My father and brother died leaving me and mother alone. A few months after my mom remarried but it was no other other family, it was Madison Beer's family. Now you think life would be amazing with a little sister and little brother and all, but life just isn't amazing.


2. singed

Ariana's prov

I put on my glasses yes without them i'm nearly blind and casually walked to the bathroom and did what i had to do and changed into, i mean it's not like people even look at me

(hair only, not makeup. and longer)


After putting on my headphones which started blaring trouble by never shout never (i'm addicted to this song lol) I skipped downstairs humming a little. Seeing my mom cook, madison eating and jack, guess Ryder's at him mom's.

Mom: Hey want anything to eat

I shook my head and grabbed strawberries out of the fridge.While I was eating Madison pratically tore my headphones off me


Jack: go on sweetie

Madison: So you know since I was noticed on youtube...

Ariana: You weren't really noticed, you were still popular

Madison: ugh so anyway they want me to head down to the studio this afternoon

Ariana: greaaaattt

mom: Stop with that attitude

Ariana: sorry

Jack: that's great sweetie

Madison: We have to leave now

and on que without even notifying me, mom, Jack, and Madison left me....again. 

Mom: How could I forget.....my purse

she left, I can't believe it, but it's not the first time. As they drove away, I took the oppurtunity to just listen to my music in my room. While I was scrolling through my twitter, while listening to music it seems like everybody was in a relation ship this summer. Why dosen't anybody like me? I mean why can't their be like a Brandon in my life (Who else loves the Fosters), or why can't someone actually notice? These thoughts always roamed my head, you could say my whole life i've been pretty neglected. I noticed the poloroid camera on my dresser, I guess it's been a while since i did take some pictures. 

after a couple hours

By now my whole bulletin board was filled with pictures not of me but just simply of the outside and life. My light blue room was filled with photography, it had a guitar, a piano, drums, and a violin. You could see I always have a lot of time, so I use that time to write music, photograph, and to read. My room consisted of a bookshelf full of books, a bed, a desk, a simple closet, a dresser, and bean bags. I also dance in my spare time, like I said lot's of spare time. It was only 5 p.m. and they should be back soon, so why not continue to finish the song I was writing. I got out my guitar, and the song I was working on was called honeymoon avenue. I took out my journal from underneath and flipped the page with the song, I was stuck on the chorus, and after that I would've finished another song. I strummed the cords to the song and all of a sudden all these ideas came to my head. 

After an hour

I was done, I finished another song, now let me tell you this music nobody know's about and that's what i like. It's another way to just pour my heart out though I haven't had a boyfriend or my first kiss i like to view other people's perspective too. I checked the time and it was 6 and their still not here. Like when I wrote a song called Piano, or Daydreamin', and tried to tell my mom she didn't even care, she was listening to Madison recording. I just put my headphones back on and began listening Rihana and whatever else was on my phone. When I noticed all I had was an apple the whole day, I walked downstairs paying attention to my phone and music that was playing, I finaally reached the bottom of the stairs and looked up not to see an empty dining room, but a bunch of people just staring at me and murmuring, I quickly turned attempting to go back, but not before when a man spoke up, while i hesitantly took off my headphones

Joan: Ari...

Man: So who's this

madison: This is our mai--

Joan: This is Ariana, Madison's step sister

Other man: Well you never mentioned having a sister

Madison: Well guess it just slipped

Ariana: Well thanks for forgetting to invite me to dinner, i'll just be upstairs

I murmured, but guess it was loud enough for them to hear it as a whisper

Jack: i'm sorry guess we forgot

I fixed my glasses and said

Ariana: Well hope you enjoy dinner, my mom's a great cook

I said politley 

And I left while grabbing an apple on the way, knowing since their already on dessert, we won't even have leftovers. How could my own mother forget her own daughter, like am I that invisible that they didn't notice if I was there or not.


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