Not you again

Lucas hemmings,

Dated him once... 6th grade year
Left to America
Came back to Sydney in 8th grade year
Was mostly a douche
And now 11th grade... Great.


6. Broken

Michael invited me to a party, so I said yes.

It was a few hours till I had to get ready. I planed what I was wearing. I don't always feel comfortable wearing tight dresses so I'm wearing high-waisted shorts with a crop top, and my converse

~the party~

The house was filled with dancing body's and red cups.

As I looked throughout the house for Michael a hand pulled mine.

"Hey babe," Luke's piercing blue eyes look at mine

"Hey Luke have you seen Michael?" I look at him then back at the crowd to see if I could find him

"Why are you looking for him?" He asked angrily, he's drunk.

"He's my boyfriend," I say

"I know where he is," he said quickly leading me to a closet and pulling me in.

"Luke what the hell?" I soon felt Luke's lips pressing against mine. He pushed me against the wall, his hands over my head. He smiled during the kiss

"You don't want him," he said in between kisses "you want me,"

Was he right? Why was I doing this? I stopped. He didn't stop. He started trying to kiss my neck but I pulled away.

"Stop," I said

"Come on don't be like that," he said trying to kiss me again.

I ran out to see Michael kissing another girl. Karma.

"Michael?" I said he looked towards me

"Y/n I um, I-"

Luke walked toward me "what the hell Michael!" He yelled drawing attention to us.

"What! I'm drunk! Ok, and this girl his hot!" He said referring to the girl he kissed as she smirked.

"So! Don't cheat on y/n like that!" Luke responded


Tears were brought to my eyes "y-y-you p-placed a b-bet on me?" I questioned Luke.

He looked at me sympathetically "y/n I'm sorry-"

I had tears streaming down my face by now "I can't believe you!" I ran out the house

Fortunately I was living a few minutes away from Michael, leaving me to walk alone great.

As I walked I felt a warm hand touch mine. I turned around to find Luke walking behind me.

"Get away from me!" I yelled

(The heart wants what it wants~ Selena Gomez)

This is a modern fairytale,

No happy endings

No wind in our sails,

But I can't imagine a life without

Breathless moments breaking me down.

Yup, he broke me down.

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