The Hemmings Twins

"Baaabe, Come on let me kiss you." Luke pleaded as I got dressed. I shook my head. "Sorry but not yet." I said to Luke fixing my hair, That's when I heard a knock on the door. Luke got dressed and answered the door. Only to see Jake standing there.


2. The Hemmings Twins Chapter 2

"Why'd you lie in the first place?" Jake pouted at me. I told him why I lied to him and He got pissed and punched the wall that was close to him. I flinched at the sound, I'm guessing Luke did because I saw Luke jump.

-Jake's POV-

I can't believe she's still seeing my brother, and she lied to me about it. But I still love her, She doesn't know that yet. I wasn't going to tell her any time soon. She told me why she lied, That's when I lost it I punched the wall that was closest to me. With that I just walked out the room.

-Luke's POV-

I couldn't tell Kaitlyn that I loved her because her and I are just fuck buddies and I doubt that she likes me back. I know Jake likes her but I don't care I was the one fucking her and he isn't so he can leave me alone. I don't get why he has to like every girl I end up liking, it's annoying I just want Kaitlyn for myself and Myself only. I don't like sharing. I'm going to make sure I don't share Kaitlyn with my brother this time.

-Kaitlyn's POV-

I didn't know what to do, So I just told Luke that I'd see him later at school and I went back to my house, and I didn't want to go to school but I had to because if I didn't I wasn't going to do anything during the weekend. I don't know how to feel about Luke or Jake but I knew I liked one of them.

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