Teen Splash Magzine// Vol.2 Iss.1// January 2015

This month's issue is all about New Years' Resolutions and Girl Power. From book reviews to our play lists of the month, you won't regret reading our first issue of 2015. We are definitely going big or we going home. Teen Splash Magazine is a magazine created by random teens from around the world. Our New Year's Resolution is to give it all to every issue we publish and celebrate Girl Power!!!!!! Every Month: We bring you celebrity news, beauty tips, book reviews, and so much more!!!!!! We couldn't have pull this off without the help of the amazing staff here at Teen Splash, so give yourselves a pat on the back. After reading this issue we would love for you to leave a feedback in the comment section to help not only improving our magazine but also would like to hear what you think about it so far. Happy New Years!!! Owner, Teen Splash Magazine.


10. Splashed-Up Moments: Embarrasing Moments: ( more embarrassing moments will be added later on tomrrow 1/6/15)


Embarrassing Moments:

   I was calling out to my friend at least two times but than I realize it was somebody else so I casually walk away.



  This happened some 2 years back. I was in my college with my friends. That day we were supposed to get our hall passes and time tables for exams. The display board was crowded like crazy and there was a lot of noise in the display area. I decided that i will go inside the crowd and tell the timings of the exams to my other friend who was standing a bit outside. The crowd was making a lot of noise and hence she was unable to hear me. I don't know how but at a point I started shouting the dates and time. Some guy next to me started mimicking my actions and all students standing near the display started laughing!!


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