Not you again

Lucas hemmings,

Dated him once... 6th grade year
Left to America
Came back to Sydney in 8th grade year
Was mostly a douche
And now 11th grade... Great.


10. over again

*a week later*

NOPE! Can't do it!

It's been a week since Luke's been dating Stephanie! It's horrible!

And Michael has tried to make me jealous so much, it's not even funny!

We'll at least Ashton and Calum are helping me through it. I've been paranoid about Luke ever since the "bet"


I pick my phone up and see Luke's caller ID.... Okay then

~hey Luke

I hear sniffling and can tell he's crying


-y/n I..I uh

~Luke what's happening

-I just, Stephanie, she *sniffs*

~I'll be over in 5 okay

-okay, bye

I hear him mumble the words so soft but loud enough to hear before he hangs up.

-I love you

It's sends shivers up my spine, but I can't waste time I need to know what happening so I grabbed some slippers my purse and keys and started to leave.

~Luke's house-

I knock quickly and wait for Luke to open the door.

When he does his eyes are red and puffy and he's wearing a long sleeve shirt. He comes out side and hugs me tightly as I stand there processing everything that just happened.

He tugs me inside and leads me to the couch, "uh Luke what..." He cut me off "she broke up with me," he said tears flying out as he started hugging me again. "I, I'm so sorry Luke" I say hugging him tighter and rubbing his back. He backs away and looks at me staring into my eyes.

His eyes were beautiful, blue. I just can't stop thinking of kissing him. But I can't, I can't fall for it again. He leans in but I look away. "I.. I'm sorry," he says and looks down."Luke, look I know you just got out of a relationship and all but I did to. I don't want to make more mistakes than I've already have now. I'm really sorry," I say. One of my problems just ended with another problem.

He smiled, but not in a joyful way. In a way where he would start saying things Like he's stupid or something.

"I'm..I..." He tries but I interrupt Him "it's fine okay, I love you"

He looks up at me straight in my eyes, "I love you too," he replies with a smile. "So, Pizza?" An I roll my eyes at his comment.

~xx so I'm still in the situation with zayn leaving and I just omg I can't. Anyways sorry I don't update I'm really lazy and also am busy sorry lovelys, have a good Easter. xx~

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