Teen Splash Magzine// Vol.2 Iss.1// January 2015

This month's issue is all about New Years' Resolutions and Girl Power. From book reviews to our play lists of the month, you won't regret reading our first issue of 2015. We are definitely going big or we going home. Teen Splash Magazine is a magazine created by random teens from around the world. Our New Year's Resolution is to give it all to every issue we publish and celebrate Girl Power!!!!!! Every Month: We bring you celebrity news, beauty tips, book reviews, and so much more!!!!!! We couldn't have pull this off without the help of the amazing staff here at Teen Splash, so give yourselves a pat on the back. After reading this issue we would love for you to leave a feedback in the comment section to help not only improving our magazine but also would like to hear what you think about it so far. Happy New Years!!! Owner, Teen Splash Magazine.


5. Your New Years' Resolutions:

( Caption: Original Picture from www.Weheartit.com )

  "My New Year's Resolutions is to be more organize and responsible because 2014 wasn't organize and I wasn't responsible for a lot of things." --Anya

" My new year's resolution is to stop living in fear of what people think of me and just have fun!!!" -- @SMD1120

" My New Year Resolution is to stop procrastinating...but we all know that's never gonna happen." -- @Cherry_Cola_x

"Mines are to study more, stop procrastinating, and be more open-minded c: [though I've been wishing so since like, four years] " -- @phantoms

"To study way more, to stop using Facebook so much, and to exercise" -- @Enya Sanders☕️

"To quit biting my nails...and stop leaving homework to the last minute." -- @fanfic5566


(Caption: Image from www.weheartit.com)

 "To complain less, to try to be more cheerful, to believe in myself a bit more, to write more, to waste less time on the internet, to spend a bit less time on my own in my room, and to try and overcome my fear of performing any sort of music solo in front of other people." -- @TheTravellingLemon

"Mine are to do my homework earlier, try different things and to stress less. -- @WindInTheWillows"

"My resolutions are more studying, exercising, and OTRA." --  @love🎧=HPfan

" My New Year's Resolution is to have more confidence in myself and not to care so much about what people think about me; I am who I am and won't change that." -- @Talz


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