The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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9. Chapter IX

Chapter Nine

I watched in horror as Madara stood up, “I guess this will suit as a good punishment, cesspit hair.” And then he took Max’s hair and threw her into the deep river that had black things swarming in groups.

Madara then turned to me, flipping his hair, and stating, “The punishment you get for that ‘cute’ comment is that when she gets out, you have to take off the leeches. Wherever they might be.”

I blushed and then muttered, “Kami, she was right about you being a pervert!”

A tick mark appeared on his head and he yelled, “Do you wanna go into the river?!” I shook my head and he snapped back, “Then shut up or you're next.”

“Y-yes sir...” I mumbled, wincing as Max screamed bloody murder when a bunch of leeches stuck to her.

“Gyahhhhhh!” she screamed, swimming quickly in our direction.  Madara slowly walked to the bank and when she crawled up it, looking horrified she frowned at Madara who snickered and kicked her back into the river. She let out another screamed, but this time it was in rage. “PERVERTED BASTARD!”

Madara chuckled before pointing at the river, “Go get her.”

Nodding I got up and walked to the river bank jogging over to her, I reached down and pulled her out of the river. She was shivering and clung to me, her body covered in leeches. She flicked Madara off and he walked over to us, making her grip on me tighten and a blush spread on my cheeks.

Madara yanked her off of me and dunked her into the river, while she landed a lucky and accidental kick into his balls, making them both fall into the river. I let out a laugh when they both came up shouting at each other as leeches attacked them.

“You brat!”

“Whatever old man, that was pure luck!”

“Yeah, right!”

“How was I supposed to know you had balls anyway, fagfuck?!”

“Shut up, cesspit hair!”

“Hm, soo mature, geezer!”

He dunked her head underwater, a tick mark on his head, and his eyes white circles, “You disrespectful miscarriage!”

Bubbles appeared in huge bursts while Max’s hands waved around franticly before her nails found Madara’s arm and she dug her nails into his skin. He winced and yanked her up by her shirt. She gripped onto his arm for dear life, one of her eyes closed from the pain on the leeches.

Madara saw her face and sighed, letting go of her shirt he swept his arms under her and put chakra into his feet. Stepping on top of the river, wet and covered in leeches, Madara turned to me. He changed his hold on Max to the hold you use when holding a child by setting her on his hip and sticking his hand out to me. He motioned me over.

“Give me your arm,” Madara instructed. Max was blushing from the embarrassing hold Madara had on her.

I walked over, and set my arm in his hand. I was quickly swirled away into a dark and warm place lit by torches. Madara’s hideout. He handed me Max as he took off his cloak, he smirked at Max’s blushing face. “Who’s the pervert know, brat?”

“Still you, undressing in front of a girl! What is with you men and not waiting until a girl is not there until you take off your clothes?” Max retorted, snuggling closer to me. I blushed slightly and looked at Madara.

“Do I really-”

“I'm not doing it, if that’s what you are about to ask,” Madara’s glare made my throat constrict and I nodded while Max sighed, wiggling out of my grasp.

“I can do it myself, you creepy pedophile. Jashin, you're worse than Orochimaru...” Max muttered as she walked to a door and opened it, peering in she took out a shirt that was too big for her.

Throwing it over her arm she turned. “Where is your bathroom?”

Madara glared at her, but she was unfazed, “What are you doing with my shirt?” He asked as he walked over and took the shirt away from her.

She turned to me with amused eyes and pointed at him, “See, he won't even let me have dry clothes, he wants me to look wet.” I let out a chuckle, but didn't really understand her ‘wet’ comment.

Madara’s face darkened and he thrust the shirt back at her, “Take it and never give it back.” He muttered, dragging a hand down his face. “You perverted child who needs mental help with medication.”

I chuckled at how weird that sounded coming the the almighty, Madara Uchiha. He sent me an unamused glare and sighed, rubbing his temple.

“What, do you have heart problems because you use steroids, dickless?” Max asked, her face showing how hard it was for her not to laugh. I smirked, enjoying Madara looking like a fool by a thirteen year old girl.

He snorted, “Dickless my ass.”

“Is that what you said to Hashi-” He stuffed the shirt in her mouth and shoved her in a random direction. She spit the shirt out.

“The bathroom is that way.”

“-Rama when he fucked you from behind?” She let out a yelp when he lunged for her and tried to run away but he caught her.

“Where do you get all of these stupid and shitty retorts from? Do they come from your head or did your cereal tell you all about my sex life?!”

“Or maybe your cereal gave you hints to kiss ‘the girl’. But you miss took Hashirama as a woman, but at least you guessed correctly on his wife.”

“...How the bloody hell am I related to you?” He asked himself, dropping her and walking over to me. He roughly shook me by my shoulders and asked, “How do you not kill her?”

He stopped shaking me and then sighed. I blinked, trying to regain balance, slightly wondering if I had a concussion from the shaking.

“Hn, I need to sleep.” He pinched his nose and shook his head, looking back to me. “Obito your room is all the way at the end of the hallway and then the door to the right of the one at the very end, Max’s is on the left.” He sounded distant and I raised an eyebrow.

“What happened to you?” I asked bluntly, he seems so different from when I first met him, more open and less cold. I wonder why he was so different.

“Huh?” Madara asked, his eyes were white in a sea of black. He turned off his sharingan.

“What happened to you, you are a very bitter old man when I met you.”

Madara’s face turned bitter and he told me with no humor whatsoever, “Didn't you hear from the cereal freak, I apparently fucked my rival and then his wife.” And with that, he walked off, an annoyed aura floating about him. “I’m going to watch over the base until the two older idiots come back.” Confusion struck me.

“What do you mean ‘older idiots’? Who else is with you?” I asked, watching him open the door to his bedroom.

He gave me a sideways glance, showing uninterest. “You'll find out...” Then he closed the door.

Sighing, I looked around. The place we had went to was a cave, behind me was the short hallway that led to the bathroom, to my left was Madara’s bed and dresser, while to my right was his closet and the door to the main hallway.

“Hm, HEY MAX!” I called, walking over to the bathroom door.

“WHAT?!” She called back.




And that was the end of that. I walked over and sat on Madara’s bed, thinking. Could Madara mean by ‘older idiots’ us in the future. I shook my head, no that wouldn't make any sense... But then again most of what happened today makes not sense... Hmm.

I was knocked out my thoughts when Max tackled me on Madara’s bed. “Dude, what if he meant the older versions of us. Do you know how cool that would be?!” Max cried excitedly, her eyes bright and a smile gracing her face. I blushed and put my hands on her shoulders to push her face a little bit farther away before we had another 'accident.'

“Yeah, cool. But wouldn't that be bad for time?” I asked, wishing Max hadn't noticed my blush. She giggled and pinched my cheek, but then her face turned serious and she rolled off of me.

“Uh... I guess it would, but then again, who cares?” She shrugged falling back on the bed and rolling around on it. “Dude, I’m on Madara’s bed. This is so awkward, I feel like I'm going to be raped, but since you're here, I also feel safe. Weirdest. Feeling. Ever.”

We both laughed and I fell back on the bed, then instantly sat up. “Ew, this is Madara’s bed. What do you think he does on it.”

We both jumped off and shuddered, Max rubbed her arms, “I need a shower, the feeling of Rape is even more powerful.” I nodded.

“Ditto.” My voice was filled with disgust as Max and I stared at the bed, wishing it to go up in flames.

We did this for awhile until Madara’s door burst open and Max and I were tackled to the ground with a woman on top of us squealing, “KAWAIII!!!”

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