Poems of the Broken Hearted


2. Where were you?

Where were you

When I needed you the most?

If our love was true,

Why'd it turn to toast?

I still remember us holding hands,

And listening to your favorite bands.

I guess we dived in too fast,

But now I must ask,

"If you claimed to love me so,

Why did you have to go?"

Before there was tears streaming down my face,

My head was always stuck up in space.

I was always in Wonderland,

Thinking that this would never end.

You would hold me tight,

And I'd feel alright.

But now that you're gone,

I'm listening to every sad song.

Every night I fall asleep,

You show up in a dream with a meaning so deep.

I can't help but wonder,

Where is he now?

Why did he break our vow?

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