I'm not gay, we're just friends

(gay content) Nick swears he's straight, but his heart says something different when he meets the perfect guy. (This is written like a diary, so there will be between 1 and 3 dated parts in each "chapter"). Enjoy! ~Zoielikespotatoes


1. Chapter 1


     Nick was a normal teenage boy. He played sports, hung out with friends, and he even got really good grades. He never had issues with people bullying him, or anything of that sort. He didn't have any issues with anyone at his school. He believed in everyone being nice to each other. He despised conflict and fighting. Although, he watched it on TV constantly. 

     His life suddenly changed when he went to a party. Everyone was going to be there. All of his friends, and the girl he liked. He saw her in her gorgeous black dress that fell right above her knee. He wanted to talk to her, but He knew that he wouldn't have a chance. He liked her even in 2nd grade. She was the prettiest girl in the whole school. She had perfect skin, and she didn't need makeup. He couldn't stop thinking about her. 

     Suddenly, his best friend was in front of him waving his hands in front of NIck's face. Nick finally came back to reality. He needed to talk to her. He couldn't continue standing in a shadow he made for himself. He wanted her in ways that he knew he couldn't get her. He wanted her to be his. He couldn't stand the thought of her with another boy. 

     A little more background, Nick has only talked to this girl once, and it was because they bumped into each other in 6th grade. He loved her long before that moment. She was all he thought about. He got asked out regularly, but always said no hoping she would ask him. He had enough. It was time to talk to her. 

"Hey, Sasha."

"Oh, hey Nick." 

"You look absolutely stunning." Nick said smiling and looking her up and down. 

"Nick...I know you like me, but I can't date you." She said in a soft, apologetic voice.  

"What?! Why?" Nick replied concerned and unpleased with her answer. 

"Every girl wants you...The would bug me until we broke up so it's just pointless." She said it so quietly. It seemed like she didn't want anyone to hear. 

If only he knew what the rest of the night had in store for him...


     I’m NOT gay. Everyone seems to think that I am, but I can assure you that I’m not. All my life I’ve been bullied and told that nobody will ever want me. Recently, there is a rumor that’s going around my school that I’m gay. All I hear is “you’re gay” or someone telling another person that “Nick’s gay” and it hurts me to know no girl will come talk to me now.

   This all started about a year ago, at a party. I used to be super popular and people wanted to talk to me and be friends with me. I used to be the kid that would be invited to all the parties and would be offered so many things. There was one party in particular that ruined this all for me.

   We were playing a game of 7 minutes in heaven and my friends thought it would be funny to put a gay guy in the room with me, instead of a girl. I tried laughing it off, but then the guy kissed me. Everyone walked in the room as it was happening. Now for the past year, everyone has been calling me gay and saying that I enjoyed the kiss that happened a year ago. What did I do to deserve this?


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