Not you again

Lucas hemmings,

Dated him once... 6th grade year
Left to America
Came back to Sydney in 8th grade year
Was mostly a douche
And now 11th grade... Great.


9. "Friends"

When I arrived at school I saw Michael, and of course a different girl. As I walked over there Michael looked at me wide eyed. "Where's Luke?" I asked Calum and Ashton, not on speaking terms with Michael. They all stayed silent until, Ashton pointed to a girl and Luke making out. "He has a-" I cut him off "great," I said plainly.

I walked over to Luke and the girl. I tapped Luke on the shoulder a few times until he finally got annoyed and turned around to see me,my arms crossed knowing he was going to try to yell at me.

"What?!" He then saw me "oh y/n ,yeah, hey."

"Who's this?" I pointed to the girl

"My girlfriend," he mumbled


"My girlfriend!" He said louder

I smiled at her and then commented "introduce me!" I nudged Luke.

"No need, I'm Stephanie," said the girl with a smile, she was really beautiful how will I compete with that?!?

"Nice to meet you," I said with a smile

Calum pulled my hand leading me away from the group

"What the hell is that!?" I nearly yelled at Calum

"What its his girlfriend?" He shrugged

"Why didn't you tell me!"

"I didn't want you to yell at me!"

I crossed my arms and glared at him,

"Ok I'm sorry! I didn't find out till yesterday!"

"But you still didn't tell me today!"

He groaned

"Let's just go before they think something's up with you!" We walked back to see Michael and the other girl he had gone, and Luke and his girlfriend making out.

I cough so he would notice us there, as Ashton looked at me and smirked and I glaring.

Sorry it's short I'm really busy!!!!!😢

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