Poems of the Broken Hearted


3. I see you

Every day

Every morning,

I see you.

I see you walk by,

Not even close to me, actually.

You walk and walk

On to the cafeteria. 

Is it weird to watch you?

Is it strange that I'm confused

About how I feel towards you?

Sometimes I'm angry,

Sometimes I'm sad.

Sometimes I'm hurt,

Sometimes I'm glad.


But now when I see you,

I hope you see me.

Wrapped in his arms,

As happy as could be.

With his kisses and hugs,

I hope that you know

That I deserve it.

I always have,

All along.


And I hope you realize

That your heart is as cold as ice

And he's the exact opposite, 

He knows how to be nice.

When tears are streaming down my face,

His arms wrap around my waist.

He tells me everything will be alright

As he hugs me tight.

But you couldn't do that for me...

Maybe you never really cared for me?


I gave you something I can never get back,

And yes, honestly,

I regret that.

At the time I thought we'd be together forever,

But now I know what you really wanted,

And I can't forgive either of us for that.

Our wishes and desires were granted,

But our love became never more.

That doesn't matter anymore.

Because now,

Now I have a new amour.

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