for safe keeping.

With that I walked down the short hallway and then descended down the stairs. “Gonna fill my stomach! I need some food! I'm amazin! Cookin like boss!” I sang randomly when I decided that Obito couldn't hear me. I waltzed into the kitchen, for some reason in a bubbly mood. Now... What to make?

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