The Lost Family (Naruto Fanfic | Obito x OC)

My name is Max, and just one random, regular school day a boy - well not just any boy, but Obito Uchiha in the flesh - is who I find passed out in the girls bathroom at my Middle School. What do I do? Well, I take him home, of course. But that's where the chaos starts and the secrets become unraveled. Obito/OC Book one of three.
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3. Chapter III

Chapter Three:

I think he thought I was Rin. Okay, yeah, that hurt, but what could I say? Oh well, I wonder why he was blushing? Maybe it’s just my tired eyes playing tricks on me. Stupid eyes, they should deceive me like that.

It think he was going to answer me, but instead something over my shoulder caught his eye, probably my posters of him. Oh Kami, now I'm an official stalker. I stood up, to get away from him and turn off the alarm, but he reached out and pulled me back down, much to my surprise.

“What?” I asked in a squeak, the squeak showing the worry I felt. Did he feel okay? Or was this about the posters? Oh, please tell me he didn't see the posters.

“Where did you...” His eyes trailed slowly from the poster to mine, then went back to the poster. Ah shit.

Avoiding the question I pried his hand off my arm and put the covers back around him, “What posters? Go back to sleep, you're still tired.” I choked out, trying my best not to let a stutter fall from my lips.

Confusion seemed to fill his dark eyes and he shook his head. Nodding, he let me go and closed his eyes. I watched silently for a minute as if he was my father, as if I wasn't allowed to leave until his breathing was even and he was deep asleep. The step bitch took her kids to school, I had to walk. I checked the time, 5:26. I had enough time to eat, check on my dad, feed my dad and maybe leave food for Obito, then head out and get to school on time. Oh, the fun of having responsibilities.

When his breathing became even and he didn't open his eyes when I waved my hand in front of his face, I got up and checked the clock, 5:35. I walked quickly out of my room and, avoiding the stupid toys my spoiled step childs had strewn all over their playroom floor, I went down stairs and made myself a beagle, a semi lunch that consisted of a voltage and sandwich, and got out my dad’s food. While heating my dad’s food, my beagle pronounced itself done and I buttered it, like a boss. Yes, I say that, mostly because it is true and it helps with self esteem.

I checked the clock again and saw that it was 5:57 so I scooped my father’s food into a bowl and brought it to him. Gently waking him up, he greeted me with a, “Ah, my precious, what have you got me today?” His voice was scratchy and sounded as if he had been recently choked

“Dad, open wide.” I started to feed him and he complied easily, his nerve for trying to do things by himself now gone when he sucked up his pride as he realized that the more he put strain on his body, the less years he will have to live and be with his awesome daughter. I scooped the last bit of his food into his mouth and then planted a kiss on his forehead. “I’ll be at school, call if you really need anything, okay? Winter break will be soon, so it’s not like I'm missing much anyway.”

He gave me a crooked smile, his black eyes and hair contrasting greatly with his smooth, pale skin. My dad made us all the money, but with him being so sick you might wonder how. Well, sometimes he defies me and goes, let me say, he does clean up nicely. But that’s not my point, its the fact that he has a high pain tolerance and likes to defy me, though he does mostly comply and listen.

“If you go to work again today, I'm going to tie you to this bed.” I informed him with a smile as I watched him fiddle with the hem of his bed sheets, glancing at the clock then the closet.

He cleared his throat and closed his eyes, he reopened them and gave me a charming smirk while sitting up smoothly, “Really? I don't think you're fast enough, mom.” He chuckled, rubbing the hair on my head. The rawness in his voice was gone and his features were soft, relaxed, not tense with pain. The sight made tears come to my eyes, but I blinked them away.

I shook my head and lightly pushed him down on the bed and tucked him back in, “No, no more of that! When I get home, you better be in bed and asleep!” I huffed, I looked away then back at him. “Just... be careful.” With that I got up and left my dad.

Walking to my room I unlocked it and placed my beagle wrapped in a paper towel on the nightstand next to Obito. I then, wrote a little note, not sure what to really say. So, I just stuck to, ‘Stay in bed. Don't get caught. It'll raise hell if you do, so don’t. Be safe. -Max.’ It sounded good enough to me, but I don't think notes are exactly needed, seeing as he probably couldn't move. Meh.

Looking around, I hummed. It would be best that I hid the posters... Taking them down, I quickly collected all 6 of my Naruto posters and hid them in the safest place I knew, under my bed next to my jewelry box, secret savings, and my favorite rock that glistened different colors depending on the angle.

Noting that it probably took longer than needed, I grabbed my backpack from my chair, a key to my door from my desk, and locked my door behind me as I left. Don't want the step bitch or her twins finding out about the boy hidden away in my room, now did I? Running down the staircase to the kitchen, I saw the clock read 6:30 and so I quickly threw on my jacket, making sure to grab my lunch as well, then hustled my ass out of the door.


I stopped in front of Mrs. Labheart and rose an eyebrow at her attire. She played with the many ribbons sewn to her Christmas shirt. “What, not digging the ribbons?” She asked with an amused look as I gave her a fake disturbed look.

“Nah, you guys look awesome, going for the early present look?” I asked as I looked over and saw that my other teachers also had on the same kind of attire with different kinds of christmas shirts having different colored and styled ribbons.

She nodded as a kid gave her a pretzel covered in chocolate and sprinkles, “Uh, I'll eat this later...” Mrs. Labheart told the giddy kid who nodded stupidly and then bounded off, ignoring me completely. “You want it, you can have it when first hour starts, I'll leave it on my desk for you. Act like you're stealing it. Just don’t let me catch you. Make sure others don't see it either. Try those ninja skills you brag about all of the time.”

With that, she walked to her older group of friends to chat about whatever teachers chat about. Ally hadn't gotten off the bus, so I didn't expect her to keep my company. She didn't turn up in her first hour, either. Hm... Oh well. I walked into my first hour with a sigh, seeing as people were crowding my desk, I shooed them away and took my rightful place. 

'Mine, bitches...' I thought, glaring that the annoyed group that once crowded my desk at the far corner of the room.

Content, I took out a book and began reading until a pencil crashed down on my head, making my shoulders rise and my mouth to twitch into a frown. Looking up calmly I gave a cold glare to Jacob. “Don’t, I’ll break it.”

His blue eyes lit with amusement he answered, “No you won’t, this is Mrs. Labheart’s.” He said it as if it would make a difference. it wouldn't, so I shrugged.

“What does that matter? Don't hit me with it, and it won’t break. She can always get a new one. Plus, since I've now warned you, the blame would be on you.” I smirked as Jacob threw the pencil down to the ground, but not hard enough to damage anything. Such a silly boy.

He pouted childishly that complimented his looks in a way his eyes went bigger and a lighter shade of blue while his short blonde hair reflected off the light, making a halo around his head. Girls from the other side of the room squealed at his ‘hotness’ while I scoffed.

“Go away, Jacob.”

“B-but... I have a question.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “And just what is your ever-so-important question?”

A friend on the other side of the room called him out as he opened his mouth to say something, “Dammit.” He cursed and sent a glare at the boy standing in the doorway. Showing me a glimpse of the boy I knew in my younger years when we used to be the outcasts and played together. I internally sighed, every good person goes bad.

“Get away, and go finish your homework before I end you!” I said, pointing to his desk with my book, a finger inside of it to mark my page.

He smirked down at me and placed his hands on my desk. “Make me.”

I looked around, making sure I wasn't being watched, and then shrugged.

“Sure.” With a growl and I stomped harshly on his foot and smacked the book over his head. “Go away.” He jumped back and winced, holding his head and shaking out his foot.

“Owy!” he yelled, turning and slipping away.

I facepalmed. How was that attractive to others?

I sighed and let my head bang on my desk, kids my age were so stupid. I then shot my head up and looked in the direction of my home. Oh yeah, I host a 13 year-old. Oops. “Ah, well, he will be fourteen in a couple of weeks, he’s close enough to being mature... ish..."

“Who is?” My mind brightened considerably and an evil thought filled my head. I would tell her everything, seeing as she would never believe me in the first place.

I smirked and gave Ally a ditzy smile, I didn't have to be strict around her. She was my stress reliever and I was her talking wall that blocked away all the badness of her life. And trust me, that is a lot of things to block.

“Obito Uchiha, he is the sexiest thing in the world,” I leaned my shoulder on her stomach and my head on her chest, giggling like a girl my age. “And, he’s bunking in my room.” I told her in a giddy voice.

She rolled her eyes and replied, “Is he the one with the long hair that falls to his ass and the red armor on that you have in the front of your binder?”

“No, that’s Madara-sama, don't bring that old goat into this,” I leaned away from her so that I could reach up and pull her face down to my eye level, “Right now we're talking about a mad-man that ends up to be my lover!” She gave me a thoughtful look, truly trying to figure it out.

“WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME?!” Jacob yelled from the other side of the room.

'Eavesdropping mother-' I cut that off. 'Eavesdropping son of a bastard.' He didn't have a mom.

I ignored him and the girls in my class glared at me, all thinking I was rude for not answering to the God of Kissing. Yes, that was his nickname. Why? Because he had so much practice with his pillow at night when he was younger, that now, when he kissed his weekly girlfriend, they always melted and said how his lips were like heaven, yet on Earth. Retards.

“Who is this ‘mad-man’, Alex? I don't know which creepy an-hime-” Ally started to answer.

I cut her off, “Anime. It’s an-eh-may! Not an-hime! ANIME, CHILD, GET IT RIGHT!” I scolded.

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her still growing chest, “I'm not a nerd like you, and I don't speak Japanese, so...” She teased lightly, while giving a small pout and looking away.

Smiling fondly at her adorableness, I pinched her cheek and cooed out lightly, “I know you're not a nerd, that’s my job, your job is to bore me with your sport talk and meets that you drag me to.”

“They're not boring!” She defended, giving me a small glare.

“To you,” I muttered, removing my hand from her face and pulling out my binder with Madara-sama decorationg the front. Okay, so I see why she called him sexy, but he would never compare to the adult Obito, never.

She gasped and as soon as I was about to open my binder, the poor thing got slammed shut by the angry hand of Ally. Ohhh, Madara-sama's gonna be pissed! “What did you just say?”

A collection of “Ohhhhhhh!” Rang out from the crowd of idiots that was my class plus a few wanderers here and there. I gave them looks that rivialed Yamato's. Caleb, a dark skinned kid from Ally’s first hour gasped and hit his friend, a tanned, thicker, boy named Kenny.

“Dude! She is pi-ssed! We better shut up!” Caleb proclaimed rather loudly.

I let my eye twitch, making the tense atmosphere around me and Ally disappear as she turned it to Caleb, Kenny, and the other boys around them, instantly exploding in my defense. “You, shut up, you no-good fielder. All you can do is cheer and watch from the sidelines because all you ever do is sit on the bench!” Then, my over emotional and angry friend, proceeded to un-calmly stomp out of the classroom as the first bell went off.

"You just got burned!" Caleb's friends and Kenny told him, all saying something similar to that.

I sighed, getting out of my seat and taking my stuff with me for being afraid it would be tampered with while I left, and followed Ally to her first hour. When I saw her pull out a book to read at her desk, I walked over and set my cheek on her head, my arms full so I couldn’t hug her. “Did I ever tell you how awesome you are?” I asked her in attempt to show gratitude for saying something, making her give a small sort of approval and move her head back.

I jerked back and stood my full height as a smirking Ally told me, “Yeah, have I ever told you how awesome it is to have a scary best-friend?”

I scowled, “I’m not scary,” I struck a dramatic pose. “I’m elegantly evil!” I said with a wicked smile. The Social Studies teacher overheard and sucked in a breath while glancing around, an act he used to say 'okay, whatever you want to think' without really saying it. I scowled at him while he saw my look and chuckled, going back to what he was doing. I gave him a slight glare, but brushed it off.

I glanced at the clock and quickly told her goodbye and hurried across the hall to Math. The bell rang just after I sat down at my seat near the window and close to the teacher’s desk. Then Mrs. Labheart walked in a minute later, did the warm-up, attendance, homework, and then finally started to do the new lesson and notes.

While she babbled on and on about how we would name the different triangles and such. Bored with the things she had to keep repeating due to the idiot in my class, I snuck over to her desk and ‘stole’ her chocolate pretzel. Hiding behind her desk I munched on the stick until it was gone, wiping extra chocolate off my face, and I snuck back over to my desk, filling out my notes quickly.

'Haha, Mrs. Labheart. I AM a ninja.' I thought, seeing as she gave me a look when she saw that the pretzel was gone, yet my notes were done.

And the day pretty much just went on with nothing but lectures, notes, and some jogging around a gym in PE. Nothing unusual, until I got home to find my father and Obito... hu-hugging?!




Oops, did I say that out loud?

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