The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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4. Chapter IV

Chapter Four:

I don't remember falling asleep, but I remember Max above me, pulling the covers up. Would she really answer me on... what was my question again? I would have face palmed but my body was too tired to move. 

Glancing around the gray room with blurry and unfocused eyes, I noticed there were colors different from the normal purple and blue. Most were darker colors that blended in with the dark gray light that flooded in from her window. My eyes were too blurred, to tired, and my mind was doing nothing but telling my body to calm down and to rest. So I did what I had to, I closed my eyes and drifted off into the world of sleep.

'Yes, sleep will ease my mind.'

I’m not sure what I woke up too, but I woke with a start and my eyes flashed to the door, as if thats where the threat came from. I heard someone curse, the voice was deep, so I knew it was a male. My heartbeat accelerated just a bit and my body tensed, making me let out a small grunt. The male on the other side kept cursing and trying to open the door.

I had the sudden urge to call out who was there? But I kept my mouth shut and watched the door calmly, whoever was behind it tried to open the door, I knew this because the door handle jiggled. Whoever wanted in seemed very weak. I didn't move, but just closed my eyes and stayed still. It was going to be hard to adjust to this body. I don't know how I managed to walk or even move when getting here, maybe it was because I didn't want to appear weak in front of a girl, a non ninja girl at that. Or maybe adrenaline had moved me?

“Kid, I know you're in there.” A man’s voice startled me, how would he know...?

I chose to stay silent, deciding it would be better to listen to Max, a person I fairly knew, over a man who might have been bluffing.

“I can feel your chakra.” The man stated bluntly, and my eyes widened.

Terror overloaded me and tears prickled in my eyes, 'what would this man do to me? To sense me he must be a ninja...' Then I noticed, he had chakra as well. But it was faint, as if he had a seal on it or had used a lot of it. How was he not dead?

I decided to answer, “Who are you?”

“Open the door.” The male demanded.

A tick mark appeared on my head, what a jerk! He wouldn't even answer my question! Grr, there is no way I would open the door, even if I could move! Instead of letting my internal anger seep out, I just muttered, “I can’t move.”

“That makes two of us,” the man mumbled back.


“Just... Eh, I'll use the key.” I heard rustling for a couple of moments before a ‘click’ and the door swung open. In limped a man with dark, maybe black, hair, lean, yet worn, looking body, and... Oh my god. 

My eyes widened, “Sh-sharingan!” I tried to move, but the pain was sharp and so I winced instead, my eye closing because of the sudden pain.

“Calm down, I just wanna lay the rules down.” My jaw dropped, was this Max’s father?! And what did he mean by rules? Wait, if this was Max’s father, did that mean that she was an Uchiha, too? No, Uchiha’s can’t have hazel eyes, can they? Max’s supposed father walked over to her desk and collapsed in her chair, holding up a hand while he tried to regain his breath.

“Wait! Who are you?!” I cried, I needed answers to, and I certainly wasn't going to be bossed around by someone I didn't know. Max I knew fairly well, and besides, all she has been is kind, maybe a bit pushy, but kind nonetheless.

The elder Uchiha’s eyes narrowed, “Max’s father, but I really don't think thats what we need to be talking about.” He sat up straighter and began his fatherly speech. “I am remarried, she doesn't know about... what, I am. But, as you can tell, it’s because I sealed my chakra. I just want her to be normal. I just wanted a different life for her than what our clan has to give them." He paused and looked me up and down. "How did you find us?”

I blinked, not really understanding where he was getting at. “Ah... Um, sir? Are you meaning to say that we are related?”

The man sighed and nodded, “Yes, I'm your second uncle, though you're just a child-”

“I’m not just any child!” I interrupted, I don't like being downgraded like this. “I will be the greatest ninja known to man! My name will be known all over!” I stated my dream proudly, but to my annoyance Dekiru didn't say anything for a moment.

His eyes hardened and he told me in a monotonous voice, “Yes, you will be known all over. For the destruction of Konoha and for the killing of hundreds in the Fourth Ninja War that you will start.”

That shocked me, “N-no!” I cried, why would I ever do that. Rage bubbled within me, I wanted to become Hokage! Why would I do such a thing to my beloved village. “That doesn't make sense!”

“You only think it doesn't make sense. You don't understand how to control your anger. Like everyone else in a cursed family, you have a revengeful mind set. It’s quite pitiful.” The man mumbled other things to himself before bringing his eyes to meet mine and he changed the subject. “It’s been years since I've activated this. Tell me, what do you see in these eyes?” My eyes widened painfully as terror set in.

His eyes were now in a weird flower-like shape, instead of the regular three tomoe. “Man-mangekyo sharingan!” I felt myself cringe away. Why was it that even when I achieve something big, I am still way far behind?!

“Hn. Don't be so shocked. Like I told you, revengeful mind set,” he reminded bitterly.

I looked at him cynically, but my voice got softer. “How old are you?”

The older Uchiha snickered. “I'm only forty-three.”

I wanted to gap and exclaim, 'What how?!' But instead, I nodded, I wanted to change the subject. “So... what about the ‘rules’?”

His face turned serious again while he looked at me, “Ah, yes. The rules. One, if you sleep in the same bed as my daughter, I will Sharingan you, no one but daddy gets to sleep with her until she is 56! Got it?!” Scared by his fatherly protection I nodded my head, making him smirk and nod before continuing. “Two, stay hidden. I don't need my second wife getting involved in an Uchiha matter.” His eyes darkened, making his Mangekyo look even deadlier. “Three, take care of my daughter. She is doing something for you and as a helpful person and with your younger personality, I'm sure you would return the favor. In saying so, you mustn't stay here, well, you may stay here as long as it takes for me to figure out what jutsu would take you back. I have some in mind, but would rather keep thinking.”

Confusion is the bitterness that took over my mind, “What do you mean ‘take care of her’ exactly? How could I do that if I’m back in my world?”

His eyes narrowed in thought, his eyebrows pushing together as he stared hard at the floor. He muttered something that I couldn't hear, looking annoyed.


“You will have to come back.” I opened my mouth to protest, to tell him that I didn't understand on why I had to do that, when he was here. “You will have to come back, because she is my caretaker, I'm positive she will watch me die. This will upset her enough to awaken her Sharingan, or, bring her to a new stage.” His eyes locked with mine. “Since I will be passed, you will have to teach her to use it and take care of her; your repayment for her taking care of you. In saying that, you will most likely be here longer than you think. Look at yourself. That’s done very well, the healing, but your mind has yet to grasp you replacement parts.” He took in a deep breath, “You will have to do something such as rehabilitation to be able to move in a way a ninja should.”

His seriousness made me shudder, this was the dangerous and serious waters that my prankster mind didn't want to deal with. “So... how will you work on the jutsu, with you chakra levels so low?”

“I will transfer the seal to Max,” He must have seen my protest before I could see it because he immediately said after that, “I know my seals are already weak, but she had yet to even know she has chakra. The only thing that worries me is how she is already trying to train herself. It might get her killed or worse, exposed to this world.” He seemed to chuckled light heartedly, as if it was a joke with a humor that didn't seem to want to reach me. “She’s so reckless,” he breathed.

The way his eyes glazed over as he seemed to be drowning in fond memories of him and his daughter, I made my decision, I would come back to help. Besides, Max and her father seemed like nice people. But first I wanted to know something... “Ah, er, Sir?” He snapped out of it and rose a fine eyebrow, nodding slightly for me to continue. “Who... Was Max’s mother? Was she an Uchiha, too?”

“No, she was... from this world.” The look of sadness in his eyes made me regret asking.


He glanced up, “It’s fine. “ He looked at the clock on Max’s nightstand and smirked, suddenly jittery and seemingly younger. “Hey, wanna do something to creep Max out?” The look in the old man’s eyes was of pure mischief, and so I returned the look. Screw my poorly healed body, I wanted to do something fun.

“You bet I do. What will we do?” I asked, excitment filling me as I sat foreward slightly a small smile on my face.

“First, get you outta that bed, your scent will stick if you lay there to long,” Her dad informed, glaring at me.

“I-I can’t move Sir.” I stuttered, panicing. 'How could he change moods so fast?'

“Yes you can, just try it. You got here somehow, I’m almost positive my daughter didn’t carry you here. She may have ninja blood running through her, but she’s very weak. Well, to any Uchiha she is... She could beat up anyone from this world she wanted to. But she will always be my little angel.” He seemed to go back to his happy world and I let him.

I sweat dropped as he said that, it was so much more fluffy and less dense than the serious stuff he had laid on me just a few minutes ago. “O-okay.” I tried to move and ignored the stabbing pain from my center. Also ignoring the tears that swelled in my eyes as I tried to put my feet on the floor, only to slide, lifelessly, to the floor. Dammit.

I heard a sigh before weak arms grabbed me by armpits and lifted me to my feet before I was given support by her father and... my uncle. Hadn’t he said he was my uncle? Yes, yes he had. “Uncle-san, what is your name?”

He glanced down at me, seemingly hesitant to answer, but he did, “Dekiru Uchiha.”

My mouth fell open. It couldn’t be! This was the one from years ago, the man who was sent off with his team that consisted of Masashi Kishimoto, his sister’s best friend, and Kagura Haruno, a very skilled medic. It had been a simple scouting mission to the Mountain's Graveyard, but then again it must have been dangerous territory if the Hokage had to send ANBU.

The tale had gone like this. An ANBU group had been sent to do a scouting mission up in the Mountain's Graveyard, but, for some unknown reason, they had to call for backup. When the backup had gotten there, though, the only thing they saw was burnt ground, and weapons scattered around. The signs of a battle. But with who? They say they never found out, but the did find Kagura’s body close to the tallest mountain, they guessed by the way her body looked when they found her, that she had been shoved off the 90 foot ledge by either being punched or kicked off of it.

Kishimoto and Dekiru had never been found, until now.

“Wh-what?! You have to tell me what happened! I gotta know!” I begged.

He rolled his eyes as he led me over a sea of annoying toys that picked at my feet and to a stairwell. I gulped. “Maybe another time, as a bedtime story.” I ignored the slight insult as I stared with wide eyes at the obstacle ahead of me.

“Uh, I don’t know about stairs.”

“It’s either that or I throw you over.”

“Stairs it is.”

I let my body take on my full weight and even though it screamed to give up, and tears filled my eyes, I just kept the the not broken side of my body, so it didn’t hurt so bad. I don’t know why I didn’t just think of this earlier.

I hobbled down and when I reached the bottom I looked up. “Ojisan,” I started, as he limped down the stairs silently, breathing heavily, but silently. “Would you like help?”

He shook his head. “No, and be quiet. My wife’s still sleeping.” When he finally stood beside me, using the railing from the stairs as support, he pointed to the door where I could faintly feel a chakra mass coming. Max’s chakra, I can’t believe I didn’t feel it before.

I bit my lip, feeling like a total retard when I was suddenly enveloped into a hug. I was about to break away when I heard the door handle jiggle and wrapped my arms around my warm uncle. Deciding to have payback, I murrmered ito his chest as I snuggled into him, “hm, you smell nice, Ojisan.”

He didn’t have the chance to answer as the door swung open and as soon as the prettiest hazel eyes fell on us hugging near the stairs a loud shout of, “WHAT THE FUCK!” Rang out and seemingly echoed around the room.

Then, Dekiru’s demeanor changed as he beamed at his child, “Max,” He walked without a problem over to her to then lean down and hug her, then when she was safe in his arms he leaned back up so that her feet were off the ground. He kissed her temple, “How was school, my dear?”

“F-fine. Dad, put me down! Now, and go to bed!” She let her dad set her down and without the roadblock of an uncle blocking her from my view, I saw the tears in her eyes. “Go.” She gripped his hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulders while wrapping her other arm around her father’s waist. 

“Max..." Dekiru started, but she held her hand up.

“Shut up, you know you're not supposed to be out of bed.” She replied stubbornly, then she looked at me with a defeated look. “I'll be right back, sit down or something  for now.”

Nodding I watched her lead her father slowly up the stairs and then disappeared behind the wall. I felt myself get a little nervous. Just how sick was her father? I knew that chakra levels had limits and his was pretty low, what if it was his seal that was making him so sick?

I heard a muffled conversation begin. The voice I now heard was new. “Max? What are you doing with your father?” A smooth  female voice asked. I broke into a sweat, what was I to do? What if she came down here, didn't Uncle say he wanted me to be a secret?! I frantically looked for a place to hide only to find none. Damn.

“Nothing, he was out of bed. I’m making sure he makes it back there. Please move,” Max calmly stated, though just from the way she spoke, I could tell that she didn't like the woman. I wonder who she was. There was a high possibility that she was Uncle’s wife, but wasn't she asleep? OR maybe there was also that possibility that Max's shout had woken the wife.

“Max, let him go, I'll take it from here,” the woman friendly demanded.

“Hn,” was Max’s reply.

Then she trotted down the stairs and grabbed my arm, yanking me to a door in which she opened. Looking in, it was a starewell. Ah, great, more stairs. She saw my look and put her arm around my waist to help me like she did her father.

“Ah - wait, I-” She cut me off.

“Silence, you idiot, I want answers and with that troll running around, we can’t speak unless we go to the basement. So shut up.” She was angry so I just did what I thought I should and stayed quiet.

She got me down to the second top step before closing the door behind us, encasing us in darkness. I stumbled a bit as we traveled down, but her grip on me was sturdy and I felt myself lean more into her. She was so warm, a big contrast to the chilly weather of the basement. When we reached the bottom she kept her arm around me and used her other one to turn on the light switch. 

The room was a light grayish-brown that fit nicely with the dark brown couch that wrapped around the wall farthest away, a night stand between it and the brown loveseat. They were positioned toward the TV in the corner. The walls were decorated with shelves of CDs ranging from movies to music to just being blank.

Max led me to the wrap around couch and laid me down on the lounge part of it while she sat next to me. She crossed her arms accusingly and used her sparkly hazel eyes to glare at me, her brown hair framing her pale face and pink lips. “Spill it, and I know he just didn't come and get you out of bed, tell me everything he said.” She demanded with venom lacing her words, so I sighed. There was no reason to keep it from her, right?

And so I told her.

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