My father and brother died leaving me and mother alone. A few months after my mom remarried but it was no other other family, it was Madison Beer's family. Now you think life would be amazing with a little sister and little brother and all, but life just isn't amazing.


1. Introduction

So let me introduce myself...

Ariana Grande

18 years young

Favorite colors are blue and purple

Love music


anxiety, depression, claustrophobic, I did cut a few times but try not to

(So this will be a jariana fanfic so yeah


My mom remarried to Jack Beer (I don't know his real name so) you know the perfect Madison Beers father. You'd think that Madison is the perfect girl you know with the looks, money, heart but to me she's a brat and hates my guts. The family loves my mom, I love her too don't get me wrong but they seem to hate my guts except for my mom. After dad, and Frankie died I haven't had a real laugh or a smile. Tomorrow supposedley is a big day for Madison because she's getting signed you know i dont care but she's not very grateful. Anyways if you're confused to why my last name hasnt changed is because i refused to and i'm 18 so yeah. So this is just my life.

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