The Truth.

Autumn has always tried to avoid the drama in high school.Things change people change people lie,When the helpless get picked on and rumors spread of others its up to Autumns blog to reveal the truth,but when she does is the outcome really worth it all?


1. Decoding High School the worst years of your life.

The Truth.


Life can bring you many things,glorious things,tragedy,and heartbreak, but it’s peculiar how no one knows what will come first,tragedy,heartbreak.Like Forrest Gump said,”lifes like a box of chocolates,you never know which one you’re going to get.Lifes not like a movie there's no happy ending because in the ending we die.Sad truth, but sometimes people live a good life and others like me experience some of the horrible things life throws at you and I’m here to tell my story,I want no pity or anything I just one you to know the cold truth about the real world.


Chapter One:Decoding High School worst years of your life.


Decoding High school can be easy because everyone in your “group” stick together.Other times they mix like in mine.It’s simple though even for the mixed.You simply always have your

-Jocks(aka basically all the guys that wear sports clothes,either pollo or regular tee,and khakis.Also sometimes sperrys.)

-Next you have your preppy/sporty girls(sperrys,kinda slutty but to scared for a relationship clothes,and sports clothes also)Basically they all talk like they’re as white as flour,bad example but you get the gist.Also the really sporty girls only talk about sports.

-Next your outcast(aka me)Were simple we just regular girls/guys that don’t fit in, like we’re invisible, we  dress normally we just stick to the side and avoid the first two groups.

-Then the geeks which is kinda obvious all talk about school and video games and stuff about the Hobbit.

-Next the band people,because freaks would be rude.There’s two types of band people the ones in the school band and play classical music and the ones that listen to heavy metal and rock,wear band tees and are in heavy metal bands.Heavy metal is ok.

-Lastly is the theater Geeks,they love acting and participating in school events and plays/musicals.They usually are also part of a different group also like there’s jocks and preppy/sporty people in theater.I actually really enjoy theater peoples company they’re really nice and humble.

I basically already explained why I’m part of the outcast,”Join theatre!”NO I’m a horrible actress and I have major stage fright and I’m pretty sure their humbleness might disappear if I just stand there saying nothing in the middle of a play. Another thing about outcast is even though most groups stick together we don’t we just avoid contact with everyone besides the teachers.

So the mixed schools.Sometimes groups with smerge people will talk to people in other groups that’s normal,but it’s always simple to figure out what their main group is.For instints me I don’t talk to anyone besides my best friend Skyler.Skyler is heavy metal band group,the reason we became friends is because she’s like me she likes the horrible truth and revealing it.

Now that high school is decoded have fun trying to survive it,not easy.


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