New Year

After an eventful night on New Year's Eve Charlotte has to give up on trying to be with the boy she has loved since only recently and realize that another boy who could drastically ruin her future as much as he has ruined her past won't stop until he has her back . But she doesn't know what is good for her and bad for her. Could it all just blow up in her face and leave her alone?


3. 03

"Hey Char?” my dad called from the bathroom. He appeared from the hall to observe what I was doing. “Are you coming with your sister and I to see your mother?”

“No, Zayn is coming over. I hope, he hasn’t text me back” I explained. Just as I said that my phone began to ring. I looked at it and noticed it was Zayn. I smiled at my dad, hopped off the couch and ran to my room.

“Lot? Hey” Zayn said through the phone.

“Hey, so are you up for breakfast at my place?”

“Well I have some things to do, so how about you meet me at the park in an hour?” he suggested. I hadn’t seen him in so long that anything sounds good. “Great, I’ll see you there.” I hung up the phone and looked in the mirror. I could use a shower. If I want anything good to happen today I have to show up looking decent. I took a quick shower and then got dressed. By the time all that was done I was almost late. I slipped on my shoes and got going. Along the way I almost got lost. Being late won’t show Zayn that I really care about him. When I eventually got there I spotted him sitting at a table with a dog. Must be Tarzan. That’s what he named his dog when he got it. It still makes me laugh when I think about it.

“Zayn!” I called when I was out of my car. He stood up from the bench to get a good look at me. He looks like he has changed a lot. He grew out his hair, which looks perfect, and he grew a little stubble. I smiled at him as he greeted me with a hug.

“Hey Lot. How are you?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders to indicate that things were okay but not perfect.

“Yesterday when I was visiting my mom in the hospital she mentioned you because it had been so long since I last saw her and she thought we were still together. It just got me thinking. I ended things over some guy who hasn’t even noticed me. I’m just really sorry for that” I explained.

“Lot, it’s okay. I met this girl but she turned out to be lesbian. So we have both made relationship mistakes” he joked. It took me just until he started to laugh to realize that it was okay for me to laugh too. Then began the awkward silence. I never thought this would happen. I looked for a distraction. Tarzan.
“Hi buddy” I said squatting down to his level. He jumped on my and licked my face to say hello. “I’m surprised you still have this old boy.”

“I know right? He actually isn’t tha-“

“Zany my man, I was wondering when I would see you and old Tarz again” An unfamiliar voice cut in. I looked up to see who it was and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I stood back up and tried to keep him from noticing me. I kept my back from them and tried to make it seem like I was looking at the trees. My heart was beating at an unbelievably fast rate and I didn’t know what to do.

“Hey man! Hey Lot, this is my buddy Harold. Have you two met?” Zayn said. I turned around with a fake smile on my face and looked at Harry. He looked like complete shit.

“Unfortunately. Zayn, what the hell are you doing with her?” Harry shouted. I looked at Zayn who seemed so confused. I felt like chiming in for him so it would seem less awkward but I didn’t know what to say. So I said the first thing that came to my mind. And probably the worst.

“We are back together, thank you very much.”

“Wow, have fun with each other. I have to leave now for some dumbest welcome home party. But Lottie, keep in mind, I’m not done with you” Harry grumbled. He walked off, giving Zayn the perfect chance to whack my arm. I knew then, I had just screwed things up. “It was the first thing that came to my mind. This guy is crazy, he tried to rape me just last night. I didn’t know what else to say.”

“He what? No, Harry wouldn’t do that. He was with me just last night at Tyler’s New Year’s party. I can’t believe you Charlotte. Lying to one of my best friends and then accusing him of something he didn’t do. I knew this would be a mistake. Goodbye Charlotte” he said and walked off. I didn’t even bother yelling after him. I was so taken aback by what he just said to me. I didn’t even bother to hold the tears back. The one chance I had to save something that was so good for me and I blew it. I trudged myself back to my car and got in. I sat for a while just staring out the front window watching him play fetch with Tarzan.

“Let go Lottie” I whispered to myself. I put the car and drive and took off. No looking back. I decided to head back home and call it a day. Maybe treat myself to a bubble bath. Yes, that’s what I need right now. The entire ride home I was so focused on enjoying my bath that I almost didn’t notice the cars that were lined up in my driveway. I was clueless as to what they could be for. When I got into my house the first person I spotted was my dad with my mom on his arm. “Mom! You’re home!”

“Yes they let me go early. Your friends are over there” she said pointing to Katie and Niall. I smiled and made my way over to them.

“Hey girl, I hope you don’t mind that I brought him. Your father said I was allowed to bring friends” she explained. I nodded at her and that sent her into this long conversation about how she thinks Niall is the one for her. I rolled my eyes at almost everything she said. She says this about all these guys she is with and none of them turn out to be what she thought. “Hold that thought, I’m going to change.”

“Okay” I heard her faintly say as I ran up the stairs. When I got up the stairs I expected my bedroom door to be closed but it was wide open. Katie must have come in here to borrow my make up or something like that. But I was wrong. When I entered the room I was stopped by the last person I wanted to see. I’m beginning to think he will never give up.

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