Not you again

Lucas hemmings,

Dated him once... 6th grade year
Left to America
Came back to Sydney in 8th grade year
Was mostly a douche
And now 11th grade... Great.


3. Talking

Luke's pov:

I cant stop thinking about her. She's beautiful, smart, funny. Y/n is everything I ever wanted! I need her, but she'll never forgive me.

*beep beep* my phone went off.


-Luke its-

-y/n I know your number is saved on my phone.

Crap um change the subject! Change the subject!


-erm, why'd you call?

-I uh, we need to talk after school.

-yeah um sure, can calum tag along?

-um yeah? But after we really need to talk.


-bye see you at school

I messed this up once, can't do that again.

At school:

Y/n's pov:

I have to talk to Luke. I have to admit it but I was really happy when he told me he loved me! He thought I hated him!

I left to school, went to my locker and nearly had a heart attach. I closed my locker and Ashton just looked at me smiling.

"Ashton what the heck! You just game me a heart attach! Jeez what do you want!"

"Nice to know you wanted to see me," he said sarcastically revealing his dimples

"What?" I asked starting to walk slowly toward my first period

"You and Luke?"

Ashton Is Luke's bestfriend and mine. So he always checks up on us.

"Shut up okay!"

" your the one flirting with him." He smirked and walked away.

Afterschool: y/n's pov-

Luke was already walking towards his house with Calum and Michael, his 2 other friends, when I went up to Luke....

Here goes nothing.

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