The Hemmings Twins

"Baaabe, Come on let me kiss you." Luke pleaded as I got dressed. I shook my head. "Sorry but not yet." I said to Luke fixing my hair, That's when I heard a knock on the door. Luke got dressed and answered the door. Only to see Jake standing there.


1. The Hemmings Twins Chapter 1

I stuck out of my house and went over to Luke's house for 'Alittle fun'. "Baaabe, I wanna kiss you." Luke whined after we were finished, I shook my head. " Not yet Luke." I said while getting dressed. I was fixing my hair by the time there was a knock on the door, Luke got dressed and answered the door and I noticed Jake standing there.

"I thought you told you me you didn't talk to Luke anymore." Jake said crossing his arms looking at me.
"I may have lied about that." I smirked at him, Not knowing that Luke was actually in love with me. I doubt that though. Because he has had ALOT of girlfriends and I just don't know I know Jake likes me.

"Why'd you lie in the first place?" Jake pouted at me. I told him why I lied to him and He got pissed and punched the wall. I flinched at the sound, I guess Luke flinched to because I saw him jump at the sudden sound. Jake soon walked out leaving me and Luke by our selves.



Sorry it's short.

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