My father and brother died leaving me and mother alone. A few months after my mom remarried but it was no other other family, it was Madison Beer's family. Now you think life would be amazing with a little sister and little brother and all, but life just isn't amazing.


3. Chapter 3

(only ponytail, and it's a longer)

Ariana's pov


      The wind picked up, while the clouds darkened. There was gonna be a storm, noticing the drops of water beginning to pour. It was only 10 am and it's off to good start, I love the rain, especially storms. I got up from my window bench and dragged my feet to the bath and began taking a shower, I brushed my teeth, and dried off. I changed into 

(The outfits got separated when I was writing this so please bear with me)

I grabbed my phone and skipped downstairs to find everyone there, by everyone I mean Madison, My mom, Jack, me, no Ryder cause he's still at his moms. I grabbed the strawberries from the fridge and sat down on the island.

Mom: How many times did I tell you to not sit on the island

Ariana: You didn't say anything when Madison sat on it

She just sighed, knowing I was right anyway

I continue biting at my strawberries, while everyone was on their electronics

Madison: Okay so, I have to go to the studio today

Jack: Well I have a meeting to go today

Mom: I have to approve the new line of clothing before it get's shipped out

Madison: Look okay, he's coming today and I really need to impress him and work on my music video today

Suddenly all eyes were on me

Ariana: Look it's like raining outside

Madison: Look out again

I looked outside and of course it was sunny and not a speck of rain was in the air except for a little in the grass

Mom: Okay come on sweetie please all you have to do is supervise her and driver her around

Ariana: So i'm basically doing everything she's telling me to do

Jack: no okay just this favor please

Madison: It's not like I care about her going anyway, I can call uber

Jack: We could've done that but we need to make sure your okay sweetie

Mom: Plus we could arrange for a mother daughter day

Ariana: Without her

I said nodding toward Madison, while she was packing her studio bag

Mom: Yes, oh look at the time we need to leave

Jack: Bye ladies, Madison you guys leave in 10 minutes

They left as Madison stared at me

Madison: Are you really going looking like that

Ariana: what's wrong with this

Madison: That hoodie's just really loose, we all know your self concious

I sighed and ran upstairs and grabbed my headphones, and other things i'll need to entertain myslef. Before leaving I looked at myself in the mirrior, she's right i'm ugly, but i wouldn't give her the satisfaction. I shrugged and ran back downstairs

Madison: Why didn't you change

Ariana: Cause I dont care, i'm not impressing anyone

Madison: Out of every step sister, I had to get the ugly, no style sister

I just grabbed my car keys and headed to the garage. I started the car and waited for her to come in.

Madison: We have to head down on this street for my music video.

I turned on the radio and began driving to the destination.



It was a street, that was closed down for this video, well I guess it's pretty cool

Random Guy: Madison we need you for vocal warm ups, then make up and dress up and we need to shoot this video......

They walked off leaving me alone here, just when another random dude comes up to me

Random Guy: Hey your madison's guardian

Ariana: Ye-

Random guy: Great, you can come here

He lead me to an area where your outside and see and overview of the shoot. I grabbed a seat while I inspected everyone running around and suddenly another guy yelled out


(I'm just saying these random guys are all different)

Suddenly everyone began crowding these people and began rushing them to a trailer, well that's enough chaos for me to handle, I took my book out from my north face black backpack and began reading to where I left off. The sun was shining and the cameramen had started filming the beginning, which was two boys but like I said I paid more attention to my book. All of a sudden a shadow had covered my book, indicating someone had sat nest to me.

Guy: To Kill A Mockingbird, a classic

He was huge compared to me but seemed nice

Guy: My name's Kenny, Kenny Hamilton

Ariana: Hi i'm Ariana

Kenny: I'm guessing your Madison's guardian today, huh

Ariana: Yea, how did you know

Kenny: I saw you yesterday

My face was flushed, you see i'm not really the girl who likes to communicate especially with new people

Kenny: So your her sister

Ariana: Yea well, the step stister

Kenny: Well Ariana it's a beautiful summer day, shouldn't you be out with some friends

Here I am talking to a complete stranger, talking about my private life

Ariana: These books are my friends, as stupid as that sounds

Kenny: Harper Lee is an amazing author

Ariana: This is my fifth time reading this book

He nodded his head, smiling and smirking. Like he had found something he was missing. I started fidgeting in my seat, looks like the man got the hint

Kenny: Well I hope to see you around Ariana, looks like i'm needed on set

I waved at him smiling, as soon as he left left, I wore my headphones and droned the world out with my book and music, the only things I ever needed, aside from dance and photography too.


After an hour


I just finished the last page of the book, looks like I had a lot of time on my hands. I was tired from sitting in the same position so I got up and stretched while sitting back down again but in indian style. I was watching the shoot this time, Madison was opening a box and looked like she was enjoying herself honestly. They kept yelling out orders and did many scenes. While everyone stood behind the camera sort of in awe as they watched a new artists make her first music video. I was really proud of her, you see no matter what at the end of the day she'll be my sister. I never want to hurt her or lose her like I lost Frankie and dad. I wanted to be a better sister, but I'm honestly failing since she hates me and demands me to call her a step sister. She doesn't want the world to know were really sisters, just step. I went back to admiring the cameras and the production of it all.


5:00 p.m.

Director: Alright that's a wrap for tonight, let's head out it looks like it'll rain

Really when was the rain when you needed it! Everyone began cheering because they had gotten day 1 of the shoot over with and were very pleased with the shoot. Madison finally signaled me to meet her at the car, so that's what I did. I grabbed everything and left to the car so she wouldn't have to be embarrassed.

You know how boring is, especially when your waiting for more than 30 minutes well yeah that;s my situation right now. The music slowly played in the background while I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel.

Ariana: Oh finally your here

Madison: Yeah well I was talking to Scooter and him, it was amazing!

I started driving, itching to get back home in my bed

Madison: Oh were having guest over for dinner and to hang out

Ariana: What are guys gonna forget inviting me againg

Madison: Haha your hilarious- NOT

Ariana: Oh well do mom and dad know about it

Madison: Well duh, their bringing pepperoni pizzas

Ariana: I think you guys forgot i'm vegetarian

Madison: Awww too baddd, looks like your not eating dinner again ha, well you do need to lose weight

The rest of the car ride was silent, she was right I do need to lose weight, but that wasn't the first time I heard it. I just learned to hide my feelings and pretend it didn't hurt. After minutes of silence and driving we finally got home!

Madison: Were home

Jack: We got the pepperoni pizzas, meat lovers pizzas, honeyyyy

 I walked in the kitchen seeing humongous meat pizzas

Ariana: I'm a vegetarian

Joan: since when

Ariana: For the last 5 years

Jack: I'm sure we can order some cheese pizza or somethin-- (Ding Dong)

Madison: Their here!

While Jack and Madison rushed all the way to the door, I gave my mom the look is she really forgetting her own daughter

Joan: Okay i'm sorry and no i'm not forgetting you okay, it's just...

Ariana: I'll just head upstair--

Joan: NO-- i mean no let's just have a dinner with everybody before you hide up in your room

Ariana: What would I even eat I mean i don't eat meat

Joan: Well I did make salad do...

Ariana: Hurray I get to eat a small bowl of salad

Joan: Ari-

Ariana: It's okay, i'll eat cereal

Joan: Well that's the spirit

My mom dragged me to where everyone was. There everyone was chatting and talking acting like a big family

Joan: Hey

Guy: Hey who is this

Joan: Oh this is Ariana my daughter



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