New Year

After an eventful night on New Year's Eve Charlotte has to give up on trying to be with the boy she has loved since only recently and realize that another boy who could drastically ruin her future as much as he has ruined her past won't stop until he has her back . But she doesn't know what is good for her and bad for her. Could it all just blow up in her face and leave her alone?


2. 02

The bedroom door swung open as he pushed us through it. Occupied. The next room he tried was open and now his playing field. He threw me on the bed and ripped off the dress that hugged my body tighter than he did when he kissed me. In all my years in high school I never imagined this would happen to me. Rape. At least I think that’s what’s about to happen. Never mind, I can’t be that foolish. I am about to be raped. I let out a muffled yell when he quickly shoved two fingers inside of me. He pumped in and out making the feeling of pain worse and worse. I couldn’t hold back anymore. Another loud scream attempted to escape my mouth. He leaned down and began sucking on my neck. “Say my name” he groaned. I flipped us over so I was on top. I flew up off of him and began to run to the door. Bad idea. He wrapped his arm around me like he did earlier.


“Harry please stop, you’ve had too much to drink. You don’t want to do this” I begged. Reasoning with him was stupid considering the fact it didn’t work.


“Seriously Lottie, you think I don’t want to do this? I’ve wanted this to happen since the freshman year party. How could you not remember me? We have actually met before tonight. Try to jog your memory” he slurred out before pushing down his pants. That was it. He was the boy who got me expelled for the sex tape during homecoming. Because of him I couldn’t get back into private school.


“Hey Char, Tyler told me you were up here wit-“ the familiar voice that belonged to Katie started. I knew she stopped because she was so blown away by what she was seeing. As fast as I could I grabbed the blanket that was on the bed and covered myself up. I ran to her side and looked back at Harry. “YOU ANIMAL. First Anita now my Char?”


“Thank you so much Katie. Now, you get out of here before I call the cops and have this whole thing busted.” I threatened. Harry got off the bed with his clothes in hand and walked out of the room. I got back into the dress that he brutally ripped off and turned back to Katie. She saw the look in my eyes that I was ready to go home. But that’s not what she had in mind.


“Your dad called. Your mom is in the hospital. She was in an accident” Katie explained. I tried my best to not let out the tears. So far I was doing well. Katie wrapped a jacket around me and walked me down the stairs. Tyler was eyeing me from the bottom with a smirk. And look who was beside him. Harry. All innocent like he did nothing. The only reason I don’t slap him is because Katie has me in her arms and everyone that is still here tonight is watching.


“Look Lottie, are you okay?” Harry asked.


“My name is Charlotte and I want you to stay the hell away from me.”


“Come on Char” Katie groaned. She dragged me out the door. “So tell me. How the hell did you end up with him? He was just with Anita, like, twenty minutes ago.”


“I didn’t want to be with him. He was about to rape me. Before that he spilt a drink on me and got me upstairs to change and then he made a mace on me. I stopped him so I could go find Tyler. Then I was tripped, probably by him just so he would have an excise to touch me. He helped me up, then kissed me. I kissed back not knowing who it was and then he dragged me upstairs to rape me” I explained. She nodded as I was explaining to let me know she understood. When we got to the hospital I bolted to the door to find my mother. There was a nurse standing in the hallway of the wing my mother was in. I turned back around to see if Katie caught up. I watched as she drifted into the bathroom.


“Are you here to see Misses Conrad?” the nurse asked me. I wanted to tell her it’s just Miss Conrad since my parents are divorced but I figured she wouldn’t care. I nodded my head to her and she pointed at a closed door.


“Mom? Dad?” I asked as I opened the door. Mom was awake but dad was out like a light. Figures. She smiled widely at me. I hadn’t seen her glowing face in months. She has so much to fill me in on. Like, where she thought she had to go at half past midnight. “Momma.”


“How’s my baby? Oh, where is your boyfriend?” she asked. Wow that long since I had last seen her, huh?
“Zayn and I broke up a long time ago mom, and now that I think about it. It was for all the wrong reasons” I explained. I could either thank her for putting him back in my mind or hate her for reminding me that I broke off something good for a guy like Tyler. I rolled my eyes to myself and sat down.


“Well if it’s for all the wrong reasons then why don’t you get back together” she asked.


“If it were that simple you and dad would be together right now and not divorced. Maybe I’ll call him later and see if he wants to catch up or something” I assured her. She smiled at me and grabbed dad’s hand.


“Carl, wake up. Your daughter is here. Char, your sister is in the bathroom” she explained. Dad rose up from his chair to stretch out his cramped legs. She smiled at him like she has for the very first time. I think she has realized that she almost lost everything and has come to appreciate all of the nice things she has.


“Sarah, is it okay if me and the girls take off?” he asked. She nodded her head and let go of his hand. Dad swung on his coat and wrapped his arms around me. “How is Katie getting home?”


“Dad, I literally just got here. Can’t I spend time with her?” I complained.


“I’m tired and you have been out all night. You need to get home too. Don’t argue with me.”


“We took her car to the party. I will send her a message to let her know we left. She might still be in the bathroom throwing up her intake of alcohol” I said with attitude as Sydney walked through the door. I waved at her as she turned back around with us “Bye mom we will see you later”


“Bye sweeties!” she called after us. We walked out the door and on our way to the car. I was hoping to pass Katie on the way but we didn’t. I was left no choice but to break the news over text, which she hates. The ride home was rather slow. I watched the stars move in the sky and thought about the scarring night that I had to live through. To think it was all for a boy who will never love me.  I looked down at my phone and searched for Zayn’s name. I clicked it and sent a message


‘I’ve been thinking. I feel really bad about how things ended. Come over tomorrow for breakfast?’ I sent to him. I smiled at the approval and rested my head.

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